100 Love Status Messages for Whatsapp in English

100 Love Status Messages for Whatsapp in English

Love Status Messages for Whatsapp

Life Is A Leaf Of Paper White, Whereon Each Of Us May Write, His Word Or Two, And Then Comes Night.

~~~~~ J.R. Lowell

Life Is A Great Bundle Of Small Things.

~~~~~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

We Live Not As We Wish, But As We Can.

~~~~~ Meander

Men Deal With Life As Children With Their Play, Who First Misuse, Then Cast Their Toys Away.

~~~~~ Cowper

I Live For Those Who Love Me, For Those Who Know Me True, For The Heaven That Smiles Above Me, And Await My Spirit Too. For The Future In The Distance And The Good That I Can Do.

~~~~~ Albert Einstein

105 Best Whatsapp Status For Life In English

Life Has Given Me Of Its Best, Laughter And Weeping, Labour And Rest, Little Of Gold, But Lots Of Fun, Shall I Sigh That All Is Done? No, Not I; While The New Road Lies All Untrodden, Before My Eyes. (Love Status Messages)

~~~~~ Norah M. Holland

We Are Born, They Cry, Know Not For Why? And All Our Lives Long Still But The Same Song.

~~~~~ Nathaniel Crouch

Life Is Like An Onion, You Peel It Off One Layer At A Time, And Sometimes You Weep.

~~~~~ Carl Sandburg

A Simple Life Is Its Own Reward.

~~~~~ George Santayana

May You Live All Days Of Your Life.

~~~~~ Jonathan Swift

Tomorrow Let My Sun His Beams Display, Or In Clouds Hide Them: I Have Lived Today.

~~~~~ Abraham Cowley

Love Status Messages for Whatsapp

Love Status Messages for Whatsapp in English

Not Love Thy Life, Nor Hate; But What Thou Livest, Live Well; How Long Or Short Permit To Heaven.

~~~~~ Milton

Life Happy Or Unhappy, Successful Or Unsuccessful, Is Extraordinarily Interesting.

~~~~~ George Bernard Shaw

Learn To Make The Most Of Life, Loss No Happy Day, Time Will Never Bring Thee Back, Chances Swept Away, Leave No Tender Word Unsaid, Love While Love Shall Last; “The Mill Cannot Grind; With The Water That Is Past”.

~~~~~ Sarah Doudney

105 Best Whatsapp Status For Life

It Is Better To Live Rich, Than To Die Rich.

~~~~~ Samuel Johnson

Make The Most Of Life You May, Life Is Short And Wears Away.

~~~~~ William Oldays

Some Laugh, While Others Mourn; Some Toil, While Others Pray; One Dies And One Is Born; So Runs The World Away.

~~~~~ Samuel Wesley

Short Status for Whatsapp About Love

Death But Entombs The Body; Life The Soul.

~~~~~ Young

Life Consists In What A Man Is Thinking All Day.

~~~~~ Emerson

Life Is A Dream In Death’s Eternal Sleep. (Love Status Messages)

~~~~~ James Thomson

The Web Of Our Life Is Of A Mingled Yarn, Good And Ill Together.

~~~~~ William Shakespeare

Life Can Only Be Understood Backwards; But It Must Be Lived Forwards.

~~~~~ Soren Kierkeggarrd

With Years A Richer Life Begins, The Spirit Mellows: Ripe Age Gives Tone To Violins, Vine And Good Fellows.

~~~~~ John T. Trowbridge

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Life’s Race Well Run, Life’s Work Well Done, Life’s Victory Won, Now Cometh Rest.

~~~~~ Edward H. Parker

Love Is Sunshine, Hate Is Shadow, Life Is Checkered Shade And Sunshine.

~~~~~ Henry Longfellow

Love Whatsapp Status for Girlfriend

Life Only Lends Us Feet, Death Gives Us Wings.

~~~~~ Frederic L. Knowles

Life Is A Struggle, But Not A Warfare.

~~~~~ John Burroughs

Life Is A Jest, And All The Things Show It, I Thought So Once, But Know It.

~~~~~ John Gay

A Man’s Life Is Interesting Primarily When He Has Failed. (Love Status Messages)

~~~~~ George Clemenceau

Life Is Made Up Of Sobs, And Smiles, With Sniffles Predominating.

~~~~~ O.Henry

Life Is An Uncompromising Reconciliation of Uncompromising Extrems.

~~~~~ Ishopanishad

Short Status for Whatsapp About Love

Short Status for Whatsapp About Love

Life Is Like An Exciting Business And Most Exciting When It Is Live For Others.

~~~~~ Helen Keller

The Darkest Hour In Any Man’s Life Is When He Sits Down To Plan To Get Money Without Earning It.

~~~~~ H. Greeley

Life Is Not So Short But That There Is Always Time Enough For Courtesy. (Love Status Messages)

~~~~~ Raplh Waldo Emerson

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When Life Is Woe, And Hope Is Dumb, The World Says, “Go” The Grave Says,”Come”.

~~~~~ Arthur Guiterman

There Are Two Tragedies In Life, One Is Not To Get Your Heart’s Desire. The Other Is To Get It.

~~~~~George Bernard Shaw

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There Is A Tide In The Affairs Of Men, Which Taken At The Flood, Leads On To Fortune; Omitted, All The Voyage Of Their Life Is Bound In Shallows And In Miseries.

~~~~~ William Shakespeare

A Little Pain, A Little Pleasure, A Little Heaping Up Of Treasure, Then No More Gazing Upon The Sun, All Things Must End That Have Begun. (Love Status Messages)

~~~~~ John Payne

100 Life Status For Whatsapp

It Is Not So Much The Mere Act Of Living That Counts But What One Does In This Brief Life That Is Ours.

~~~~~ Jawaharlal Nehru

What Trifling Coil Do We Poor Mortals Keep; Wake, Eat And Drink, Evacuate And Sleep.

~~~~~ Prior

Life As Long As You May; The First Twenty Years Are The Longest Half Of Your Life.

~~~~~ Robert Southey

Life Is Something Like This Trumpet. If You Don’t Put Anything In It You Don’t Get Anything Out. And That’s The Truth.

~~~~~ W.C. Handy

Romantic Love Status for Boyfriend

Romantic Love Status for Boyfriend

Life Is As Terribly Long As It Is Short. It Depends On Oneself Whether One Crawls Or Races Along With It.

~~~~~ Serapia Devi

Man Must Be Disappointed With The Lesser Things Of Life Before He Can Comprehend The Full Value Of The Greater. (Love Status Messages)

~~~~~ Bulwer

Most Of The Critical Things In Life Which Become The Starting Points Of Human Destiny, Are Little Things.

~~~~~ R. Smith

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Life Demands From You Only The Strength You Posses Only One Feat Is Possible-Not To Have Run Away.

~~~~~ Dag Hammar Skiold

Once In Each Man’s Life, At Least Good Luck Knows The Door, And Wit To Seize The Witting Guest, Need Never Hunger More.

~~~~~ L.J Bates

The Poor Fill A Space, Those Who Have Livelihood Live.

~~~~~ Meander

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Progress Is The Law Of Life, Man Is Not Man As Yet.

~~~~~ R. Browning

Be Thou The Rainbow To The Storms Of Life. (Love Status Messages)

~~~~~ Byron

I Only Regret That I Have One Life To Lose For My Country.

~~~~~ Nathan Hale

Enjoy Your Own Life Without Comparing It With That Of Another.

~~~~~ Marquis De Condorcet

The Rule Of My Life Is To Make Business A Pleasure And Pleasure My Business.

~~~~~ Aaron Burr

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The Glory Of Life Is Not In “Never Fallin” The True Glory Consists In “Rising Each Time We Fall”.

~~~~~ Swami Chinmayananda

The First Half Of Our Lives Is Ruined By Our Parents And The Second Half By Our Children.

~~~~~ Clarence S. Darrow

A Life Of Sacrifice Is The Pinnacle Of Art And In Full Of True Joy.

~~~~~ Mahatma Gandhi

Life Is Not A Spectacle Or A Feast; It Is A Predicament.

~~~~~ George Santayana

Life Has Thought Me To Think, But Thinking Has Not Taught Me How To Live.

~~~~~ Herzen

Everybody Wants To Live Longer But Nobody Wants To Grow Old.

~~~~~ Jules Rostand

Love Status for Boyfriend in English

Love Status for Boyfriend in English

A Human Life Is Like A Single Letter In The Alphabet. It Can Be Meaningless. Or It Can Be Part Of Great Meaning.

~~~~~ Unknown

Idle Less And Think More, Worry Less And Laugh More, Grouse Less And Smile More, Hate Less And Love More, Waste Less And Save More, Loaf Less And Live More. (Love Status Messages)

~~~~~ Moses Ezekiel

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Life Is The Art Of Drawing Sufficient Conclusions From Insufficient Premises.

~~~~~ Samuel Butler

Change Everything, Except Your Loves.

~~~~~ Voltaire.

There’s Nothing Half So Sweet In Life As Love’s Young Dream.

~~~~~ Thomas Moore.

To Love Her Was Liberal Education.

~~~~~ Richard Steele

Man’s Love Is Of Man’s Life A Thing Apart, ‘Tis Woman’s Whole Existence.

~~~~~ Lord Byron

Cute Love Status for Him

It Is Only Love That Keeps Man As Something Above Being A Machine. We Have To Create A Love Oasis So The Value Does Not Simply Disappear. People Can Come And See Love Almost Visible, Tangible.

~~~~~ Osho Rajneesh

So Bright The Tear In Beauty’s Eye, Love Half Regrets To Kiss It Dry.

~~~~~ Lord Byron

Generally Our Hearts Are Not Open For The Love To Gush Into Us. And The Door Of Your Heart Ever Remains Closed. Nobody Other Than “You” Can Ever Throw It Open, For The Door Of Your Heart Cannot Be Locked From Outside, And It Can Be Opened Only From Within. (Love Status Messages)

~~~~~ Swami Chinmayananda.

The Only Truly Happy People Are Those Have Found Someone, Some Cause, Love And Belong To.

~~~~~ John Powell

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I Pray Not For Wealth, I Pray Not For Honour, I Pray Not For Pleasures, Or Even For The Joys Of Poetry I Only Pray That During All My Life I May Have Love: That I May Love To Love Thee.

~~~~~ Chaitanya.

The Measure Of Our Poverty Or Of Our Wealth Is The Love We Give And The Love We Receive.

~~~~~ Walter A.Heiby

Loving Status in English For Couple

Loving Status in English For Couple

A Song Is No Song Till You Sing It, A Bell Is No Bell Till You Ring It, The Love In Your Heart Was Not Meant To Stay: Love Is Not Love Till You Give It Away.

~~~~~ Unknown

The Heart That Loves A Always Young, That’s What The Poets Say. And My Love, Dear, They Must Be Right For You’re As Young Today As The Love I Remember From My Childhood Days, Whose Heart Was Always Full Of Love And Tender Caring Ways. (Love Status Messages)

~~~~~ Unknown

I Love Thee, I Love But Thee, With A Love That Shall Bot Die Till The Sun Grows Cold, And The Stars Are Old, And Leaves Of The Judgement Book Unfold!.

~~~~~ Bayard Taylor

Inspirational Status About Life

Anything In Abundance Is Not Valued-Not Even Love.

~~~~~ Unknown

If Never Has Been Since Time Began, And Ever Will Be, Till Time Lose Breath, That Love Is A Mood-No More To Man, And Love To Woman Is Life Or Death.

~~~~~ Ella W.Wilcox

Loving Status in English for Lover

Love Is That Oil Which Reduces Friction In Life.

~~~~~ Unknown

The Eyes-Those Silent Tongues Of Love.

~~~~~ Cervantes

All Thoughts, All Passions, All Delights Whatever Stirs This Mortal Frame, All Are But Ministers Of Love, And Feed His Scared Flame. (Love Status Messages)

~~~~~ S.T. Coleridge

Dearest, If You Will Love Me True, What Use Are Joys Of Heaven To Me? But If You Will Not Love Me True, What Use Are Joys Of Heaven To Me ?

~~~~~ Unknown

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Elternity Does Not Exist Apart From True Love.

~~~~~ Sun Myung Moon.

Love’s Not Time’s Fool Though Rosy Lips And Cheeks Within His Bending Sickle’s Compass Come; Love Alters Not With His Brief Hours And Weeks, But Bears It Out Even To The Edge Of Doom If This Be Error, And Upon Me Proved, I Never Write, Nor No Man Ever Loved.

~~~~~ William Shakespeare

Cute Love Status Messages

Cute Love Status Messages

Ever For You Is My Love, Ever Constant, Kind. Never Unfaithful; A Heart Ever True I Gave. Tell Me, My Darling-Forgiveness I Pray To Find. Where Is The Fault That You Found In Your Humble Slave?

~~~~~ Kalidas

Love Cannot Return Unless You Give It, People Who Love Each Other Can Continue The Give And Take Action Of Love With More Power Than They Invest. (Love Status Messages)

~~~~~ Unknown

Love Rules Without A Sword, Love Blinds Without A Cord.

~~~~~ Unknown

Love Is Not Lobe Which Alters When It Alteration Finds, Or Bends With The Remover To Remove:- O No! It Is An Ever-Fixed Mark That Looks On Tempests And Is Never Shaken; It Is The Star To Every Wandering Bark, Whose Worth’s Unknown, Although His Height Be Taken.

~~~~~ William Shakespeare

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Many Waters Cannot Quench Love, Neither Can Floods Drown It.

~~~~~ Old Testament

Look Around Our World; Behold The Chain Of Love, Combing All Below And All Above.

~~~~~ Pope

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Love Makes Those Young Whom Age Doth Chill And Whom He Finds Young Keeps Young Still.

~~~~~ William Cartwright

Love, As Is Told By Seers Of Old, Comes As A Butterfly Tipped With Gold, Flutters With Flies In Sunlit Skies, Weaving Round Hearts That Were One Time Cold.

~~~~~ Swinburne

How Wise Are They That Are But Fools In Love. (Love Status Messages)

~~~~~ Jo. Cooke

No Cord Nor Cable Can So Forcibly Draw, Or Hold So Fast, As Love Can Do With A Twined Thread.

~~~~~ Robert Burton