100+ Inspirational Quotes by Famous People

100+ Inspirational Quotes by Famous People - Success Quotes

Inspirational Quotes About Success

Every Great Man, Every Successful Man, No Matter What The Field Of Endeavor, Has Known The Magic That Lies In These Words: Every Adversity Has The Seed Of An Equivalent Or Greater Benefit.

~~~~~ W. Clement Stone

Consider The Postage Stamp. It Secures Success Through Its Ability To Stick To One Thing Until It Gets There.

~~~~~ Josh Billings

Our Power Is In Our Ability To Decide.

~~~~~ Buckminster Fuller

The More Tranquil A Man Becomes, The Greater Is His Success, His Influence, His Power For Good. Calmness Of Mind Is One Of The Beautiful Jewels Of Wisdom.

~~~~~ James Allen

In Life, As In A Football Game, The Principle To Follow Is: Hit The Line Hard.

~~~~~ Theodore Roosevelt

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Every Evening, Write Down The Six Most Important Things That You Must Do The Next Day. Then While You Sleep Your Subconscious Will Work On The Best Ways For You To Accomplish Them. Your Next Day Will Go Much More Smoothly.

~~~~~ Tom Hopkins

Develop Success From Failures. Discouragement And Failure Are Two Of The Surest Stepping Stones To Success.

~~~~~ Dale Carnegie

Success Is Going From Failure To Failure Without Loss Of Enthusiasm.

~~~~~ Winston Churchill

Hold A Picture Of Yourself Long And Steadily Enough In Your Mind’s Eye, And You Will Be Drawn Toward It. If You Do Not Conquer Self, You Will Be Conquered By Self. The Ladder Of Success Is Never Crowded At The Top.

~~~~~ Napoleon Hill

It Is In Your Moments Of Decision That Your Destiny Is Shaped.

~~~~~ Anthony Robbins

When I Was Young I Observed That Nine Out Of Ten Things I Did Were Failures, So I Did Ten Times More Work.

~~~~~ Bernard Shaw

Losers Visualize The Penalties Of Failure. Winners Visualize The Rewards Of Success.

~~~~~ Rob Gilbert

Look At A Day When You Are Supremely Satisfied At The End. It’s Not A Day When You Lounge Around Doing Nothing. It’s When You’ve Had Everything To Do And You’ve Done It.

~~~~~ Margaret Thatcher

Success Is Like A Ladder And No One Has Ever Climbed A Ladder With Their Hands In Their Pockets.

~~~~~ Zig Ziglar

To Move The World We Must First Move Ourselves.

~~~~~ Socrates

Inspirational Quotes for Work

You’ve Got To Win In Your Mind Before You Win In Your Life.

~~~~~ John Addison

Enter Every Activity Without Giving Mental Recognition To The Possibility Of Defeat. Concentrate On Your Strengths, Instead Of Your Weaknesses … On Your Powers, Instead Of Your Problems.

~~~~~ Paul J. Meyer

Success Is The Sum Of Small Efforts Repeated Day In And Day Out.

~~~~~ Robert Collier

No Man Is Ever Whipped Until He Quits – In His Own Mind.

~~~~~ Napoleon Hill

If You Go To Work On Your Goals, Your Goals Will Go To Work On You. If You Go To Work On Your Plan, Your Plan Will Go To Work On You. Whatever Good Things We Build End Up Building Us.

~~~~~ Jim Rohn

If One Advances Confidently In The Direction Of His Dreams, And Endeavors To Live The Life Which He Has Imagined, He Will Meet With A Success Unexpected In Common Hours.

~~~~~ Henry David Thoreau

As Long As You Are Going To Be Thinking Anyway, Think Big.

~~~~~ Donald Trump

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The Path To Success Is To Take Massive, Determined Action.

~~~~~ Anthony Robbins

Thoughts And Ideas Are The Source Of All Wealth, Success, Material Gain, All Great Discoveries, Inventions And Achievement.

~~~~~ Mark Victor Hansen

Many Hands And Hearts And Minds Generally Contribute To Anyone’s Notable Achievements.

~~~~~ Walt Disney

Do Not Despise The Bottom Rungs In The Ascent To Greatness.

~~~~~ Publilius Syrus

You Have To Accept Whatever Comes And The Only Important Thing Is That You Meet It With The Best You Have To Give.

~~~~~ Eleanor Roosevelt

We Must Never Be Afraid To Go Too Far, For Success Lies Just Beyond.

~~~~~ Marcel Proust

Successful Leaders Recognize That Great Innovation Comes From Observing The Same Ideas As Everyone Else And Seeing Something Different.

~~~~~ Reed Markham

Winning Isn’t Everything. It’s The Only Thing.

~~~~~ Vincent Lombardi

The Successful Man Will Profit From His Mistakes And Try Again In A Different Way.

~~~~~ Dale Carnegie

Whatever You Do, You Need Courage. Whatever Course You Decide Upon, There Is Always Someone To Tell You That You Are Wrong. There Are Always Difficulties Arising That Tempt You To Believe Your Critics Are Right. To Map Out A Course Of Action And Follow It To An End Requires Some Of The Same Courage That A Soldier Needs. Peace Has Its Victories, But It Takes Brave Men And Women To Win Them.

~~~~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Inspirational Quotes in English

Action Is The Foundational Key To All Success.

~~~~~ Anthony Robbins

Optimists Are Right. So Are Pessimists. It’s Up To You To Choose Which You Will Be.

~~~~~ Harvey Mackay

Peak Performance In Life Isn’t About Succeeding All The Time Or Even Being Happy All The Time. It’s Often About Compensating, Adjusting, And Doing The Best You Can With What You Have Right Now.

~~~~~ Ken Ravizza

Great Things Are Not Done By Impulse, But By A Series Of Small Things Brought Together.

~~~~~ Vincent Van Gogh

Yesterday I Dared To Struggle. Today I Dare To Win.

~~~~~ Bernadette Devlin

If You Envy Successful People, You Create A Negative Force Field Of Attraction That Repels You From Ever Doing The Things That You Need To Do To Be Successful. If You Admire Successful People, You Create A Positive Force Field Of Attraction That Draws You Toward Becoming More And More Like The Kinds Of People That You Want To Be Like.

~~~~~ Brian Tracy

The Real Secret To Success Is Enthusiasm.

~~~~~ Walter Chrysler

Recipe For Success: Study While Others Are Sleeping; Work While Others Are Loafing; Prepare While Others Are Playing; And Dream While Others Are Wishing.

~~~~~ William A. Ward

Behind Every Successful Man There’s A Lot Of Unsuccessful Years.

~~~~~ Bob Brown

Be Who You Are And Say What You Feel, Because Those Who Mind Don’t Matter And Those Who Matter Don’t Mind.

~~~~~ Dr. Suess

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Success Equals Goals… All Else Is Commentary.

~~~~~ Brian Tracy

A Good Criterion For Measuring Success In Life Is The Number Of People You Have Made Happy.

~~~~~ Robert J. Lumsden

Each Problem Has Hidden In It An Opportunity So Powerful That It Literally Dwarfs The Problem. The Greatest Success Stories Were Created By People Who Recognized A Problem And Turned It Into An Opportunity.

~~~~~ Joseph Sugarman

Fortunate Is The Person Who Has Developed The Self-Control To Steer A Straight Course Towards His Objective In Life, Without Being Swayed From His Purpose By Either Commendation Or Condemnation.

~~~~~ Napoleon Hill

You Cannot Control What Happens To You, But You Can Control Your Attitude Toward What Happens To You, And In That, You Will Be Mastering Change Rather Than Allowing It To Master You.

~~~~~ Brian Tracy

Your Success And Happiness Lie In You.

~~~~~ Helen Keller

The Man Who Will Use His Skill And Constructive Imagination To See How Much He Can Give For A Dollar, Instead Of How Little He Can Give For A Dollar, Is Bound To Succeed.

~~~~~ Henry Ford

When You Miss A Shot, Never Think Of What You Did Wrong. Take The Next Shot Thinking Of What You Must Do Right.

~~~~~ Tony Alfonso

Success Is To Be Measured Not So Much By The Position That One Has Reached In Life As By The Obstacles Which He Has Overcome While Trying To Succeed.

~~~~~ Booker T. Washington

Our Business In Life Is Not To Get Ahead Of Others, But To Get Ahead Of Ourselves.

~~~~~ Zig Ziglar

Inspirational Quotes About Life

Always Bear In Mind That Our Own Resolution To Succeed Is More Important Than Any Other One Thing.

~~~~~ Abraham Lincoln

Believe It Can Be Done. When You Believe Something Can Be Done, Really Believe, Your Mind Will Find The Ways To Do It. Believing There Is A Solution Paves The Way To A Solution.

~~~~~ Dr. David Schwartz

All Successful Men And Women Are Big Dreamers. They Imagine What Their Future Could Be, Ideal In Every Respect, And Then They Work Every Day Toward Their Distant Vision, That Goal Or Purpose.

~~~~~ Brian Tracy

Winners Are The Ones Who Really Listen To The Truth Of Their Hearts.

~~~~~ Sylvester Stallone

Why Not Go Out On A Limb? Isn’t That Where The Fruit Is?

~~~~~ Frank Scully

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Never Be Afraid To Tread The Path Alone. Know Which Is Your Path And Follow Is Wherever It May Lead You; Do Not Feel You Have To Follow In Someone Else’s Footsteps.

~~~~~ Eileen Caddy

The Reward Of A Thing Well Done Is To Have Done It.

~~~~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sometimes Our Best Is Simply Not Enough. We Have To Do What Is Required.

~~~~~ Sir Winston Churchill

Success Is 20% Skills And 80% Strategy. You Might Know How To Read, But More Importantly, What’s Your Plan To Read?

~~~~~ Jim Rohn

The Secret Of Business Is To Know Something That Nobody Else Knows.

~~~~~ Aristotle Onansis

Inspirational Quotes by Famous People

If You Can Imagine It, You Can Create It. If You Can Dream It, You Can Become It.

~~~~~ William Arthur Ward

Never Turn Down A Job Because You Think It’s Too Small, You Don’t Know Where It Can Lead.

~~~~~ Julia Morgan

I Studied The Lives Of Great Men And Women, And I Found That The Men And Women Who Got To The Top Were Those Who Did The Jobs They Had In Hand, With Everything They Had Of Energy And Enthusiasm And Hard Work.

~~~~~ Harry S. Truman

Those At The Top Of The Mountain Didn’t Fall There.

~~~~~ Marcus Washling

Success Is The Child Of Audacity.

~~~~~ Benjamin Disraeli

Deliver More Than You Are Getting Paid To Do. The Victory Of Success Will Be Half Won When You Learn The Secret Of Putting Out More Than Is Expected In All That You Do. Make Yourself So Valuable In Your Work That Eventually You Will Become Indispensable. Exercise Your Privilege To Go The Extra Mile, And Enjoy All The Rewards You Receive.

~~~~~ Og Mandino

You Can Do It If You Believe You Can.

~~~~~ Napoleon Hill

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Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination.

~~~~~ Ben Sweetland

Success Is Not Measured By What A Man Accomplishes, But By The Opposition He Has Encountered And The Courage With Which He Has Maintained The Struggle Against Overwhelming Odds.

~~~~~ Charles Lindbergh

Unless You Try To Do Something Beyond What You Have Already Mastered, You Will Never Grow.

~~~~~ Ronald E. Osborn

Don’t Dream It. Be It!.

~~~~~ Richard O’brian

I Learned That The Only Way You Are Going To Get Anywhere In Life Is To Work Hard At It. Whether You’re A Musician, A Writer, An Athlete Or A Businessman, There Is No Getting Around It. If You Do, You’ll Win – If You Don’t You Won’t.

~~~~~ Bruce Jenner

A Native American Grandfather Was Talking To His Grandson About How He Felt. He Said, ‘I Feel As If I Have Two Wolves Fighting In My Heart. One Wolf Is The Vengeful, Violent One, The Other Wolf Is The Loving Compassionate One.’ The Grandson Asked Him, ‘Which Wolf Will Win The Fight In Your Heart?’ The Grandfather Answered, ‘The One I Feed.’

~~~~~ Blackhawk

Teamwork Is The Long Word For Success.

~~~~~ Jacquelinemae A. Rudd

If You Don’t Go After What You Want, You’ll Never Have It. If You Don’t Ask, The Answer Is Always No. If You Don’t Step Forward, You’re Always In The Same Place.

~~~~~ Nora Roberts

Success Is Simply A Matter Of Luck. Ask Any Failure.

~~~~~ Earl Wilson

Inspirational Quotes on Success

You Say I Started Out With Practically Nothing, But That Isn’t Correct. We All Start With All There Is. It’s How We Use It That Makes Things Possible.

~~~~~ Henry Ford

The Biggest Temptation Is To Settle For Too Little.

~~~~~ Thomas Merton

Those Who Dream By Day Are Cognizant Of Many Things Which Escape Those Who Dream Only By Night.

~~~~~ Edgar Allen Poe

I Will Speak Ill Of No One And Speak All The Good I Know Of Everybody.

~~~~~ Andrew Jackson

Not Many People Are Willing To Give Failure A Second Opportunity. They Fail Once And It Is All Over. The Bitter Pill Of Failure Is Often More Than Most People Can Handle. If You Are Willing To Accept Failure And Learn From It, If You Are Willing To Consider Failure As A Blessing In Disguise And Bounce Back, You Have Got The Essential Of Harnessing One Of The Most Powerful Success Forces.

~~~~~ Joseph Sugarman

To Guarantee Success, Act As If It Were Impossible To Fail.

~~~~~ Dorothea Brande

The Dictionary Is The Only Place Where Success Comes Before Work.

~~~~~ Arthur Brisbane

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Nothing Is So Contagious As Enthusiasm. It Moves Stones, It Charms Brutes. Enthusiasm Is The Genius Of Sincerity, And Truth Accomplishes No Victories Without It.

~~~~~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Try To Forget Yourself In The Service Of Others. For When We Think Too Much Of Ourselves And Our Own Interests, We Easily Become Despondent. But When We Work For Others, Our Efforts Return To Bless Us.

~~~~~ Sidney Powell

No Matter How Small, Acknowledge The Achievement.

~~~~~ Greg Henry Quinn

The Critical Ingredient Is Getting Off Your Butt And Doing Something. It’s As Simple As That. A Lot Of People Have Ideas, But There Are Few Who Decide To Do Something About Them Now. Not Tomorrow. Not Next Week. But Today. The True Entrepreneur Is A Doer.

~~~~~ Nolan Bushnell

One Man With Courage Is A Majority.

~~~~~ Andrew Jackson

Whatever Your Grade Or Position, If You Know How And When To Speak, And When To Remain Silent, Your Chances Of Real Success Are Proportionately Increased.

~~~~~ Ralph C. Smedley

One Only Gets To The Top Rung On The Ladder By Steadily Climbing Up One At A Time, And Suddenly, All Sorts Of Powers, All Sorts Of Abilities Which You Thought Never Belonged To You – Suddenly Become Within Your Own Possibility And You Think, ‘Well, I’ll Have A Go, Too.

~~~~~ Margaret Thatcher

You May Be Disappointed If You Fail, But You Are Doomed If You Don’t Try.

~~~~~ Beverly Sills

Be Humble Always And Identify With The Common Man; Even When Success And Achievements Want To Make You Proud.

~~~~~ Bishop Leonard Umunna

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Success Is Living Up To Your Potential. That’s All. Wake Up With A Smile And Go After Life … Live It, Enjoy It, Taste It, Smell It, Feel It.

~~~~~ Joe Knapp

We Are Continually Faced By Great Opportunities Brilliantly Disguised As Insoluble Problems.

~~~~~ Lee Iococca

Singleness Of Purpose Is One Of The Chief Essentials For Success In Life, No Matter What May Be One’s Aim.”

~~~~~ John D. Rockefeller

A Man Is But Of Product Of His Thought, What He Thinks He Becomes.

~~~~~ Mahatma Gandhi

A Problem Is A Chance For You To Do Your Best.

~~~~~ Duke Ellington

For It Matters Not How Small The Beginning May Seem To Be. What Is Once Well Done, Is Well Done Forever.

~~~~~ Henry David Thoreau

Our Doubts Are Traitors And Make Us Lose The Good That We Oft May Win By Fearing To Attempt.

~~~~~ William Shakespeare

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Any Idea That Is Held In The Mind That Is Either Feared Or Revered Will, Begin At Once To Clothe Itself In The Most Convenient And Appropriate Physical Forms Available.

~~~~~ Andrew Carnegie

People Rarely Succeed Unless They Have Fun In What They Are Doing.

~~~~~ Dale Carnegie

I Don’t Know The Key To Success, But The Key To Failure Is Trying To Please Everybody.

~~~~~ Bill Cosby