Benjamin Netanyahu Biography

Birth, Parentage and Education

Benjamin Netanyahu-soldier, Diplomat and the ninth Prime Minister of the state of israel-was born in Tel-Aviv on October 21,1949 and grew up in Jerusalem.

Mr. Netanyahu received a In architecture and an In management studies from MLT He also studied political science at MLT And Harvard university.

Benjamin Netanyahu Biography

Benjamin Netanyahu Biography

Participation in Missions

After returning to Israel in 1967, Mr. Netanyahu got enlisted in the Israel Defence forces and served in the Sayeret Matkal elite commando under Ehud Barak.
Mr. Netanyahu was an active and effective participant in various missions during the war of attribution, including the Beirut airport operations. He participated in the rescue of the hijacked Sabena airlines hostages at Ben Gurion airport, in which he was wounded. He was highly praised for outstanding operational leadership by OC. Northern command, the late Maj. Gen Motta Gur. He was discharged from the I.D.F in 1972 and reached the rank of caption following the Yom Kippur war.

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Beginning of the Career

Thereafter, Netanyahu studied at MIT in Boston and received a In architecture and an In management studies. He also studied political science at MIT and Harvard university. In 1976 he got employment of rim industries in Jerusalem.
Deeply affected by the death of his eldest brother yoni Benjamin Netanyahu, who fell while leading the rescue party at Entebbe, he initiated and organized an international conference against terrorism, under the auspices of the Jonathan institute the foundation was named after his brother Jonathan.

World leaders, including was named after his brother U.S. President George Bush and former secretary of state George Shultz took part in this conference and a subsequent one in 1984. Mr. Netanyahu was credited by Mr. Shultz for his central role in effecting a change in American policies on international terrorism.
In 1982, at the request of the company- ambassador Moshe Arens, Mr. Netanyahu assumed the position of deputy chief of mission in the Israeli embassy in Washington. He was a member of the first delegation to the talks on strategic corporation between Israel and the united states. In 1984, he was appointed Israel’s ambassador to the united nations and served there up to 1988.

As U.N. Ambassador, Netanyahu efforts opened the U.N. Nazi war crimes archives in 1987. An articulate speaker, forceful debater, and media-oriented diplomat, he played a key role in enhancing Israel’s image and improving understanding of the country’s security needs among the “movers and speakers” in American public life.
Returning to Israel in 1988, Mr. Netanyahu was elected to the 12th Knesset as a Likud member and got appointment deputy foreign minister.


During the gulf war he served as Israel’s principal representative in the international arena. In October 1991, he was a senior member of the Israeli delegation to the Madrid peace conference . In the conference were initiated the first direct negotiations between Israel and Syria, Lebanon and a joint Jordanian- Palestinian delegation.

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Israel’s 9th prime minister

on March 25, 1993, he was elected Likud party chairman and the party’s candidate for prime minister.
Mr. Netanyahu was elected on May 29, 1996 as Israel’s 9th prime minister and sworn in to the post on June 18, 1996. As prime minister, he concluded the Hebron agreement and the Wye river plantation accords with the Palestinians. However, he failed to implement promised further redeployments when Palestinians reneged on their commitments to Crub terror and incitement.

Thereafter, Netanyahu served as a business consultant to Israeli high-tech companies and was a popular speaker on the global lecture circuit. In 2002 he became minister of foreign affairs. He held this office from November 2002, February 2003 and then as minister of finance, until august 2005, during the 17th government of Israel, he was the head of the opposition in the Knesset.

In February 2009, following the elections to the 18th Knesset, Benjamin Netanyahu formed the government. Although his party won the second most seats in the election yet he always had party won the second most seats in the election yet he always had the best chance of building a coalition to form the government. Benjamin Netanyahu is author of a number of books. The books are in Russian, French , Arabic, Japanese and other languages, among them self portrait of a hero: from the letters of Jonathan Netanyahu 1963-1976 (edited 1978), international terrorism : challenge and response (edited 1979), terrorism: how the west can win (edited 1987): and fighting terrorism: how democracies can defeat domestic and international terrorism (1996).

Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife Sara, is a psychologist. They have three, off spring Noa, Yair, and Avner.