75+ Happy New Year Greetings Message

Happy New Year Wishes Another Day, Another Mnth, Another Year, Another Smile, Another Tear, Another Winter, A Summer Too, But, There Will Never Be Another You, May Lovely, Happy Times, Decorate This Time Of The Season, May Warm, Special Memories… Continue Reading

15+ Best Motivational Shayari in Hindi for Students

Motivational Shayari in Hindi Duniya Ka Har Shoq Pala Nahi Jata, Kaanch Ke Khilono Ko Unchala Nahi Jata, Mehnat Karne Se Ho Jati H Mushqile Assan, Kyunki Har Kaam Taqdir Par Taala Nahi Jata. ~~~~~ Har Jalte Deepak Tale Andhera… Continue Reading

100+ New Year Wishes for Friends and Family

Happy New Year Wishes For Friends Let’s Welcom da Year Which Is Fresh Let’s Welcom da Year Which Is Fresh nd New, Let’s Cherish Each Moment It Beholds, Let’s Celebrate Ths Blissful New Year ===—@@—===   New Year SmS Text… Continue Reading

150+ Christmas Wishes for Friends and Family

Christmas Wishes Messages Collection May Your World Be Filled With Warmth And Good, Cheer This Holy Season, And Throughout The Year, Wish Your Christmas Be Filled With, Peace And Love. Merry X-Mas. ♠♠—♣♣—♥♥ Lets Welcome The Year Which Is Fresh… Continue Reading

105 Best Whatsapp Status For Life In English

Whatsapp Status on Life and Love Admiration– Admiration Is A Very Short-Lived Passion That Immediately Decays Upon Growing Familiar With Its Object. ~~~~~ Joseph Addison Advice– Advice Is Like Snow; The Softer It Falls The Longer It Dwells Upon, And… Continue Reading

100 Love Status Messages for Whatsapp in English

Love Status Messages for Whatsapp Life Is A Leaf Of Paper White, Whereon Each Of Us May Write, His Word Or Two, And Then Comes Night. ~~~~~ J.R. Lowell Life Is A Great Bundle Of Small Things. ~~~~~ Oliver Wendell… Continue Reading

100 Happy Life Status About Life Lessons For Whatsapp

Inspirational Happy Life Status Life Is The Art Of Drawing Sufficient Conclusions From Insufficient Premises. ~~~~~ Samuel Butler Life Is Painting A Picture, Not Doing A Sum. ~~~~~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Little Drops Of Water, Little Grains Of Sand, Make… Continue Reading

100+ Whatsapp Motivational Status

Whatsapp Motivational Status If You Listen To Your Fears, You Will Die Never Knowing What A Great Person You Might Have Been. ~~~~~ Robert H. Schuller Whatever Your Grade Or Position, If You Know How And When To Speak, And… Continue Reading

50+ {New} Bewafa Hindi Shayari for Boyfriend

Bewafa Hindi Shayari In Hindi Font मैं रहा ना मैं तुम रहे न तुम, क्यूँ हुए अलग गर बेवफ़ा नहीं हम. है रीत वही, है हर मौसम भी वही , क्यूँ रहे ना वो लोग ना रहे वो सनम .… Continue Reading