50+ Friendship Status for Whatsapp in English

Friendship Status for Whatsapp in English - Friendship SmS

Friendship Status for Whatsapp

My Dear, Best Friend Of Mine,
Oh! My Love,
Since! I’ve Seen You,
My Heart Speaks Only Of You,
Tried A Lot To Express,
Tried A Lot To Say,
Wait You Often, But,
You Never Pass My Way.
I Know You Love Me,
I’m Sure You Feel The Same.
So, I Dare To Write,
And Call You Again,
Don’t Know What To Tell,
Don’t Know To Do,
Often Wonder, How Hard,
Just To Say ‘I Love You’.
Friendship Status for Whatsapp

I Have Opened An Emotional Bank,
U In My Heart Deposite,
Ur Love And I Will Make,
Sure That U Get Heavy Intrest,
As Longas I Will Alive.
Friendship Status for Whatsapp


If I Get Your Smile,
I Don’t Need Flowers,
If I Get Your Choice,
I Don’t Need Music,
If You Speak To Me,
I Don’t Need Anybody Else,
If You R My Frnd,
I Don’t Need The World.

Status for Friends Forever

If Life Is A Game I Wish U Always Win,
If Life Is A Journey I Wish U Walk On Roses,
If Life Is A Jou I Wish U Always Smile,
Have You Wonderful Day My Dear Frnds.
Friendship Status for Whatsapp


Friendship Is Not How U 4get But How U 4give,
Not How U Listen But How U Understand,
Not How U See But How U Feel And Not How
U Let Go But How U Hold On.

40+ Friendship SmS Messages for Her

My Eyes R Hurting Bcoz I Can’t See U,
My Arms R Empty Bcoz I Can’t Hold U,
My Lips R Cold Bcoz I Can’t Kiss U But,
Mu Heart Is Breaking Bcoz, I M Not With You.
Friendship Status for Whatsapp


Ques:- Who Is The 1st Indian Who Declared That He Is Gay?
Ans:- Manoj Kumar Bcoz He Sings Bus Yahi Apradh Har Bar
Karta Hu Aadmi Hu Aadmi Se Pyar Karta Hu.


Friends Are Like A Head Of Hair,
You Might Lose Some,
But With Enough @[email protected],
You Can Buy Them Back.

Whatsapp Status for Missing Friends

Finding A True Love Is A Secret Ambition,
Finding A True Love Is A Life Time Mission,
But Having A Friend Like You Is Life Time Biggest Achievement.
Iam Very Glad To Have A Friend Like You.

Collection of Romantic Shayari on Love

Its Hard To Put Into Words.
How Our Friendship Makes A Difference In My Life,
Its Not Only Ur Concern And Cosy Company That Distinguishes U,
But Also The Nature Ease With Which U Reach To Me.

Friendship Status for Facebook

Nothing Can Take The Place Of Friendship,
That’s The True And Trusting Kind, Except Of Love,
The Kind That I Have Come To Feel For U, My Friend.
Friendship Status for Whatsapp


Friendship Is A Silent Gift Of Nature,
More Old More Strong,
More Deep More Clear,
More Close More Warm,
Less Words More Understanding.
Happy Friendship Day.

110+ Inspirational Quotes About Friendship

Today’s Newspaper Is Tomorrow’s Waste Paper,
Life Is A Best Paper,
Don’t Copy From The Front Paper,
Relationship Is The Best Paper,
Don’t Waste It Like A Tissue Paper.


Somebody U May Love Ur Hair,
U May Love Ur Teeth,
U May Love Ur Books,
Even Love Ur Mind,
But There’d Something Dat U Won’t Love Me.
I’ll Always Be Ur Friend.

Friendship Status for Whatsapp

Friends Like Pillow U Can Hug It,
When Ur In Trouble U Can Cry On It,
When Ur In Pain And U Can Mbrac,
It When Ur Happy Always Remember,
Whenever U Need A Friend By A Pillow.
Friendship Status for Whatsapp

47+ Waiting SmS for Someone Special

1 Tree Can Start A Forest,
1 Tree Can Start A Friendship,
1 Touch Can Show U Care,
1 Friend Can Make Life Worth Living
10 X 4 Being A Friend.


When Clouds Breaks Rain Fall,
When Coconut Breaks Water Falls,
When Love Breaks Tears Falls,
But When Friendship Breaks Life Falls Completely
So Never Break Friendship.

Best Friend Status for FB

Full Form Of Friend :-

F = Finds A Way 2 Comfort U,
R = Remember 2 Say Hello Anytime To A Day,
I = Inspires U In All Ur Endivors,
E = Embraces U When Ur Alone,
N = Never 4gets U,
D = That’s Me.


Dream A Dream Tonight,
As U Sleep Smile A Smile Tomorrow,
That U May Keep May All Your Dreams And Wishes,
Come True Cause I Could Not Better Friend Like U.
Friendship Status for Whatsapp

55+ Missing Status in Hindi for Friends

I Hope That You Finally Understand,
That I Will Love U, Until The End,
Because Your Not Just My Girl,
You Are Also My Best Friends.


When Nights Are Long And Friends And Few,
I Sit By My Window And Think Of U A Silent Whisper,
A Silent Tear With All My Heart,
I Wish You Were Here.

Friendship Status For Whatsapp

When It Hurts To Look Back,
And You’re Scared To Look Ahead,
You Can Look Beside,
Your Best Friend Will Be There.


6 Rules To Be Happy:Free Your Heart From Hatred,

Free Your Heart From Hatred,
Free Ur Mind From Worries,
Live Simply; Expect Less;
Give More And Always Have Me As Ur Friend.
Friendship Status for Whatsapp

65+ Friendship Day Shayari in Hindi

A Special Smile, A Special Face,
A Special Someone, I Can’t Replace,
A Special Hi From Me To U For The
Special Feeling Of Friendship I Have Found In U.


Friendship Is Like A Blank In Which U Have To Deposit,
Love, Sympathy, Trust, Help And Joy And As Interest ,
U Will Get Companion For Lifetime.

Cute Friendship Status in English

An Old Wood Is Best To Burn,
Old Horse To Ride,
Old Books To Read And Old Wine To Drink,
So Are Old
Friends Always Most Trusty To Us.


Making A Million Friends Is Not A Miracle,
A Friend Who Will Stand By You In A Million Ways.

55+ Romantic Good Night SmS for Girlfriend

The Worst Part Of Life Is Missing A Friend,
But U Know Whats The Best Part Of Life Is?
It’s Having A Friend Worth Missing.


A Friend Gives Hope When Life Is Low,
A Friend Is A Place When U Have Nowhere To Go,
A Friend Is Honest,
A Friend Is True,
A Friend Is Precious And That’s U.
Friendship Status for Whatsapp

Awesome Friendship Day Status

Finding Friends In This Big And Complicated World Is Truly,
A Magical Thing But For Me, Finding You! Is Not Only A Magic It’s A Blessing.


Our Dost Is A Crossed Cheque Of Rs.(Happiness)
When U Feel Upset And Alone Withdraw It, From Ur A C,
When Ur 2 Happy Deposit In My A\C.

60+ [Best] Loving You Message for My Girlfriend

When U Get This Message,
U Don’t Have To Wonder,
What I M Doing Bcoz U Will Know,
I Am Here Thinking About U And
Just Waiting To See U Smile Again.


I Am Happy Know Y?
Bcoz I Am Lucky U Know Y?
Bcoz God Loves Me U Know How?
He Sent A Good Friend 2 Me.

Sad Life Status in Hindi

Friendship Status for Whatsapp

Friendship Status For Best Friends

Promise Me We R True Frnds,
I M Lamp U R Lite, I M Coke U R Sprite,
I M Sawan U R Badal, I M Normal U R Pagal,
I M Water U R Tanki, I M Sweet U R Mrs Monkey.
Warna Kab Ki Bikhar Gaye Hote,


Two Friends Talking :
Hey, I Got Married!
Oh, That’s Gud,
No, That’s Bad. She’s Ugly,
Oh, That’s Bad,
No, That’s Good. She’s Rich,
Oh, That’s Gud,
No, That’s Bad. She Wont Give Me A Cent.
Oh, That’s Bad,
No, That’s Good. She Bought Me A Big House,
Oh, That’s Gud,
No, That’s Bad. The House Burn Down,
Oh, That’s Bad,
Oh, That’s Gud, She Was In It..

50+ [Latest] Love Shayari for Girlfriend in Hindi

I Don’t Know How Many Meters Make A Mile,
Nor Do I Know How Long Is The River Nile,
But I Always Smile Whenever I See Ur Name On My Mobile.
Friendship Status for Whatsapp


F = Field Of Luv
R = Root Of Joy
I = Island Of God
E = End Of Sorrow
N = Name Of Hope
D = Door Of Understanding
That’s Frnd Like U

Friendship Status for Her and Him

1 + 1 Is Two,

Our Frndship Is True,
2 + 2 Is Four,
Our Frndship Is More,
3 + 3 Is Six,
Our Frndship Is Fix
4 + 4 Is Eight,
Our Frndship Is Great.


U Will Always Impress People,
Bcoz U Have .. Talent,
Looks, And Intelligence And
If That Is’nt Enough Tell Them U R My Frnd.

60+ Shayari on Love in Hindi for Him and Her

What Is Love
Love Is A God,
Love Is A Respect,
Love Is A Life,
Love Is A Gold,
Love Is A Fragrance,
Love Is A Struggle,
Love Is A Truth.

Friendship Status for Whatsapp

I M Weak In Maths,
Bt’ I M Able 2 Count The Mins Which I Spend With U,
I M Weak In History,
But I Can Have Never Seen A Frnds Like U In My Life,
I M Weak In Geography
But I Can Recognize D Wonderful Place Were I First Met U.
I M Weak In Studies,
But I Know I Can Get 101% In Ur Beautiful Frndship.