85+ Interesting Facts You Should Know About Human Body

Interesting Facts You Should Know About Human Body

Interesting Sex Fact

# The Sperm Count Of An Average American Male Compared To Thirty Years Ago Is Down Thirty Percent.

# An Adult Esophagus Can Range From 10 To 14 Inches In Length And Is One Inch In Diameter.

# Kissing Can Aid In Reducing Tooth Decay. This Is Because The Extra Saliva Helps In Keeping The Mouth Clean.

# During The Female Orgasm, Endorphins Are Released, Which Are Powerful Painkillers. So Headaches Are In Fact A Bad Excuse Not To Have Sex.

# There Are Approximately 100 Million Acts Of Sexual Intercourse Each Day.

# During World War II, Condoms Were Used To Cover Rifle Barrels From Being Damaged By Salt Water As The Soldiers Swam To Shore.

# A Kiss For One Minute Can Burn 26.

# According To Psychologists, The Shoe And The Foot Are The Most Common Sources Of Sexual Fetishism In Western Society.

# Men Sweat More Than Women. This Is Because Women Can Better Regulate The Amount Of Water They Lose.

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# The Average Amount Of Time Spent Kissing For A Person In A Lifetime Is 20,160 Minutes.

# The Average Adult Has Approximately Six Pounds Of Skin.

# Infants Spend More Time Dreaming Than Adults Do.

# The Condom Made Originally Of Linen Was Invented In The Early 1500’S. Casanova, The Womanizer, Used Linen Condoms.

# Sex Burns About 70-120 Calories For A 130 Pound Woman, And 77 To 155 Calories For A 170 Pound Man Every Hour.

# Impotence Is Grounds For Divorce In 26 U.S States

# There Are Approximately 45 Billion Fat Cells In An Average Adult.

Facts About Human Brains

# A Women From Berlin Germany Has Had 3,110 Gallstones Taken Out Of Her Gall Bladder.

# In America, The Most Common Mental Illness Is Anxiety Disorders.

# Your Brain Is 80% Water.

# Your Brain Is Move Active And Thinks More At Night Than During The Day.

# Women Are Twice As Likely To Be Diagnosed With Depression Than Men In The United States.

# The Human Brain Has About 100,000,000,000 (100 Billion) Neutrons.

# From All The Oxygen That A Human Breathes, Twenty Percent Goes To The Brain.

# People Who Ride On Roller Coasters Have A Higher Chance Of Having A Blood Clot In The Brain.

# Once A Human Reaches The Age Of 35, He/She Will Start Losing Approximately 7,000 Brain Cells A Day. The Cells Will Never Be Replaced.

# It Is Not Possible To Tickle Yourself. The Cerebellum, A Part Of The Brain, Warns The Rest Of The Brain That You Are About To Tickle Yourself. Since Your Brain Knows This, It Ignores The Resulting Sensation.

Interesting Blood Fact

# The Average Life Span Of A Single Red Blood Cell Is 120 Days.

# Blood Accounts For About 8% Of A Human’s Body Weight.

# A Woman Has Approximately 4.5 Liters Of Blood In Her Body, While Men Have 5.6 Liters.

# Your Blood Takes A Very Long Trip Through Your Body. If You Could Stretch Out Of All Human’s Body Vessels, They Would Be About 60,000 Miles Long. That’s Enough To Go Around The World Twice.

# Two Million Nod Blood Cells Die Every Second.

# Seven Percent Of A Human Body Weight Is Made Up Of Blood.

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# In The Early Nineteenth Century Some Advertisements Claimed That Riding The Carousel Was Good For The Circulation Of Blood.

# Each Day 400 Gallons Of Recycled Blood Are Pumped Through The Kidneys.

# By Donating Just One Pint Of Blood, Four Lives Can Be Saved.

# Blood Is Such A Good Stain That Native Americans Used It For Paint.

# Half Your Body’s Red Blood Cells Are Replaced Every Seven Days.

# If All The Blood Vessels In Your Body Were Laid End To End, They Would Reach About 60,000 Miles.

# The Kidneys Filter Over 400 Gallons Of Blood Each Day.

Human Influenced Fact

# Energy Saved From One Recycled Aluminum Can Will Operate A TV Set For 3 Hours, And Is The Equivalent To Half A Can Of Gasoline.

# Glass Produced From Recycled Glass Instead Of Raw Materials Reduces Related Air Pollution By 20%, And Water Pollution By 50%.

# Americans Use 50 Million Tons Of Paper Annually – Consuming More Than 850 Million Trees.

# By Turning Down Your Central Heating Thermostat One Degree, Fuel Consumption Is Cut By As Much As 10%.

# Homeowners Use Up To 10 Times More Toxic Chemicals Per Acre Than Farmers.

# Insulating Your Attic Reduces The Amount Of Energy Loss In Most Houses By Up To 20%.

# If Just 25% Of U.S. Families Used 10 Fewer Plastic Bags A Month, We Would Save Over 2.5 Billion Bags A Year.

# On The Average, The 140 Million Cars In America Are Estimated To Travel Almost 4 Billion Miles In A Day, And According To The Department Of Transportation, They Use Over 200 Million Gallons Of Gasoline Doing It.

# Every Year We Throw Away 24 Million Tons Of Leaves And Grass. Leaves Alone Account For 75% Of Our Solid Waste In The Fall.

# Over 100 Pesticide Ingredients Are Suspected To Cause Birth Defects, Cancer, And Gene Mutations.

# Every Ton Of Recycled Office Paper Saves 380 Gallons Of Oil.

# About 1% Of U.S. Landfill Space Is Full Of Disposable Diapers, Which Take 500 Years To Decompose.

# Enough Glass Was Thrown Away In 1990 To Fill The Twin Towers (1,350 Feet High) Of New York’s World Trade Center Every Two Weeks.

# One Ton Of Carbon Dioxide That Is Released In The Air Can Be Prevented By Replacing Every 75 Watt Light Bulbs With Energy Efficient Bulbs.

Interesting Facts You Should Know About Human Body

# Many Banks Lent Large Sums Of Money To Developing Nations. In Order To Pay Those Debts Plus Interest Many Nations Have Turned To The Mining Of Their Natural Resources As A Source Of Financial Aid.

# The World’s Per Capita Grain Production Has Been On The Downfall Since 1985 Despite The Use Of Fertilizers And Pesticides.

# Already A Train System Has Been Developed (Back In 1987) Which Is Based On Magnetic Levitation And Causes Minimal Pollution. These Versions Of A Train Are Already In Use In Several Countries.

# Fibre Optics, Made Of Glass, Are Being Used To Replace Copper Cables Throughout The World.

# The Uncontrolled Fishing That Is Allowed Has Reduced The Amount Of Commercial Species. Some Species, Up To One-Tenth Of Their Original Population.

# Every Day 50 To 100 Species Of Plants And Animals Become Extinct As Their Habitat And Human Influences Destroy Them.

# Every Day 40,000 Children Die From Preventable Diseases.

# The Public Transportation That We Have Is A Wreck. The U.S. Continues To Promote And Invest In Private Car Travel Rather Than Public Transportation.

# The Human Population Of The World Is Expected To Be Nearly Tripled By The Year 2100.

# A Three Percent Annual Growth Rate Will Result In The Doubling Of Consumption And Production Of Food And Other Products In 25 Short Years. The Amount Of Motor Vehicles That Are Excepted To Be Operated Will Increase 15 Million A Year Until At Least 2010.

Facts About Body Systems

# The Human Body Is 75% Water.

# The Adult Human Body Requires About 88 Pounds Of Oxygen Daily.

# It Is Very Common For Babies In New Zealand To Sleep On Sheepskins. This Is To Help Them Gain Weight Faster, And Retain Their Body Heat.

# An Average Woman Has 17 Square Feet Of Skin. When A Women Is In Her Ninth Month Of Pregnancy She Has 18.5 Square Feet Of Skin.

# The Width Of Your Armspan Stretched Out Is The Length Of Your Whole Body.

# 41% Of Women Apply Body Or Hand Moisturizer A Minimum Three Times A Day.

# A Human’s Small Intestine Is 6 Meters Long.

# There Are As Many Hairs Per Square Inch On Your Body As A Chimpanzee. You Don’t See All Of Them Because Most Are Too Fine And Light To Be Noticed.

# Every Hour One Billion Cells In The Body Must Be Replaced.

# In One Day, A Human Sheds 10 Billion Skin Flakes. This Amount To Approximately Two Kilograms In A Year.

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# Every Square Inch Of The Human Body Has About 19,000,000 Skin Cells.

# Approximately 25% Of All Scald Burns To Children Are From Hot Tap Water And Is Associated With More Deaths Than With Any Other Liquid.

# Forty-One Percent Of Women Apply Body And Hand Moisturizer At Least Three Times A Day.

# Every Hour One Billion Cells In The Body Must Be Replaced.

# The World Record For The Number Of Body Piercing On One Individual Is 702, Which Is Held By Canadian Brent Moffat.

# The Small Intestine In The Human Body Is About 2 Inches Around, And 22 Feet Long.

# The Human Body Makes Anywhere From 1 To 3 Pints Of Saliva Every 24 Hours.

# The Human Body Has Approximately 37,000 Miles Of Capillaries.

# The Aorta, Which Is Largest Artery Located In The Body, Is About The Diameter Of A Garden Hose.

# Dead Cells In The Body Ultimately Go To The Kidneys For Excretion.

# By Walking An Extra 20 Minutes Every Day, An Average Person Will Burn Off Seven Pounds Of Body Fat In An Year.