100 Motivational Quotes About Action For Inspiration

Motivational Quotes About Action For Inspiration

After All Is Said And Done, More Is Said Than Done.

~~~~~ Unknown

Deliberation Is The Work Of Many Men. Action, Of One Alone.

~~~~~ Charles De Gaulle

To Knock A Thing Down, Especially If It Is Cocked At An Arrogant Angle Is A Deep Delight To The Blood.

~~~~~ George Santayana

Action Is Eloquence.

~~~~~ Shakespeare

Play Out The Game, Act Well You Part, And If The Gods Have Blundered, We Will Not.

~~~~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

But Search The Land Of Living Men, Where Wilt Thou Find Their Like Again.

~~~~~ Sir Walter Scott

Between Saying And Doing Many A Pair Of Shoes Is Worn Out.

~~~~~ Proverb

Looking At Small Advantages Prevents Great Affairs From Being Accomplished.

~~~~~ Confucius

There Are Risks And Costs To A Program Of Action. But They Are Far Less Than The Long-Range Risks And Costs Of Comfortable Inaction.

~~~~~ John F Kennedy

When You Appeal To Force, There’s One Thing You Must Never Do Lose.

~~~~~ Dwight D Eisenhower

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For Purposes Of Action Nothing Is More Useful Than Narrowness Of Thought Combined With Energy Of Will.

~~~~~ Henri Fridiric Amiel

Blessed Is He Who Carries Within Himself A God And An Ideal And Who Obeys It – An Ideal Of Art, Of Science, Or Gospel Virtues. Therein Lie The Springs Of Great Thoughts And Great Actions.

~~~~~ Louis Pasteur

I Want To See You Shoot The Way You Shout.

~~~~~ Theodore Roosevelt

He Who Desires, But Acts Not, Breeds Pestilence.

~~~~~ William Blake

Action Is Consolatory. It Is The Enemy Of Thought And The Friend Of Flattering Illusions.

~~~~~ Joseph Conrad

There Are Only Two Forces That Unite Men- Fear And Interest.

~~~~~ Napoleon Bonaparte.

He Who Is Outside His Door Already Has A Hard Part Of His Journey Behind Him.

~~~~~ Dutch Proverb

If You Have Anything To Tell Me Of Importance, For God’s Sake Begin At The End.

~~~~~ Sara Jeannette Duncan

You May Be Disappointed If You Fail, But You Are Doomed If You Don’t Try.

~~~~~ Beverly Sills

Take Time To Deliberate; But When The Time For Action Arrives, Stop Thinking And Go In.

~~~~~ Andrew Jackson

 Motivational Quotes For Students

By Increasing The Size Of The Keyhole, Today’s Playwrights Are In Danger Of Doing Away With The Door.

~~~~~ Peter Ustinov

Very Few People Go To The Doctor When They Have A Cold, They Go To The Theatre Instead.

~~~~~ W. Boyd Gatewood

On Stage I Make Love To Twenty-Five Thousand People; Then I Go Home Alone.

~~~~~ Janis Joplin

There Is Simply What Cannot Be Expressed By Any Other Means; A Complexity Of Words, Movements, Gestures That Convey A Vision Of The World Inexpressible In Any Other Way.

~~~~~ Eugene Ionesco

As An Actor, He Should Be An Extra In Police Line-Ups.

~~~~~ Robert H Gurney

There Are Five Stages To An Actor’s Career: Who Is Herschel Bernardi? Get Me Hterschel Bernardi; Get Me A Herschel Bernardi Type; Get Me A Young Hreschel Bernardi; And Who Is Herschel Bernardi ?

~~~~~ Herschel Bernardi

I Sweat. If Anything Comes Easy To Me, I Mistrust It.

~~~~~ (Lilli Palmer)

Working In The Theatre Has A Lot In Common With Unemployment.

~~~~~ Arthur Gingold

There Are Some Great Roles – Mostly In Shakespeare’s Tragedies Which No One Can Play At Full Strength From Beginning To End. One Simply Hopes That One Can Hit The Peaks As Often As One Has The Strength.

~~~~~ Peggy Ashcroft

Film-Making Has Become A Kind Of Hysterical Pregnancy.

~~~~~ Richard Lester

Acting Is A Question Other People’s Personalities And Adding Some Of Your Own Experience.

~~~~~ Paul Newman

Bugs Bunny – The Perfect Employee. Never Absent. Never Late. Never Changes The Script. Doesn’t Have An Agent. Never Asks For A Percent Of The Profit. Doesn’t Ask To Have His Relatives On The Payroll.

~~~~~ Anon

The Structure Of A Play Is Always The Story Of How The Birds Come Home To Roost.

~~~~~ Arthur Miller

Every Actor In His Heart Believes Everything Bad That’s Printed About Him.

~~~~~ Orson Welles

You Can’t Automate In The Arts. Since The Sixteenth Century There Has Been No Change In The Number Of People Necessary To Produce.

~~~~~ Hamlet. William T. Wylie

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A Good Drama Critic Is One Who Perceives What Is Happening In The Theatre Of His Time. A Great Drama Critic Also Perceives What Is Not Happening.

~~~~~ Kenneth Tynan

A Walking Shadow, A Poor Player, That Struts And Frets His Hour Upon The Stage And Then Is Heard No More.

~~~~~ Shakespeare, ‘Mecbeth’

An Actor Is A Guy Who Is Sore Because An Actor Gets 90% Of What He Makes.

~~~~~ Alva Johnston

In Music, The Punctuation Is Absolutely Strict, The Bars And The Rests Are Absolutely Defined. But Our Punctuation Cannot Be Quite Strict Because We Have To Relate It To The Audience. In Other Words, We Are Continually Changing The Score.

~~~~~ Ralph Richardson

She Was Good At Playing Abstract Confusion In The Same Way That A Midget Is Good At Being Short.

~~~~~ Clive James

Nothing Is Often A Good Thing To Do Always A Good Thing To Say.

~~~~~ Will Durant

A = R+P (Or Adventure Equals Risk Plus Purpose).

~~~~~ Robert McClure

Let Us Act On What We Have Not What We Wish.

~~~~~ Cardinal Newman

I Am Not Built For Academic Writings, Action Is My Domain.

~~~~~ Gandhi

In Action Be Primitive; In Foresight, A Strategist.

~~~~~ Rent Char

It Is Much Easier To Do And Die That It Is To Reason Why.

~~~~~ G.A Studdert- Kenrudy

Through The Picture. I See Reality. Through The Word, I Understand It.

~~~~~ Sven Lidman

Why, Then The World’s Mine Oyster Which I With Sword Will Open.

~~~~~ Shakespeare

If You Want Something Done Right, Get Someone Else To Do It.

~~~~~Marion Giacomini

Noble Deeds And Hot Baths Are The Best Cures For Depression.

~~~~~ Dodie Smith

I Remember My Father Telling Me The Story Of The Preacher Delivering An Axhortation To His Flock, And As He Reached The Climax Of His Exhortation, A Man In The Front Row Got Up And Said, ‘O Lord, Use Me. Use Me, O Lord – In An Advisory Capacity!’

~~~~~ Adlai Stevenson

Motivational Quotes For Work

Don’t Offer Me Advice, Give Me Money.

~~~~~ Proverb

It Has Seemed To Be More Necessary To Have Regard To The Weight Of Words Rather Than To Their Number.

~~~~~ Cicero

Be Frank And Explicit. That Is The Right Line To Take When You Wish To Conceal Your Own Mnd And To Confuse The Minds Of Others.

~~~~~ Benjamin Disraeli

The Proverb Warns That, “You Should Not Bite The Hand That Feeds You.” Hut Maybe You Should, If It Prevents You From Feeding Youself.

~~~~~ Thomas Szasz.

But One Must Know Where One Stands, And Where The Others Wish To Go.

~~~~~ Geothe

Put All Thin Eggs In One Basket And – Watch That Basket.

~~~~~ Mark Twain

If You Aren’t Rich, You Should Always Look Useful.

~~~~~ Louis-Ferdinand Celine.

When A Man Comes To Me For Advice I Find Out The Kind Of Advice He Wants, And I Give It To Him.

~~~~~ Josh Billings

No Man Ever Listened Himself Out Of A Job.

~~~~~ Calvin Coolidge

Sometimes, When One Person Is Missing, The Whole World Seems Depopulated.

~~~~~ Alphones De Lamartine

It Takes Time For The Absent To Assume Their True Shape In Our Thoughts. After Death They Take On A Firmer Outline And Then Cease To Change.

~~~~~ Colette

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Greater Things Are Believed Of Those Who Are Absent.

~~~~~ Tocitus

Absences Are A Good Influence In Love And Keep It Bright And Delicate.

~~~~~ Robert Louis Stevenson

The Longest Absence Is Less Perilous To Love Than The Terrible Trials Ofincessant Proximity.

~~~~~ Quida

Failing To Be There When A Man Wants Her Is A Women’s Greatest Sin, Except To Be There When He Doesn’t Want Her.

~~~~~ Helen Rowland

The Absent Are Always Wrong.

~~~~~ English Proverb

Absence Diminishes Little Passions And Increases Great Ones Just As The Wind Blows Out A Candle And Fans A Fire.

~~~~~ La Rochefoucauld

A Man Of Sixty Has Spent Twenty Years In Bed And Over Three Years In Eating.

~~~~~ Arnold Bennett

Wrinkles – The Service Stripes Of Life.

~~~~~ Anon

One Of The Delights Known To Age, And Beyond The Grasp Of Youth, Is That Of ‘Not Going’!

~~~~~ J.B Priestley

Time Goes By: Reputation Increases, Ability Declines.

~~~~~ Anon

No Spring, Nor Summer Beauty Hath Such Grace. As I Have Seen In One Autumnal Face.

~~~~~ John Donne

There Is Many A Good Tune Played On An Old Fiddle.

~~~~~ Old Saying

The Role Of A Retired Person Is No Longer To Possess One.

~~~~~ Simone De Beauvoir

I Advised You To Go On Loving Solely To Enrage Those Who Are Paying Your Annuities. It Is The Only Pleasure I Have Left.

~~~~~ Voltaire

A Man Of Fifty Looks As Old As Santa Claus To A Girl Of Twenty.

~~~~~ William Feather

The Young Always Have The Same Problem How To Rebel And Conform At The Same Time. They Have Now Solved This By Defying Their Parents And Copying One Another.

~~~~~ Quentin Crisp

Motivational Quotes of The Day

The Central Problem Of Our Age Is How To Act Decisively In The Absence Of Certainty.

~~~~~ Bertrand Russell

Go And Wake Up Your Cook.

~~~~~ Arabian Proverb

When Written In Chinese, The Word Crisis Is Composed Of Two Characters. One Represents Danger And The Other Represents Opportunity.

~~~~~ John F Kennedy

From The Moment Of Birth We Are Immersed In Action, And Can Only Fitfully Guide It By Taking Thought.

~~~~~ Alfred North Whitehead

The Man Who Act Stand Nearer To The Mass Of Man That The Men Who Write; And It Is In Their Hands That New Thought Gets Its Translation Into The Crude Language Of Deeds.

~~~~~ Woodrow Wilson

The Frontiers Are Not East Or West, North Or South, But Wherever A Man Fronts A Fact.

~~~~~ Henry David Thoreau

It Is Only In Marriage With The World That Our Ideals Can Bear Fruit; Divorced From It, They Remain Barren.

~~~~~ Bertrand Russell

Trust Only Movement. Life Happens At The Level Of Events, Not Of Words. Trust Movement

~~~~~ Alfred Adler

If You Want A Thing Done, Go – If Not, Send.

~~~~~ Benjamin Franklin

We Accept The Verdict Of The Past Until The Need For Change Cries Out Loudly Enough In Force Upon Us A Choice Between The Comforts Of Further Inertia And The Irksomeness Of Action.

~~~~~ Learned Hand