105 Best Whatsapp Status For Life In English

Whatsapp Status on Life and Love Admiration– Admiration Is A Very Short-Lived Passion That Immediately Decays Upon Growing Familiar With Its Object. ~~~~~ Joseph Addison Advice– Advice Is Like Snow; The Softer It Falls The Longer It Dwells Upon, And… Continue Reading

100 Love Status Messages for Whatsapp in English

Love Status Messages for Whatsapp Life Is A Leaf Of Paper White, Whereon Each Of Us May Write, His Word Or Two, And Then Comes Night. ~~~~~ J.R. Lowell Life Is A Great Bundle Of Small Things. ~~~~~ Oliver Wendell… Continue Reading

100 Happy Life Status About Life Lessons For Whatsapp

Inspirational Happy Life Status Life Is The Art Of Drawing Sufficient Conclusions From Insufficient Premises. ~~~~~ Samuel Butler Life Is Painting A Picture, Not Doing A Sum. ~~~~~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Little Drops Of Water, Little Grains Of Sand, Make… Continue Reading

50 Short Inspirational Quotes About Life

Short Inspirational Quotes About Life No Form Of Art Goes Beyond Ordinary Consciousness As Film Does, Straight To Our Emotions, Deep Into The Twilight Room Of The Soul. ~~~~~ Ingmar Llergman The Best Audience Is Intelligent, Well-Educated, And A Little… Continue Reading