105 Best Whatsapp Status For Life In English

105 Best Whatsapp Status For Life - Whatsapp Status Quotes

Whatsapp Status on Life and Love

Admiration– Admiration Is A Very Short-Lived Passion That Immediately Decays Upon Growing Familiar With Its Object.

~~~~~ Joseph Addison

Advice– Advice Is Like Snow; The Softer It Falls The Longer It Dwells Upon, And Deeper It Sinks Into The Mind.

~~~~~ S.T. Coleridge

Anger– Anger Is Warmth Which Lights Itself.

~~~~~ An African Saying

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Anxiety– Anxiety Is The Rust Of Life Destroying The Brightness And Weakening Its Power. A Childlike And Abiding Trust In Providence Is Its Best Preventive And Remedy. (Best Whatsapp Status For Life)

~~~~~ Tryon Edwards

Apology– Apology In Only Egotism Wrong Side Out- Nine Times Of Ten The First Thing A Man’s Companion Knows Of His Short Comings, Is Form His Apology.

~~~~~ O.W. Holmes

Applause– Applause Is The Spur Of Noble Minds, The End And Aim For Weak Ones.

~~~~~ Charles Caleb Colton

Feeling Happy Status in English

Atheism– Atheism Is Rather In The Life Than In The Heart Of Man.

~~~~~ Francis Bacon

Beauty– Beauty Is Worse Than Wine; It Intoxicates Both The Holder And Beholder.

~~~~~ Zimmerman

Avarice– Avarice, In Old Age, Is Foolish; For What Can Be More Absurd Than To Increase Our Provisions For The Road Nearer We Approach To Our Journey’s End? (Best Whatsapp Status For Life)

~~~~~ M.T. Cicero

31+ Inspirational Status About Life For Whatsapp

Blush– A Blush Is The Color Of Virtue.

~~~~~ Diogenes.

Boldness– Boldness Is Ever Blind, For It Sees Not Dangers And Inconveniences; Whence It Is Bad In Council Though Good In Execution.

~~~~~ Francis Bacon

Broadmindedness– Broadmindedness Is The Result Of Flattering Highmindedness Out.

~~~~~ George Saintsbury

Whatsapp Status About Me

Whatsapp Status About Me

Celebrity– A Celebrity Is A Person Who Work Hard All His Life To Become Well Known, Then Wears Dark Glasses To Avoid Being Recognized.

~~~~~ Fred Allen

Charm– Charm Is That Extra Quality That Defies Description.

~~~~~ Alfred Lunt

Conscience– Conscience Is A Great Ledger Book In Which All Our Offences Are Written And Registered, And Which Time Reveals To The Sense And Feeling Of The Offender. (Best Whatsapp Status For Life)

~~~~~ Henry Burton

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Courtesy– Courtesy Is Like Grace And Beauty In The Body, Which Charm At First Sight, And Lead On To Further Intimacy And Friendship.


Common Sense– Common Sense Is In Spite Of, Not The Result Of Education.

~~~~~ Victor Hugo

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Cowardice– Cowardice Is Not Synonymous With Prudence- It Often Happens That The Better Part Of Discretion Is Valour.

~~~~~ W. Hazlitt

Criticism– Criticism Is Often A Trade As A Science; Requiring More Health Than Wit, More Labour Than Capacity, More Practice Than Genius. (Best Whatsapp Status For Life)

~~~~~ J. De La Bruyere

Death– Death Is Only A Beautiful Adventure.

~~~~~ Charles Frohman

Decency– Decency Is The Least Of All Laws, But Yet It Is The Law Which Is Most Strictly Observed.

~~~~~ W. Rochefoucauld

Best Whatsapp Status For Life

Best Whatsapp Status For Life

Defeat– What Is Defeat? Nothing But Education, Nothing But The First Step To Something Better.

~~~~~ W. Phillips

Despair– Despair Is The Conclusion Of Fools.

~~~~~ Benjamin Disraeli

Devil– The Devil Is No Idle Spirit, But A Vagrant, Runagate Walker, That Never Rests In One Place- The Motive, Cause And Main Intention Of His Walking Is To Ruin Man. (Best Whatsapp Status For Life)

~~~~~ T. Adams

Dialogue– Dialogue Is Just Lyrics That Don’t Rhyme.

~~~~~ Nat “King” Cole

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Diplomacy– Diplomacy Is To Do And Say The Nastiest Things In The Nicest Way.

~~~~~ Isaac Goldberg

Discretion– Discretion Is The Perfection Of Reason And A Guide To Us In All The Duties Of Life- It Is Only Found In Men Of Sound Sense And Good Understanding.

~~~~~ Jean Dela Beuyer

Whatsapp Status for Happy Moments

Disgrace– Disgrace Is Not In The Punishment, But In The Crime.

~~~~~ Alfieri

Doubt– Doubt Is The Beginning, Not The End Of Wisdom.

~~~~~ George Hess

Duty– Duty Is The Power That Rises With Us In The Morning, And Goes To Rest With Us At Night. It Is Co-Existence With The Action Of Our Intelligence. It Is The Shadow That Cleaves To Us, Go Where We Will.

~~~~~ Gladstone

Earnestness– Earnestness Is The Devotion Of All The Faculties- It Is The Cause Of Patience; Gives Endurance; Overcomes Pain; Strengthens Weakness; Brave Dangers; Sustains Hope; Makes Light Of Difficulties, And Lessens The Sense On Weariness In Overcoming Them. (Best Whatsapp Status For Life)

~~~~~ Christian N. Bovee

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Egotism– Egotism Is The Identifying Of That Power That Sees With The Power Of Seeing.

~~~~~ Patanjali

Elegance– Elegance Is Something More Than Ease More Than A Freedom From Awkwardness And Restraint. It Implies A Decision, A Polish, And A Sparkling Which Is Spirited, Yet Delicate.

~~~~~ William Hazlitt

Whatsapp Status for Happy Mood

Envy-Envy Is Akin To Admiration, And It Is The Admiration That The Rich And Powerful Excite Which Secures The Perpetuation Of Aristocracies.

~~~~~ Henry George

Error– There Are Error Which No Wise Man Will Treat With Rudeness While There Is A Probability That They May Be The Refraction Of Some Great Truth Still Below The Horizon.

~~~~~ S.T. Coleridge

Example– Example Is The School Of Mankind, They Will Learn At No Other. (Best Whatsapp Status For Life)

~~~~~ Edmund Burke

Experience– Experience Is The Comb, Which Nature Gives To Men When They Are Bald.

~~~~~ Lord Snell

Faith– Faith Is A Bird, That Can See The Light When It Is Dawn And Starts Singing In The Dark.

~~~~~ Rabindranath Tagore

Whatsapp Status Quotes For Success

Whatsapp Status Quotes For Success

Failure– Failure Is Often God’s Own Tool For Carving Some Of The Finest Outlines In The Character Of His Children; And Even In His Life, Bitter And Crushing Failures Have Often In Them The Germs Of New And Quite Unimagined Happiness.

~~~~~ T. Hodgkin

Fame– Fame Is The Perfume Of Heroic Deeds.


Freedom– Freedom Is One Of The Most Precious Gifts That The Heavens Have Bestowed In Men, With It Treasures Locked In The Earth And Hidden In The Depths Of The Sea Are Not Compared. (Best Whatsapp Status For Life)

~~~~~ Don Quixote

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Friendship– Friendship Is Constant In All Other Things, Save In The Office And Affairs Of Love.

~~~~~ William Shakespeare

Genius– Genius Is One Present Inspiration And Ninety Percent Perspiration.

~~~~~ Alexander Graham Bell

Gossip– Gossip Is Always A Personal Confession Either Of Malice Or Imbecility.

~~~~~ J.G. Holland

Whatsapp Status About Me

Glamour– Glamour Is What Makes A Man Ask For Your Telephone Number. But It Also Is What Makes A Woman Ask For The Name Of Your Dress Maker.

~~~~~ Lilly Dache

Gambling– Gambling Is A Kind Of Tacit Confession That Those Engaged Therein Do, In General Exceed The Bounds Of Their Respective Fortunes; And Therefore They Cast Lots Do Determine On Whom The Ruin Shall At Present Fall, That The Rest May Be Saved A Little Longer.

~~~~~ Blackstone

Happiness– Happiness Is Not Having What You Want, But Wanting What You Have.

~~~~~Dr. H.J. Sahachtel

Health– Health Is Not A Condition Of Matter, But Of Mind; Nor Can The Material Senses Bear Reliable Testimony On The Subject Of Health. (Best Whatsapp Status For Life)

~~~~~ Mary Baker Eddy

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Home– Home Is The Resort Of Love, Of Joy, Of Peace, And Plenty, Where Supporting And Supported, Polished Friends And Dearest Relative Mingle Into Bliss.

~~~~~ Thomson

Honour– Honour Is Most Capricious In Her Rewards- She Feeds Us With Air, And Often Pulls Down Our House To Build Our Monument.

~~~~~ Charles Caleb Colton

Whatsapp Status for Happy Family

Whatsapp Status for Happy Family

Hope– Hope Is The Dream Of A Man Who Is Wide Awake.

~~~~~ Unknown

Humour– Humour Is An Affirmation Of Dignity, A Declaration Of Man’s Superiority To All That Befalls Him.

~~~~~ Romain Gary

Hypocrisy– Hypocrisy Is The Homage Which Vice Pays To Virtue.

~~~~~ La Rochefoucauld

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Justice– Justice Is The Machine That, When Someone Has Given It A Starting Push, Rolls On It Itself.

~~~~~ Galsworthy

Knowledge– Knowledge Is Like A Deep Well, Fed By Perennial Springs, And Your Mind Is The Little Bucket That You Drop Into It; You Will Get As Much As You Can Assimilate. (Best Whatsapp Status For Life)

~~~~~ Lala Har Dayal

Language– Language Is The Armoury Of The Human Mind And It Contains The Trophies Of Its Past And The Weapons Of Its Future Conquests.

~~~~~ S.T. Coleridge

Positive Status for Whatsapp

Life– Life Is A Synthesis Of The Opposites.

~~~~~ The Vedas

Logic– Logic: An Instrument Used For Bolstering A Prejudice.

~~~~~ E. Hebbard

Love– Love Is Like Measles: You Can Get It Only Once And The Later In Life It Occurs The Tougher It Gets.

~~~~~ Josh Billings

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Man– Man Is A Rope Connecting Animal And Superman- A Rope Over A Precipice. What Is Great In Man Is That He Is A Bridge And Not A Goal. (Best Whatsapp Status For Life)

~~~~~ F. Nietzsche

Mind– The Mind Is Like The Stomach. It Is Not How Much You Put Into In That Counts, But How Much It Digests.

~~~~~ Swami Vivekananda

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Oblivion– Oblivion Is A Second Death, Which Great Minds Dread More Than The First.

~~~~~ De Boufflers

Obstinacy– Obstinacy Is The Result Of The Will Forcing Itself Into The Place Of The Intellect.

~~~~~ Arthur Schopenhauer

Panic– A Panic Is The Stampede Of Our Self Possession.

~~~~~ Rivarol

Patience– Patience Is The Support Of Weakness, Impatience Is The Ruin Of Strength.

~~~~~ Charles Caleb Colton

Peace– Peace Is Not Merely A Negative Ideal, It Is The Condition Of All Positive Aims.

~~~~~ G. Lowes Dickinson

Patriotism– Patriotism Is In Political Life What Faith Is In Religion, And It Stands To The Domestic Feelings And To Home- Sickness As Faith To Fanaticism And To Superstition.

~~~~~ Lord Acton

Positive Status About Life and Love

Positive Status About Life and Love

Persecution– Persecution Is Not Wrong Because It Is Cruel, But Cruel Because It Is Wrong.

~~~~~ Whately

Piety– Piety Is A Silver Chain Uniting Heaven And Earth, Temporal And Spiritual, God And Man Together.


Platitude– A Platitude Is A Truth We Are Tried Of Hearing. (Best Whatsapp Status For Life)

~~~~~ Godfrey Nicholson

Poetry– Poetry Is The Spontaneous Overflow Of Powerful Feelings: It Takes Origin From Emotion Recollected In Tranquility.

~~~~~ William Wordsworth

50 Short Inspirational Quotes About Life

Politeness– Politeness Is Like An Air Cushion; There May Be Nothing In It, But It Eases Our Jolts Wonderfully.

~~~~~Samuel Johnson

Popularity– Popularity Is A Crime From The Moment It Is Sought. It Is Only A Virtue Where Men Have It Whether They Will Or No.

~~~~~ George Savile

Best Whatsapp Status For Life In English

Positiveness – Positiveness Is A Most Aburd Foible. If You Are In The Right, It Lessons Your Triumph; If In The Wrong; It Adds Shame To Your Defeat.

~~~~~ Laurence Sterne

Poverty – Poverty Is Not Dishonourable In Itself, But Only When It Comes From Idleness, Intemperance, Exteavagance And Folly.

~~~~~ Plutarch

Praise– Praise Is A Debt We Owe To The Virtues Of Others, And Is Due To Our Own From All Whom Malice Has Not Made Mutes, Or Envy Struck Dumb. (Best Whatsapp Status For Life)

~~~~~ Sir Thomas Browne

Prejudice– A Prejudice Is A Vagrant Opinion Without Visible Means Of Support.

~~~~~ Ambrose Bierce

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Rashness– Rashness Is The Characteristic Of Ardent Youth, And Prudence That Of Mellowed Age.

~~~~~ M.T. Cicero

Punctuality– “Punctuality”, Said Louis XIV,”Is The Politeness Of King”. It Is Also The Duty Of Gentleman, And The Necessity Of Men Of Business.

~~~~~ Samuel Smiles

Whatsapp Status Ideas and Updates

Whatsapp Status Ideas and Updates

Sarcasm– Sarcasm Is The Language Of The Devil, For Which Reason I Have Long Since As Good As Renounced It.

~~~~~Thomas Carlyle

Reflection– Reflection Is A Flower Of The Mind Giving Out Wholesome Fragrance; But Revery Is The Same Flower, When Rank And Running To Seed. (Best Whatsapp Status For Life)

~~~~~ Tupper

Silence– Silence Is The Safest Course For Any Man To Adopt Who Distrusts Himself.

~~~~~ La Rochefoucauld

Sensitiveness– Sensitiveness Is Closely Allied To Egotism Indeed Excessive Sensitiveness Is Another Name For Morbid Self Consciousness- The Cure Of It Is To Make More Of Our Objects, And Less Of Ourselves- Christian.

~~~~~ Nestill Bovee

Solitude– Solitude Is As Needful To Imagination, As Society Is Wholesome For The Character.

~~~~~ J.R. Lowell

Sorrow– Sorrow Are Our Best Educators. A Man Can See Further Through A Tear Than A Telescope.

~~~~~ Byron

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Success– Success Is That Old ABC- Ability, Breaks And Courage.

~~~~~ Charles Luckman

Suspicion– Suspicion Is No Less An Enemy To Virtue Than To Happiness. He That Is Already Corrupt Is Naturally Suspicious And He That Becomes Suspicious Will Quickly Be Corrupt.

~~~~~ Samuel Johnson

Talent– Talent Is The Capacity Of Doing Anything That Depends On Application And Industry; It Is A Voluntary Power While Genius Is Involuntary.

~~~~~ W. Hazlitt

Time– Time Is A Dressmaker. Specializing In Alterations.

~~~~~ Faith Baldwin

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Wisdom– Wisdom Is Only Found In Truth.

~~~~~ Best Whatsapp Status For Life

Tradition– Tradition Is An Important Help To History, But Its Statement Should Be Carefully Scrutinized Before We Rely On Them.

~~~~~ Joseph Addison