100 Short Friendship Quotes For Best Friends

100 Short Friendship Quotes For Best Friends Forever Quotes

Short Friendship Quotes For Best Friends

To Have Friends Is To Make Life Easier And Richer. A Friend Is A Present That You Give To Youself. But You Cannot Purchase A Friend. We Cannot Compel Anyone To Be Our Friend. We Have To Discover A Friend.

~~~~~ Swami Chinmayananda

To Friendship Every Burden’s Light.

~~~~~ John Gay

Friendship Improves Happiness And Abates Misery, By Doubling Our Joy, And Dividing Our Grief.

~~~~~ John Addison

True Friends Are Like Diamonds Precious And Rare. False Friends, Like Autumn Leaves Found Everywhere.

~~~~~ Unknown

I Value The Friend Who For Me Finds Time In His Calendar But Cherish A Friend Who For Me Does Not Consult His Calendar.

~~~~~ Unknown

Short Friendship Quotes For Best Friends

A True Friend Is Someone Who Remembers Your Birthday… But Forgets Your Age.

~~~~~ Unknown

A Friend Is A Blessing From Heaven Above, As He Is The Epitome Of Caring And Love.

~~~~~ Unknown

A Friend Is Need Is A Friend Indeed.

~~~~~ Unknown

To Have Friends Is To Make Life Easier And Richer. A Friend Is A Present That You Give To Youself. But You Cannot Purchase A Friend. We Cannot Compel Anyone To Be Our Friend. We Have To Discover A Friend.

~~~~~ Swami Chinmayananda

Good Friends Are Like Good Books- A Perpetual Delight.

~~~~~ Tiruvalluvar

Short Friendship Quotes For Best Friends

Better Make A Weak Man Your Enemy Than Your Friend.

~~~~~ Henry Shaw

If You Have A Friend Worth Loving Love Him. Yes And Let Him Know Why Should Good Words Ne’er Be Said Of A Friend Till He Is Dead.

~~~~~ Daniel W. Hoyt

An Acquaintance That Begins With Compliment Is Sure To Develop Into Real Friendship.

~~~~~ Oscar Wilde.

Friends Are Never Lonely Because They Build Brings Not Walls.

~~~~~ Unknown

Your Friendship Is A Key, That Opened Wide The Door, To Love And Happiness, Unknown To Me Before, Of All My Treasured Memories, None Mean As Much To Me As Those You Brought Into My Life With Friendship’s Golden Key.

~~~~~ Unknown

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Give A Reason From Your Life Each Day, Not A Thorn Dear Friend, A Word Of Cheer Leave Behind As You Pass Along; Bring A Smile To A Care Work Face Not A Tear; And You Will Gather Rare Flowers Of Friendship, While Living Here.

~~~~~ Charles Bancroft

But Grant Me Still A Friend In My Retreat, Whom I May Whisper, Solitude Is Sweet.

~~~~~ William Cowper

The Ornament Of A House Is The Friends Who Frequent It.

~~~~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Short Friendship Quotes For Best Friends

The Only Way To Have A Friend Is To Be One.

~~~~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tell Me The Company And I’ll Tell Thee What Thou Art.

~~~~~ Cervantes

Friendship Is The Most Beautiful Flower In The Garden Of Life.

~~~~~ Unknown

Where There’s More Of Singing And Less Of Sighing, Here There’s More Of Giving And Less Of Buying, And A Man Makes Friends Without Half Trying.

~~~~~ Arthur Chapman

There Are No Friends Or Enemies In Life, There Are Only Teachers…. Everyone You Encounter Teacher You A Lesson Good Or Bad.

~~~~~ Unknown

If A Man Does Not Make New Acquaintances As He Advances Through Life, He Will Soon Find Himself Left Alone. A Man, Should Keep His Friendship In Constant Repair.

~~~~~ Samuel Johnson

I Was Angry With My Friend; I Told My Wrath Did End, I Was Angry With My Foe; I Told It Not, My Wrath Did Grow.

~~~~~ William Blake

Friendship Quotes For Best Friends

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together.

~~~~~ Cervantes

It Is More Ignominious To Mistrust Our Friends Than To Be Deceived By Them.

~~~~~ La Rochefoucauld

Its Hard To Find A Man Of Great Estate, That Can Distinguish Flatterers From Friends.

~~~~~ Horace

Short Friendship Quotes For Best Friends

Friendship Is Constant In All Other Things. Save In The Office And Affairs Of Love.

~~~~~ William Shakespeare

Distance Sometimes Endears Friendship, And Absence Sweetenth It.

~~~~~ James Howell

Joy Has His Friends But Grief Weeps Alone.

~~~~~ Strichland Gillilan

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Those Who Bring Sunshine To The Lives Of Others Cannot Keep It From Themselves.

~~~~~ J.M. Barrie

Love Is A Blooming Flower Friendship Is A Sheltering Tree.

~~~~~ Unknown

Friendship, Peculiar Bone Of Heaven, The Noble Mind’s Delight And Pride, To Men And Angels Only Given, To All The Lower World Denied.

~~~~~ Samuel Johnson

Friendship Often Ends In Love.

~~~~~ C. Caled Colton

Friendship Adds A Brighter Radiance To Prosperity And Lightens The Burden Of Adversity By Dividing And Sharing It.

~~~~~ M.T. Cicero

Little Drops Of Water, Little Grains Of Sand, Make The Mighty Ocean And The Pleasant Land. Little Deeds Of Kindness, Little Words Of Love, Help To Make Earth Happy Like The Heaven Above.

~~~~~ Julia A.F. Carney

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He Removes The Greatest Ornament Of Friendship, Who Takes Away From It Respect.

~~~~~ Cicero

Nothing Can Be More Disgraceful Than To Be At War Whom You Have Lived On Terms Of Friendship.


Short Friendship Quotes For Best Friends

Better With Learned Dwell, Even Though It Be In Hell Than With Vulgar Spirits Roam Palaces That Gods Call Home.

~~~~~ The Panchatantra

A Friend In Need Is Friend Indeed, Although Of Different Caste The Whole World Is Your Eager Friend So Long As Riches Last.

~~~~~ The Panchatantra

Prosperity Makes Friends And Adversity Tries Them.

~~~~~ Unknown

Short Friendship Quotes

Be Slow In Choosing A Friend Slower In Changing.

~~~~~ Benjamin Franklin

When The Mountains Are Hight And Dark Clouds Appear In The Sky. I Can Dare To Climb Any Height Dear Friend If Only Your Shelter Is In Sight.

~~~~~ Unknown

Give Smiles To Those Who Love You Less, But Keep Your Tears For Me.

~~~~~ Thomas Moore

My Friends, I’ve Looked At You So Many Times To See Your Happy Smile, I’ve Come To You For Company To Talk A Little While, I’ve Laughed With You And Shared With You. A World Of Special Things. I’ve Learned From You The Precious Joys, That Only Caring Brings.

~~~~~ Unknown

Short Friendship Quotes For Best Friends

God Made The World, With A Heartful Of Love, Then He Looked Down From Heaven Above, And Saw That We All Need A Helping Hand, Someone To Share With, Who’ll Understand. He Made Special People To See Us Through The Glad Times And The Sad Times Too, A Person On Whom We Can Always Depend, Some We Can Call A Friend.

~~~~~ Unknown.

A Man May Be Able And Skilled He May Be Bold, Energetic, But If He Lacks Friends, What Can He Achieve? Mark How A Fire Kindled In A Windless Spot Soon Dies Down On Its Own.

~~~~~ The Panchatantra

The Best Mirror Is A True Friend.

~~~~~ Unknown

Short Friendship Quotes For Best Friends

Each Flower That Blooms And Dies, Each Plant That Grows And Dies, Says To You And Me, We Also Will Die One Day. Each Flowers That Blooms And Gives Fragrance And Dies, Each Plant That Grows And Gives Fruit And Dies, Says To You And Me, We Also Have To Give Something To This World Before We Die.

~~~~~ Jojo Valliyil

You Are Everything I Always Wanted In A Friend And I’ve Always Wanted Everything.

~~~~~ Unknown

Truly The Loss Of Wealth Is No Great Pain. When Fate Disposes, Wealth Begins, Or Ends. Yet One Heart Burning Follows In Its Train The Sorrow Of The Cooling Off Of Friends.

~~~~~ Sudraka

If A Friend Of Mine Gave A Feast, And Did Not Invite Me To It, I Should Not Mind A Bit. But If A Friend Of Mine Had A Sorrow And Refused To Allow Me To Share It, I Should Feel It Most Bitterly.

~~~~~ Oscar Wilde

Forever Friendship Quotes & Status

Friendship Is A Word The Very Sight Of Which In Print Makes The Heart Warm.

~~~~~ Augustine Birrell

Friendship Is A Union Of Spirits, A Marriage Of Hearts And The Bond There Of Virtue.

~~~~~ Unknown

Wouldn’t Life Be Lots More Happy If Friends We Meet Would Say. “I Know Something Good About You” And Treat Us Just That Way? Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Practice That Fine Way Of Thinking Too? “You Know Something Good About Me, I Know Something Good About You”.

~~~~~ Unknown

What Have I Gathered Down The Years, The Images Of Pew People In My Mind Appears, People Who Were There To Care, Share And Understand, Who Knew What It Means To Be A Friend.

~~~~~ Unknown

Even As Drops Of Water Make The Ocean, So We, Too, Through Friendship, Can Become An Ocean Of Friendliness, The Shape Of The World Would Indeed Be Transformed, If All Of Us Lived In A Spirit Of Love And Amity With One Another.

~~~~~ Mahatma Gandhi

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Friendship Is Love Without Wings.

~~~~~ Byron

Friendship, Like Love Is But A Name Unless To One You Stint The Flame The Child Whom Many Father’s Share Hath Seldom Known A Fathers Care ‘Is Thus With Friendship Who Depend On Many Rarely Find A Friend.

~~~~~ John Gay

What Is Love? Two Souls And One Flesh; Friendship ? Two Bodies And One Soul.

~~~~~ Joseph Roux

May The Hinges Of Friendship Never Rust, Or The Wings Of Love Lose A Feather.

~~~~~ Dean Edward B. Ramsey

Friendship Quotes in English

Then Come The Wild Weather, Come Sleet Or Come Snow, We Will Stand By Each Other, However It Blow.

~~~~~ Simon Dach

Promises May Get Friends, But It Is Performance That Must Nurse And Keep Them.

~~~~~ Owen Felltham

Friends Are The Thermometers By Which One May Judge The Temperature Of Our Fortunes.

~~~~~ Countess Of Blesoington

Feast, And Your Halls Are Crowded; Fast, The World Goes By.

~~~~~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The Friends Who In Our Sunshine Live, When Winter Comes, Are Flown. And He Who Has But Tears To Give, Must Weep Those Tears Alone.

~~~~~ Thomas Moore

A Friendship That Like Love Is Warm; A Love Like Friendship, Steady.

~~~~~ Thomas Moore

Short Friendship Quotes For Friends

When I Remember All The Friends , So Link’d Together, I’ve Seen Around Me Fall, Like Leaves In Wintry Weather.

~~~~~ Thomas Moore

Full Of This Maxim, Often Heard In Trade, Friendship With None But Equals Should Be Made.

~~~~~ Thomas Chatterton

Fame Is The Scentless Sunflower With Gaudy Crown Of Gold, But Friendship Is The Breathing Rose, With Sweets In Every Fold.

~~~~~ O.W. Holmes

Be Ought Not To Pretend To Friendship’s Name. Who Reckons Not Himself And Friend The Same.

~~~~~ Samuel Tuke

Friends Are Like Melons. Shall I Tell You Why? To Fine One Good, You Must A Hundred Try.

~~~~~ Claude Mermet

Friendship Quotes and Sayings

From Quiet Homes And First Beginning Out To The Undiscovered Ends, There Nothing Worth The Wear Of Winning But Laughter And Love Of Friends.

~~~~~ Hilaire Belloc

The Thread Of Our Life Would Be Dark. Heavens Knows! It It Were Not With Friendship And Loved Interwind.

~~~~~ Thomas Moore.

Of All The Heavenly Gifts That Mortal Men Commend, What Trusty Treasure In The World Can Countervail A Friend ?

~~~~~ Nicholas Grimald

Acquaintance I Would Have, But When’t Depends. Not On The Number, But The Choice Of Friends.

~~~~~ Abraham Cowley

Short Friendship Quotes For Best Friends

Be A Friend To Thyself, And Others Will Be So Too.

~~~~~ Thomas Fuller

T’Is Something To Be Willing To Commend; But My Best Praise Is, That I Am Your Friend.

~~~~~ Thomas Southerne

Short Friendship Quotes For Best Friends

I Count Myself In Nothing Else So Happy. As In A Soul Remembering My Good Friends.

~~~~~ William Shakespeare

Elysium Is As Far As To The Very Nearest Room A Friend Await, Felicity Or Doom.

~~~~~ Emily Dickinson

From Quiet Homes And First Beginning, Out To The Undiscovered Ends, There’s Nothing Worth The Wear Of Winning, But Laughter And Love Of Friends.

~~~~~ Hilaire Belloc

A Generous Friendship No Cold Medium Knows, Burns With One Love, With One Presentment Glows; One Should Our Interests And Passions Be; My Friend Must Hate The Man That Injures Me.

~~~~~ Unknown

He That Is Thy Friend Indeed, He Will Help Thee In Thy Need, If Thou Sorrow, He Will Weep, If Thou Wake, He Cannot Sleep, Thus Of Every Grief In Heart, He With Thee Doth Bear A Part, These Are Certain Signs To Show, Faithful Friend From Faltering Foe.

~~~~~ Richard Barnfield


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A Friend In The Market Is Better Than Money In The Chest.

~~~~~ Thomas Fuller

A Good Men Is The Best Friend And Therefore Soonest To Be Chosen, Longer To Be Retained; And Indeed, Never To Be Be Parted With.

~~~~~ Jeremy Taylor

Dear Is My Friend – Yet From My Foe, Ad From My Friend, Comes Good, My Friend Shows What I Can Do. And My Foe, What I Should.

~~~~~ Schiller

Short Friendship Quotes For Best Friends

Faithful Are The Wounds Of A Friends; But The Kisses Of An Enemy Are Deceitful.

~~~~~ Old Testament.

Do Good To Thy Friend To Keep Him, To Thy Enemy To Gain Him.

~~~~~ Benjamin Franklin

Convey They Love To Thy Friend, As An Arrow To The Mark, To Stick There, Not As A Ball Against The Wall, To Rebound Back To Thee.

~~~~~ Francis Quarles

But Every Road Is Rough To Me That Has No Friend To Cheer It.

~~~~~ Elizabeth Shane.

Short Friendship Quotes For Best Friends

Large Was His Bounty, And His Soul Sincere, Heaven Did A Recompense As Largely Send: He Gave To “Misery” All He Had, A Tear, He Gained From Heaven A Friend.

~~~~~Thomas Gray.