15 [Latest] Citizenship Quotes and Sayings

15 [Latest] Citizenship Quotes and Sayings for Students

Citizenship Quotes Collection

Our Citizenship In The United States Is Our National Character,
Our Citizenship In Any Particular State Is Only Our Local Distinction,
By The Latter We Are Known At Home, By The Former To The World,
Our Great Title Is Americans Our Inferior One Varies With The Place.

To Keep The Heart Unwrinkled, To Be Hopeful, Kindly,
Cheerful, Reverent – That Is To Triumph Over Old Age.

Thomas Bailey Aldrich

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We The People Of The United States,
In Order To Form A More Perfect Union,
Establish Justice, Insure Domestic Tranquility,
Provide For The Common Defence, Promote The General Welfare,
And Secure The Blessings Of Liberty To Ourselves And Our Posterity,
Do Ordain And Establish This Constitution For The United States Of America.

Every Time I Think That I’m Getting Old,
And Gradually Going To The Grave, Something Else Happens.

Lillian Carter

Citizen Empowerment Quotes

Without Free, Self-Respecting, And Autonomous Citizens,
There Can Be No Free And Independent Nations.
Without Internal Peace, That Is, Peace Among Citizens And,
Between The Citizens And The State,
There Can Be No Guarantee Of External Peace.

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As Long As I Live,
I Will Never Forget That Day 21 Years Ago,
When I Raised My Hand And Took The Oath Of Citizenship,
Do You Know How Proud I Was?
I Was So Proud That I Walked Around With,
An American Flag Around My Shoulders All Day Long.

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Children Have Never Been Very Good At Listening To Their Elders,
But They Have Never Failed To Imitate Them.

James A. Baldwin

Our Society Must Make It Right And Possible,
For Old People Not To Fear The Young Or Be Deserted By Them,
For The Test Of A Civilization Is The Way,
That It Cares For Its Helpless Members.

Pearl S. Buck

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America Soars Strong And Proud,
Celebrating With You Our Great Nation,
God Bless America,
On Constitution Day And Always.

A Strict Observance Of The Written Laws Is Doubtless,
One Of The High Virtues Of A Good Citizen,
But It Is Not The Highest. The Laws Of Necessity,
Of Self-Preservation, Of Saving Our Country When In Danger,
Are Of Higher Obligation.

 Citizenship Quotes and Sayings

To Know How To Grow Old Is The Master Work Of Wisdom,
And One Of The Most Difficult Chapters In The Great Art Of Living.

Henri Frederic Amiel

As I Approve Of A Youth That Has Something,
Of The Old Man In Him,
So I Am No Less Pleased With An Old Man,
That Has Something Of The Youth,
He That Follows This Rule May Be Old In Body,
But Can Never Be So In Mind.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

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If You Will Help Run Our Government In The American Way,
Then There Will Never Be Danger Of Our,
Government Running America In The Wrong Way.

We Grow Neither Better Or Worse As We Get Old,
But More Like Ourselves.

May L. Becker

No, I Don’t Know That Atheists Should Be,
Considered As Citizens, Nor Should They,
Be Considered As Patriots.
This Is One Nation Under God.