65+ Romantic Good Night SmS for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Romantic Good Night SmS for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Romantic Good Night SmS

No Matter The Sky Is Black Or Blue,
No Matter There’s Stars Or Moon,
As Long As Your Haart Is True,
Sweet Dreams Will Always Be With You.

Good Night

As The Day Into Night,
Keep Your Worries Out Of Sight,
No Matter How Tough The World May Seem,
You Still Deserve The Sweetest Dream.
Good Night And Sleep Tight.

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Ek Shor Ho Raha H,
Bina Sms Dil Bor Ho Raha H,
Kahi Tou Nahi Ki Ek Pyara Sa Dost,
Good Night Kiye Bina Soo Raha H.
Romantic Good Night SmS

I Miss You In Bed,
I Feel Loney Without U At Night,
I Feel Warm When U R With Me,
I Can’t Sleep Without You,
Where R U O My Razai.
Romantic Good Night SmS

Thought Shakespeare Is Great, He’ll Never,
Find The Right Words To Describe Your Because,
He Simply Never Experienced Knowing A Wonderful Person
Like You, Friend,

Good Night SmS for Girlfriend

I May Be Far For A Minute,
For A Hour, For A Day, For A Month,
But I’ll Always Be There For You,
I May Not Be Able To Always Say Good Morning,
Good Evening Good Night But. I’ll Never Say Good Bye.

A Prayer Is Not To A Spare Wheel That You Pullout When U R In Trouble,
A Prayer Is A Steering Wheel That Directs The Right Path Through-Out Your Life
Romantic Good Night SmS

When Night Come Look The Sky,
If You See A Falling Star Don’t Wonder Why,
Just Make A Wish, Trust Me It Will Come True,
Because When I Did It, I Found You Good Night.
Romantic Good Night SmS

I Close My Eyes To Sleep,
But Can’t Thought Of You Keep Me Awake,
I Wonder If You’ve Thought Same About Me,
Because Falling In Love Without Is Out Of My Control

Good Night Wishes for Lover

Smile Is Complete When It Begins With Lips,
Reflects In Your Eyes,
Gladden Your Heart,
And Ends With A Glow On You Face.
Wish You A Smiling Life Good Night.

Sending You My Bed To Let You Rest,
Pillows To Give You Comfort And My Blanket To Keep You Warm,
Good Night Sleep Tight
I Can’t Sleep Now…. Because I Lent You All My Thing.
Romantic Good Night SmS

One Is Lost, That Special Piece,
Can Never Be Replaced Add Puzzle
Will Never Be Whole Again,
Hope You’re A Piece I Can Keep Forever.

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Darkness Is Everywhere,
The Birds Are Back There Home Road Are Quite,
Everybody Is Sleeping But I’m Not,
You Know Why: Just Wanted To Say U.
Romantic Good Night SmS

Touch Your Heart, Close Your Eyes,
Make A Wish, Say Good Night,
Sky So Wode, Stars So Bright,
Off The Light, Sleep Tight,

The Stars Look Down Upon You At Night,
And Envy You Because Even While I’m Thinking Of You,
My Angel. Sleep For The Moonlight Be You Shade.

 Good Night SmS for Lovers

Let The Most Beautiful Dream Come To You Tonight
Let The Sweetest Person Come In You Dream Tonight
But Don’t Make It A Habit Because,
I Won’t Be Able To Come Daily!
Romantic Good Night SmS

Why Do We Close Our Eyes When We Sleep,
When We Dream When We Kiss?
This Is Because The Most Precious Thing In The World Is Unseen.
When You Close My Eyes I See U.

I’m Whispering Because I Don’t Want You To Wake Up,
You’ll Probably Read This Tomorrow,
But Anyway, I Want You To Know – I Kissed You.
Romantic Good Night SmS

To Love Is One Thing,
To Be Loved Is Another,
But To Be Loved By The One,
You Love Is Everything.

Whenever You Have A Dream Inside Your Heart,
Never Let It Go Because Dreams Are Tiny Seeds,
From Which Beautiful Tomorrow Grows,
Have A Wonderful Dream Tonight.
Romantic Good Night SmS

Things To Take Note When You Sleep,
Miss Me, Think Of Me,
Hug Me And Love,
Try To Sleep Now And Close Your Eyes,
Get Prepared To Dream Of Me.

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Happiness Keeps U Sweet,
Trials Make U Strong,
Sorrows Keep U Human,
Failure Makes In Humble,
Success Keep U Glowing And God Keep U Going.
God Bless You.
Romantic Good Night SmS

I Think Your Eyes Are Tired Looking At This World,
Reflecting Though Light, Let Your Eyes Lashes,
Hug Each Other For Few Hours.
Happy Journey Into The Dream World.
Romantic Good Night SmS

Good Night Love Sms in Hindi

On This Cold Cold Night,
In My Small Small Room,
I Look At The Bright Bright At The Stars,
In The Dark Dark Sky,
And Dream Of You Sweet Smile,
On Your Cute Cute Face.

Night Doesn’t Become Beautiful,
With Studded Sky And Full Moon,
It Becomes Beautiful When U Go To Sleep,
And Let Stars And Moon. Admire Your Innocence
Romantic Good Night SmS

Life Spent With Someone For A Lifetime,
May Be A Meaningless But A Few Moments,
Spent With Someone Who Really Loves,
You Means More Than A Life Itself.

The Best Teacher Is Your Heart,
The Best Healer Is Time,
The Best Judge Is Your Conscious,
Your Best Frnd Could Only Be God And Your,
Cutest Friend Can Only Be Me

Romantic Good Night SmS

If You Find A Friend Better Than Me Go Ahead,
I Won’t Stop You But When Than Person Leaves You,
Look Behind And I’ll Be There, Ready To Slap You,
And Ask Ho Gayi Tassali
Romantic Good Night SmS

Birth Is Start Of Life,
Beauty Is The Art Of Life,
Mystery And Risk Are Part Of Life,
But True Frnds Like You Are Heart Of Life.

The Best Part Of Living Is Not Wishing That,
The Person Loves You As Much As You Do,
But In Feeling That You Love The Person,
More Than You Thought You Could.

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Difficulties In Your Life Do Not Come To Destroy You,
But To Help You Realize Your Hidden Potential And Power,
Let Difficulties Know The You Are Difficulties
Romantic Good Night SmS

Love Is Something Special,
A Treasure I Want To Find It,
To Others, Love Is Blind But For Me,
It Not True Because When I Fell In Love,
I Saw You Good Night.

There Is Night So We Can Appreciate Day,
Sorrow So We Can Appreciate Joy,
Evil So We Can Appreciate Good,
You So I Can Appreciate Love Good Night

Faith Makes Life Possible,
Hope Make Life Workable,
Love Makes Life Beautiful,
A Friend Makes Life Meaningful.
Romantic Good Night SmS

Good Night Message to My Sweetheart

Frndship Is Not History To Forget,
Frndship Is Not Maths To Calculate
Frndship Is Not Language To Learn,
Its Only Science That We Have To Understand.
Romantic Good Night SmS

I Opened My Purse And Found It Empty,
I Reached In To My Pocket And Found A Few Coins,
Then I Searched My Heart And Found You,
That’s When I Realized How Rich I Am Good Night.

My Eyes Are Hurting Because I Can’t See You,
My Arms Are Empty Because I Can’t Hold You,
My Lips Are Cold Because I Can’t Kiss You,
But My Heart Is Breaking Because I’m Not With You
Romantic Good Night SmS

I Really Wish That You Were Here With Me In My Room,
On My Bed And Lights Off And We Get Under The Blanket,
Together To Show You My New Watch Glows In The Dark.

Every Time U Hear My Message Tone,
I Always Help Of One Of Them Comes From You,
My Cell May Have Limited Space But,
My Heart Has Unlimited Space For A Frnd Like You
Romantic Good Night SmS

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Only For A While,
Feet Could Only Walk Some Miles,
Cloth’s Want Forever Be In Style,
But My Frndship To You
Will Never Be Stolen By Time

At This Moment, Millions Are Sleeping,
Millions Are Falling In Love,
Million Are Eating And Only One Cute Person In Whole,
Whole Is Reading My Sms
Romantic Good Night SmS

You Are The Reason Why I Have Sleepless Nights,
You Are The Reason Why I Tend To Hold My Pillow Tight,
You Are The Reason I Can’t Sleep Without Saying Good Night.

Angels Are There To Guide And Protect You In Whatever You’ll Do,
Tonight, They’ll Take You To A Please Where Your Dreams Can Come True.
Romantic Good Night SmS

Wash Your Face And Wash Your Feet,
Now Is Time To Fall Asleep,
Your Eyes Are Weak And Mouth Can’t Speak,
So Hope This Night Shall Be Nice And Sweet.

Romantic Good Night Sms in Hindi

A Day Is Going To End Again,
It Is Nice To Have A Friends Like You,
Making My Everyday Seems So Great.
Thank You My Good Friend, Lastly
Romantic Good Night SmS

Money Says Earn Me Lot,
Time Says Plan Me Lot,
Flower Says Love Me Lot,
Study Says Learn Me Lot,
Sms Says Send Me Lot,
And I Say Remember Me Lot.

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Some Friends Are Worth To Be Thrown,
Some Are Good To Keep,
Some Are To Be Treasured Forever,
And I Think You Are One To Be Thrown,
In The Treasure Box To Be Kept Forever.
Romantic Good Night SmS

Every Second Person God Remembers You,
Every Minutes God Bless You,
Every Hours God Cares For You,
Because Every Day I Pray God To Take Care Of You.

Good Night SmS In English

Love Can Never Be Taught For It Is To Be Learned,
Love Can Never Be Thought For It Is To Be Given,
Love Never Be Kept On For It Is To Be Free,
Love Can Never Be Old For It Lives To Last A Lifetime.

I May Seldom Tell You How Special You Are To Me,
I May Not Be Able To Reach You Because,
We Are Both Busy But Inspite Of All This,
You Know You Are One Person I Really Miss
Romantic Good Night SmS

Charon Taraf Hai Phaili Moonlite,
Machhar Bhi Dene Ko Betaab Hai Aapko Luvbite,
Takiye Ko Gale Laga Ke Sone Ka Tight,
Bole To Wo Sweet Dreams Wala Good Night.

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Machar Aur Makhi Ki Ho Gayi Shaadi,
Pehli Hi Raat Se Ho Gayi Machar Ki Barbadi,
Kehta Hai Ki Meri Kismat Hi Khoti Hai,
Makhi Raat Ko Goodnight Laga Ke Soti Hai.
Romantic Good Night SmS

Dil Mein Ek Shor Sa Ho Raha Hai,
Bina Sms Ke Dil Bore Sa Ho Raha Hai,
Kahi Ye To Nahi Ki Ek Pyara Sa Dost,
Good Night Kiye Bina Soo Raha Hai.

Good Night SmS For GF

Deepak Mein Agar Kabhi Noor Na Hota,
To Tanha Dil Yeh Kabhi Majboor Na Hota,
Hum Aapko Good Night Kehne Aate,
Agar Apka Ghar Itna Door Na Hota.

Main Tujhse Ek Armaan Mangta Hoon,
Tujse Apni Jaan Mangta Hoon,
Aap Soo Jaogi Mobile Off Karke Esliye Main,
Ek Good Night Kiss Udhar Mangta Hoon.
Romantic Good Night SmS

Chaand Bhi To Dekho Tumhe Kab Se Taak Raha Hai,
Sitare Bhi Dekh Tumhe Thame-Thame Se Lag Rahe Hai,
Jara Muskura Do Ham Sab Ke Liye Ek Baar,
Hum Bhi To Tumhe Good Night Keh Rahe Hai.

Best of Dr Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi

Chand Ko Baitha Kar Chandni Ke Pehre Pe,
Taaron Ko Saupa Hai Maine Nigrani Ka Kaam,
Raat Ne Jaari Kiya Hai Jaldi Hi Ye Farmaan,
Ek Sweet Sa Dream Ab Tumhare Naam.
Romantic Good Night SmS

Romantic Good Night Sms for Girlfriend

Dard Aapke Intezar Ka Hum Chup-Chap Sehte Hai,
Kyunki Aap Har Pal Hamare Dil Mein Rehte Hai,
Na Jaane Hume Neend Aayegi Bhi Ki Nahi Lekin,
Aap Thik Se So Sako Isliye Hum Aapko Good Night Kehte Hai.

Chand Taaro Se Raat Jagmagane Lagi,
Phoolo Ki Khushbu Se Duniya Mehkane Lagi,
Soo Jaiye Raat Ho Gayi Hai Kaafi,
Neendiya Rani Bhi Aapko Satane Aane Lagi.

Romantic Good Night SmS