31+ Inspirational Status About Life For Whatsapp

Inspirational Status About Life For Whatsapp

Inspirational Status About Life For Whatsapp

By The Time A Man Gets Well Into His Seventies His Continued Existence Is A Mere Miracle.

~~~~~ Robert Louis Stevenson

To An Old Man Any Place That’s Warm Is Homeland.

~~~~~ Maxim Gorky

And He (Kind David) Died In A Good Old Age, Full Of Days, Riches And Honour.

~~~~~ Chronicles 29:28

First You Forget Names, Then You Forget Faces, Then You Forget To Pull Your Zipper Up, Then You Forget To Pull Your Zipper Down.

~~~~~ Leo Rosenberg

Few People Know How To Be Old.

~~~~~ La Rochefoucauld

 I Never Daed Be Radical When Young For Fear It Would Make Me Conservative When Old.

~~~~~ Robert Frost

I Really Believe That More Harm Is Done By Old Men Who Cling To Their Influence Than By Young Men Who Anticipate It.

~~~~~ Owen D. Young

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To Me. Old Age Is Always Fifteen Years Older Than I Am.

~~~~~ Bernard Baruch

Forty Is The Old Age Of Youth; Fifty Is The Youth Of Old Age.

~~~~~ Victor Hugo

How Old Would You Be If You Didn’t Know Old You Are?

~~~~~ Satchell Paige

He That Has Seen Both Sides Of Fifty Has Lived To Little Purpose If He Has No Other Views Of The World Than He Had When He Was Much Younger.

~~~~~ William Cowper

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It Is Always In Season For Old Men To Learn.

~~~~~ Aeschylus

The Individual Succumbs, But He Does Not Die If He Has Left Something To Manking.

~~~~~ Will Durant

A Person Is Always Startled When He Hears Himself Seriously Called An Old Man For The First Time.

~~~~~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

The Spiritual Eyesight Improves As The Physical Eyesight Declines.

~~~~~ Plato

 So, Lively Brisk Old Fellow, Don’T Let Age Get You Down. White Hairs Or Not, You Can Still Be A Lover.

~~~~~ Goethe

Age Has A Good Mind And Sorry Shanks.

~~~~~ Pietro Aretino

Old Age Is By Nature Rather Talkative.

~~~~~ Cicero

Longevity Is Having A Chronic Disease And Taking Care Ot It.

~~~~~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, J.R

Happy The Man Who Gains Sagacity In Youth, But Thrice Happy He Whorestains The Fervor Of Youth In Age.

~~~~~ Dogobert Runes

I’am Very Pleased With Each Advancing Year. It Stems Back To When I Was Forty. I Was A But Upset About Reaching That Milestone, But An Older Friend Consoled Me. ‘Don’t Complain About Growing Old- Many People Don’t Have That Privilege.

~~~~~ Eari Warren

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 An Old Codger, Rampant, And Still Learning.

~~~~~ Aldous Huxley

A Man Over Ninety Is A Great Comfort To All His Elderly Neighbours: He Is A Picket-Guard At The Extreme Outpost: And The Young Folks Of Sixty And Seventy Fell That The Enemy Must Get By Him Before He Can Come Near Their Camp.

~~~~~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

The Young Feel Tired At The End Of An Action;

~~~~~ T. S. Eliot

Your Old Men Shall Dreams Dreams, Your Young Men Shall See Visions.

~~~~~ Joel 2:28

I Am Long On Ideas, But Short On Time. I Expect To Live Only About A Hundred Years.

~~~~~ Thomas A. Edison

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What Makes Old Age So Sad Is Not That Our Joys But Our Hopes Cease.

~~~~~ Jean Paul Richter

How Beautifully The Leaves Grow Old. How Full Of Light And Color Are Their Last Days.

~~~~~ John Burroughs

In The Last Few Years Everything I’D Done Up To Sixty Or So Has Seemed Very Childish.

~~~~~ T.S. Eliot

When I Was Very Young, I Was Disgracefully Intolerant But When I Passed The Thirty Mark I Prided Myself On Having Learned The Beautiful Lesson That All Thing Were Good, And Equality Good. That, However, Was Really Laziness. Now, Thank Goodness, I’ve Sorted Out What Matters And What Doesn’t. And I’m Beginning To Be Intolerant Again.

~~~~~ G.B. Stern