Common Abbreviations and Acronyms


A.A.P.S.O     Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organization
A.B.C. (warfare)     Atomic, Biological and Chemical (warfare)
A.B.M.     Anti-Ballistic Missile
A.C.     Ante christum (Before Christ); Alternate Current(electricity); Ashoka Chakra
A.C.C     Auxiliary Cadet corps; Associated Cement Companies
A.D.C     Aide-de- camp: Amateur Dramatic Club
A.D.     Anno Domini (in the year of our Lord)
A.D.B.     Asian Development Bank
A.E.C.     Atomic Energy Commission
A.G.     Accountant General; Adjustment General
A.H.Q.     Air Headquarters or Army Headquarters
A.I.A.D.M.K     All India Anna Dravida Munnerta Kazhagam
A.I.C.C     All India Congress Committee
A.I.     Air India
A.I.N.E.C.     All India newspaper Editors Confidence
A.I.D.S.     Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome
A.I.T.U.C.     All India Trade Union Congress
A.M.     Ante Meridiem.(before soon)
A.N.C.     African National Congress
A.N.Z.A.C.     Australia, New Zealand Army Crop
A.O.C.     Air Officer Commanding
A.N.C.     Andhra Pradesh
A.P.C.     Agriculture Prices Commission
A.R.C.     Administrative Reforms Commission
A.R.D.C.     Agricultural Refinance & Development Corporation
A.R.P.     Air Raid Precautions
A.S.C.     Army Service Corps
A.S.E.A.N.     Association for south East Asian Nations
A.V.A.R.D     Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development
A.V.S.M.     Ati Vishisht Seva Medal


B.A.     Bachelor of Arts; British Academy
B.B.C.     British Broadcasting Corporation
B.C.     Before Christ
B.C.G.     Bacillus Calmette Guerine (Anti-T.B. Vaccine)
B.E.     Bachelor of Engineering
BENELUX          (A short term for) Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg
BHEL     Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd
B.I.S.     Bank of International settlements; British Information Service
B.Pharm.     Bachelor of Pharmacy
B.S.F.     Border Security Force


Co     Centigrade
C.A.     Chartered Accountant
C.A.R.E.     Co-operative for American Relief Everywhere
C.B.I.     Central Bureau of Investigation
c.&b.     caught and bowled (a term in cricket)
C.C.I.     Cricket Club of India
C.D.P.     Community Development Programme
C.D.S.     Compulsory Deposit Scheme
cf     confer (compare)
C.G.S.     Chief of the General Staff
C.G.H.S.     Central Government Health Scheme
C.I.D.     Criminal investigation Department
c.i.f     cost, insurance and freight
C.I.R.     Canada India Reactor
C.M.O     Chief Medical Officer
C.O.     Commanding Officer
c.o.d.     cash on delivery
C.O.R.E.     Congress of Racial Equality
C.P.I/ C.P.B.     Communist Party of India/ Marxist
C.S.I.R.     Council of Scientific And industrial Research
Cwt.     Hundredweight
C-in-C.     Commander-in-chief
C.R.     Central Railway
C.S.C.E.     Conference for security & Co- operation in Europe
C.V.C     Chief Vigilance Commissioner


D.C     Deputy Commissioner, Direct Current (electricity)
D.D.T.                        Dichloro-diphenyl Trichloro- ethane; Domani Dormiano Tranquillo (an Insectide)
D.I.G     Deputy Inspector General
D.L.O.     Dead Letter Officer
D.Litt.     Doctor of Literature
D.M.     District Magistrate
D.M.K.     Dravida Munnetra Kazagham
D.N.A.     Deoxy-ribose Nucleic Acid
D.Sc.     Doctor of Science
D.V.C.     Damodar valley Corporation


E.B.R.D.     European Bank for Reconstruction & Development
E.C.E.     Economic Commission for Europe
E.C.M.     European Common Market
ECOSOC     European and Social Council (U.N)
E.E.C.     European Economic Community
e.g.     exempli gratia (for e.g)
E-in-C.     Engineer-in-chief
E.M.F.     Electro-Motive Force
E.&O.E.     Errors and Omissions Excepted
E.P.N.S.     Electroplated Nickel Silver
E.R.D.A.     Energy Research and Development Administration
E.S.I.S.     Employees State insurance Scheme
E.R.P.     European Recovery Programme
Ex- officio        By virtue of one's office


F.A.O.     Food and Agriculture Organization (U.N. Agency)
F.B.I.     Federal Bureau of Investigation
F.C.I.     Food Corporation of India
F.I.C.C.I.          Federation of 1Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
F.M.     Field Marshal
f.o.b.     free on board
f.o.r.     free on rail
F.R.G.     Federal Republic of Germany
F.R.C.P.     Fellow of the Royal college of Physicians
F.R.C.S.     Fellow of the Royal college of Surgeons
F.R.S.     Fellow of the royal Society


G.A.T.T.              General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
'G.B.S.'     George Bernard Shaw
G.I.     Government issue (a term which is normally applied to the American soldiers)
G.M.T.     Greenwich Mean Time
G.N.P.     Gross National product
G.O.C.     General Officer Commanding
G.O.M     Grand Old Man
G.P.M     General Post Office


H.A.l.     Hindustan Aeronautics limited
H.E.     His or Her Excellency
H.E.L.     Heavy Electricals Limited
H.M.L.     Himalayan Mountaineering Institute
H.M.T     Hindustan Machine Tools
h.p.     horse power
H.P.     Harmonic Progression; Himachal Pradesh
H.S.L.     Hindustan Steel Limited
H.W.M.     High Water mark
H.U.D.C.O.     Housing and Urban Development Corporation


I.A.R.I.     Indian Agriculture Research Institute
I.A.M.C.     Indian Army Medical Corps
I.A.A.     International Airports Authority
I.A.     Indian Airlines
I.A.F.     Indian Air Force
I.A.E.A.     International Atomic Energy Agency
I.A.S.     Indian Administrative Service
I.A.A.S.     Indian Adult and Accounts Services
I.A.T.A.     International Air Transport Association
I.B.M.     International Business Machines
I.B.R.D.     International Bank of Reconstruction and Development
I.C.A.O.     International Civil Aviation Oraganisation
I.C.A.R.     Indian Council of Agricultural Research
I.C.B.M.     Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (developed by U.S.S.R.)
I.C.C.R.     Indian Council of Cultural Relations
I.C.J.     International Court of Justice
I.C.M.R.     Indian Council of Medical Research
I.C.S.     Indian Civil Service
I.C.W.A.     Indian Council of World Affairs
I.D.A.     International Development Association
I.D.B.I.     Industrial Development Bank of India
i.e.     id est (that is)
I.E.N.S.     Indian and Eastern Newspapers Society
I.F.C.     International Financial Corporation
I.F.S.     Indian Foreign Service
I.G.Y.     International Geophysical year
I.I.P.A.     Indian Institute of Public Administration
I.I.S.Co.     Indian Iron and Steel Company
I.I.T.     Indian Institute of Technology
I.L.O.     International Labour Organization
I.M.F.     International monetary Fund
I.N.     Indian Navy
I.N.A.     Indian National Army
I.N.S.     Indian Naval Ship
INSAT.     Indian National Satellite
INTELSAT     International Telecommunications Satellite
INTERPOL.     International Police
I.N.T.U.C.     Indian National Trade Union Congress
I.O.C     Indian Oil Coporation
I.O.U.     I Owe You
I.P.K.F.     Indian Peace Keeping Force
I.P.C.     Indian Penal Code
I.P.S.     Indian police Service
I.R.A.     Irish Republican Army
I.R.S.S.     Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Project
I.Q.     Intelligence Quotient
I.Q.S.Y.     International Quiet Sun Year (1st jan. 1964-31 Dec 1965)
I.R.B.M.     Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
I.R.C.     International Red Cross
I.R.O.     International Refugee Organisation
I.R.S.     Indian Revenue Service
I.S.R.O.     Indian space research organization
I.S.T.     Indian Standard Time
I.S.I.     Indian Standards Instituation
I.T.I.     Indian Telephone Industries
I.T.O.     International Trade Organisations
I.T.U.     International telecommunication Union
I.T.U.C.     Indian trade Union Congress
I.T.Y.                 International Tourist Year


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