150+ Christmas Wishes for Friends and Family

10+ [Fresh] Christmas Wishes for Friends and Family

Christmas Wishes Messages Collection

May Your World Be Filled With Warmth And Good,
Cheer This Holy Season, And Throughout The Year,
Wish Your Christmas Be Filled With,
Peace And Love. Merry X-Mas.

Lets Welcome The Year Which Is Fresh And New,
Lets Cherish Each Moment It Beholds,
Lets Celebrate This Blissful New Year.
Christmas Wishes

35+ Merry Christmas and New Year Greetings

May Your Christmas Time Be Bright,
From The Moment It Starts,
With Many Wonderful Things,
That Brings Joy To Your Heart,
And May Each Day, Throughout The Year,
Bring Even More Gladness And Cheer.

May The Joy And Peace Of Christmas Be With You,
All Through The Year. Wishing You A Season Of,
Blessings From Heaven Above. Happy Christmas.

Christmas Wishes Quotes

Wish U All A Merry Christmas,
May The Joys Of The Season,
Fill Your Heart With Goodwill And Cheer,
May The Chimes Of Christmas Glory,
Add Up More Shine And Spread,
Smiles Across The Miles,
Today And In The New Year.

Your Friendship Is A Glowing Ember Through,
The Yr N Each December Frm Its Warm N Living,
Spark We Kindle Flame Against Da Dark N With Its,
Shining Radiance Light Our Tree Of Faith On Christmas Night

35+ Top Inspirational Christmas Messages and Wishes

Simple Joys, Little Pleasures,
Laughter And Smiles In Big Measures,
Friends, Family, Togetherness, Love,
The Choicest Blessing From Above,
Peace, Properity And Happiness Too,
All These And More Are My Wishes For You.
Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas To The One I Love,
Even On This Day Of Love For All,
Remembering The Love Of One Whose Call,
Redeemed All Those Whose Hearts His Love Might Move.

Christmas Wishes in English

It Was Always Said Of Him,
That He Knew How To Keep Christmas Well,
If Any Man Alive Possessed The Knowledge,
May That Be Truly Said Of Us,
And All Of Us! And So,
As Tiny Tim Observed,
God Bless Us, Every

20+ Collection of Bible Quotes About Faith and Life

Don’t Expect Too Much Of Christmas Day,
You Can’t Crowd Into It Any Arrears Of,
Unselfishness And Kindliness That May Have,
Accrued During The Past Twelve Months.


May The Good Times And Treasures Of The,
Present Become The Golden Memories Of,
Tomorrow. Wish You Lots Of Love, Joy And,
Happiness. Merry Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I Am Dreaming Of White Christmas,
With Every Christmas Card I Write,
May Your Days Be Merry And Bright,
And May All Your Christmas Be White.

Happy Christmas Wishes.

may the magic of christmas gladden,
your heart with the joys of the season.
may the spirit of christmas bless you.
with greater strength.
may the promise of christmas bring
you and yours endless blessings.

35+ Merry Christmas and New Year Greetings

wake-up, it’s anoda season of christmas,
let’s celebrate d birth of christ
and god shall bless yous both, just 2 say a huge
merry xmas 2 my love

Christmas and New Year Greetings

as christmas sparkles,
i think of you, stars in their eyes.
for in this time of celebration and joy,
knowing that my best gift is you.
with my best wishes.

may d miracle of christmas fill your
witd warmth and love.
christmas is d time of giving &sharing.
it is d time of loving & forgiving.
merry christmas to everyone

i wish you the most wonderful christmas.
that this day is rich in sweetness and
it brings you love and peace. merry christmas.

Merry Christmas Wishes and Messages

jesus came to give yous salvation hope,
peace&joy we pray u won’t miss any of
these god’s divine provisions ds christmas.
let’s share d joy of d season. shallom.

merry christmas
and may this new year bring you joy and laughter.
to be happy is the greatest wish in life.

Love Status Messages for Whatsapp

why do i need christmas presents when i already have you?
merry christmas to the most beautiful angel on earth.
i love you.

Christmas Sayings and Phrases

Christmas Sayings and Phrases

joy, tenderness, good friends, spoiled children,
delights on the table and stars in their eyes,
that’s all we wish you for the holidays. merry

joy will locate you,
progress is your portion,
success is your name,
your life will be transformed,
and joy younlimited this season and beyond.
merry christmas.

i look forward to christmas every year.
it is a time to reach out to those
we have missed through the year.
may this message find you in good
health and spirits.

Funny Christmas Messages for Friends

i pray that this christmas will not just be to u a holiday,
but god’s abundant goodness, favour and grace,
merry christmas and a prosperous new year

christmas is a great time to express
our love and your wishes for happiness.
this end of the holiday season
brings you warmth and comfort.

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god rejoices in your life.
he believes in you
watches over you
and tenderly kips you in his constant care.
you are valued and loved
merry christmas

Inspirational Christmas Messages

may the spirit of the season bring
you closer to those whom you cherish so much.
may this be a year of celebrations for everyone,
merry christmas to all

why do i need christmas gifts when i already have you?
merry christmas to the most beautiful angel on earth.
i love you. merry christmas and happy new year.

christmas is coming, with festivities and gifts.
we wish you the best for a christmas
full of nice surprises and small pleasures.

Merry Christmas from My Family to Yours

the echoes of joy are in the air.
celebration time is here again,
‘unto us a child is born’.
as you celebrate his birth,
i wish you the warmest of his love
and deepest of his peace.
may his grace be your climbing ladder.

good cheer, great hope and the best that
the christmas season has to offer for you
and your family as you celebrate this time of togetherness.
merry christmas wishes

Happy Life Status About Life Lessons

wish to say merry christmas to my one and only wife.
as you celebrate the first christmas as a wife,
may god make you enjoy your home for ever.
merry christmas wishes

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

the year is ending soon, and this is an
opportunity for us to wish you a very good christmas,
the celebration and joy. do not abuse the good
things too.

never knew you were so special
until god told me that he sent his son jesus just for you.
wishin you and your family happy christmas

christmas is happiness, surprises,
but it is especially the moment to think
of those who are dear to us.
know that this holiday season, i send
you all my best wishes. merry christmas.

Religious Christmas Card Messages

i wish you nd your family more of jesus in the new year
as for christmas, i pray for profound
grace to celebrate with the celebrant!
god bless you – merry christmas n happy new year.

this season is so much more than holiday
parties and giving gifts. may your christmas
be filled with the true miracles and meaning of this
beautiful time.

100+ Whatsapp Motivational Status

christmas gift ideas
to ur enemy, forgiveness.
to an opponent, tolerance.
to a friend,your heart.
to a customer, service.
to all, charity.
to every child,a good example.
and to yourself, respect…
wishing u a merry christmas….

Merry Christmas Wishes and Messages

dear friends, the whole family join me
in wishing you happy holidays of christmas.
these days bring a truce to all joy and serenity.

i guess you should know why this message is coming in now?
‘you’re so so special to me’ why?
i saw your photo on every page of god’s album
and even saw your name tattooed on his body.
it was then i realised why you’re called favour.
merry christmas wishes

i wish you a blessed holiday season.
may this christmas bring you comfort,
joy, peace and happiness to last throughout the coming year!

Merry Christmas to a Special Friend

may dis christmas bring you al your lost benefits n potentials,
may you soar on wings like an eagle,
and may d lord prosper you n every member.

one of the most beautiful moment of joy at the
end holidays is to say thank you and to wish the
best to the people we meet and we love. i wish a
merry christmas and happy new year for you.

New Year Wishes for Friends and Family

join yous gladly in wining and dinning,
singing and dancing, smiling and laughing.
oh, praise god!!! salvation is now feasible.
christ has been born. merry christmas.

Religious Christmas Card Sayings

christmas is a time for cherishing those who
bring so many blessings to our lives.
may your heart feel that love this christmas
and throughout the new year ahead.

may this season bring 2u, his grace,joy,
limitless favour, youncommon mercy,
so immense and many more heart desires
merry christmas and a prosperous new year

on the road to happiness,
i am sending you a train whistling. destination.
to your family and loved ones.
best wishes i wish you a merry
christmas full of gifts

Funny Christmas Card Messages

look dawn of christmas is appearing
it is coming with new hopes
new wishes
new determinations
new joys.
so enjoy it at full extent.
merry christmas dear

i wish the magic of christmas brings you
all the confidence and determination to face
all the challenges you will have to face next year.
merry christmas and happy new year.

Happy New Year Greetings Message

it is easy to get lost in the flurry of activity
during the holiday season.
may you get time to take in the beauty
and true meaning of the season
and have a merry christmas!

Happy Merry Christmas Wishes Text

i wish you a merry christmas.
the magic of christmas brings joy
and happiness to all family so you must celebrate
with your family to feel this joy.

no greetin card to give…
no sweet flowers to send…
no cute graphics to forward…
jst a loving heart sayin merry christmas!
hav a luvly day…

christmas is a time for nostalgia,
but it is also a time for making new memories.
enjoy the fellowship of new friends,
and cherish the company of
family in this season of loving and sharing.
merry christmas wishes

Inspirational Christmas Messages for Friends

gud news frm heaven
d angels brings glad tidings 2 d earth
they sing 2 yous this day a child is given
2 crown yous with d joy of heaven.
may this season b d best ever 4 you and your loved ones.
merry christmas and happy new year.

for this little text message.
i wish you a wonderful christmas.
that christmas night is sweet and beautiful.
that christmas is a beautiful time to
share with family. happy new year celebrations.

Cool New Year Status Message

christmas season reminds yous of god’s mercy,
favour,goodwill and peace to mankind.
wishing you and your family
all the blessing of christ’s birth this
season and a secured fruitful and
prosperous new year ahead.

Christmas Wishes for Family

it’s christmas. smile, dream, give, share, and make wishes.
the time has come to believe in the magic of the holidays.
i wish a merry christmas to one and all.

santa claus is on his way,
it’s going to be a bright and a happy day,
so pass on the happiness to every person you meet,
brighten youp their day and touch their lives beneath.
merry christmas and a prosperous new year

on the occasion of christmas,
the time has come to hunt the sorrows,
worries and pain and to make room for love,
joy and kindness. i wish you
a wonderful christmas and new year
and hope that all your wishes come true.
merry christmas wishes

Christmas Wishes for Friends

may the good times and treasures of the
present become the golden memories of tomorrow.
wish you lots of love, joy and happiness on christmas.

christmas is the perfect season to reach out
to others when laughter and good tidings are in the air.
here’s hoping that your christmas will find
you among family and friends, sharing the spirit of the season.

45+ Happy New Year SmS Messages

joy resounds in the hearts of those who
believe in the miracle of christmas!
wishing you all the peace, joy,
and love of the season! season’s greetings!

Happy Merry Christmas Wishes

i wanted you to know that i’m really lucky to
have you as a friend. benefits well from this
christmas with your relatives. i wish a merry christmas
to you and your whole family.

through this message, i want to wish you all that
is best for you and your family. joy and happiness
and this christmas time is magical for you
and your family. merry christmas.

may your world be filled with warmth and
good chear this holy season, and throughout the year.
wish your christmas be filled with peace and love.
merry x-mas. Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes and New Year Greetings

one of the greatest joys of christmas is having
your whole family by your side to celebrate it with you.
i wish you and your entire family a merry
christmas and a very happy new year.

tis blessed to bestow, and yet.
could we bestow the gifts we get.
and keep the ones we give away.
how happy were our christmas day!

Happy New Year Wishes for Friends

the holidays offer us a unique chance to get
closer to the people with whom we share values,
loyalties and friendships. we wish you and your
family to live those sweet moments.

Christmas Wishes Messages Collection

for this christmas, i wish you much happiness.
there has flaked in the air,
as much love as a there spark in the fire of a fireplace,
is good news that their needles on the tree,
and so lucky that there are gifts in santa’s hood.
happy new year celebrations.

if one night a big fat man
jumps in at your window grabs you
and puts you in a sack don’t worry
i told santa i wanted you for christmas
merry xmas Christmas Wishes

as christmas and the new year approaches,
i want to take time to tell you how blessed i feel to
have you as a friend. here’s to wishing you a
very merry christmas and amazing new year.

Happy Merry Christmas Wishes Text

a peaceful christmas and
a happy and prosperous
new year to you. may we all
be seven times better off at this time next year !

happiness is in the little things,
inner peace is in the soul,
i wish you only the birth of the child jesus fill
your heart with light and brings you joy.
happy new year and Christmas Wishes

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes

faith makes all things possible,
hope makes all things work,
love makes all things beautiful,
may you have all the three for this christmas.
merry christmas

Religious Christmas Wishes Messages

i wish that christmas night fill your heart
with happiness and brings joy and love for you.
you are part of me, merry christmas my love.

it’s christmas and
i just wanted to say
“thank you” and that….
it’s been a pleasure
working with you this past year…
hope you and your family have
wonderful holiday and…
a happy new year ! Christmas Wishes

at the dawn of this new year our team
would like to wish you happiness,
success and achieve your goals. merry christmas.

Short Christmas Wishes for Girlfriend

each christmas finds me longing
for christmases now past
and i am back in childhood
as long as memories last.

christmas time is always so hectic.
that’s why i’m so glad i have a friend like
you to help me out during the holidays.

Friendship Thoughts in Hindi

may the miracle of christmas fill
your heart with warmth and love.
christmas is the time of giving and sharing.
it is the time of loving and forgiving.
merry christmas to everyone!

New Year Wishes and Quotes

Merry Christmas Wishes and Quotes

merry christmas to your family and friends.
we wish you a pleasant new year holidays.
happy holidays and every day of the new year come to
be one of a wonderful poem. happy new year.

an old indian women slips on ice and falls..
she cries.. “hai meri kismat”..
an englishman walks past and says..
“hi merry christmas to u too.

the christmas season is a special time for family vacations.
i wish you a great holiday with your family
filled with joy and good humor happy christmas to you.

Christmas Wishes Sayings and Messages

i want to wish you and your family all the
happiness and joy of christmas.
i hope we can get together this holiday
season and spend quality time together.

all best wishes for a happy christmas and
an exciting new year to you my love i am
ready for anything because you are everything to me.
merry christmas.

Best Friend Shayari in Hindi Language

i’m sending you warm bear hugs,
loving kisses and earnest wishes for the
wonderful occasion of christmas.
may you have a splendid
christmas filled with lights, songs and cheer.
merry christmas and a happy new year to you.

Funny Christmas Card Sayings

may this christmas be full of surprises and love,
our heart soon explodes in a cloud of stars
that will light our love, merry christmas this is the
beginning of the year. Christmas Wishes

in this holiday season, we all have a mission in mind.
to wish a merry christmas to all.
i wish that this holiday period your wishes are fulfilled.

i wish santa brings you the gift of never
ending happiness this christmas!
may you and your family be blessed abundantly.
merry christmas and a prosperous new year!

Happy Christmas Wishes Celebration

i wish that this christmas party is filled with my love for you,
let your heart be filled with joy.
new surprises that will dazzle you with no end.
merry christmas and happy new year.

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wish a happy christmas.
may the spirit of christmas bring to you,
love, pleasure and clarity and gives you hope,
merry christmas.