James Dimon Biography


James S. Dimon Claims To Be White Knight In Vilified Industry. Modern-Day Count Of Monte Cristo. His Maxim Is: “Spoken Like Someone Pondering Next Move-Say, To Washington.”

James Dimon Biography

James Dimon Biography

Life Sketch In Brief

James L. “Jamie” Dimon Was Born On March 13, 1956. Dimon Is Married To Judith Kent. They Have Three Children: Julie, Laura, And Kara Leigh. Outside Of His Duties To JPMorgan Chase In New York, Jamie Also Owns A Home In The Chicago Area.

He Became The Current CEO And Chairman Of JP Morgan Chase & Co As Well As A Class A Director Of The Board Of Directors Of The New York Federal Reserve, A Three Year Term Which Started January 2007. He Was Named To Time Magazine’s 2006 And 2009 Lists Of The World’s 100 Most Influential People

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Successive Steps To Success

Through A Series Of Unprecedented Mergers And Acquisitions, In 1998 Dimon Along With Weill Was Able To Form The Largest Financial Services Conglomerate The World Had Ever Seen. It Was Citigroup.
Dimon Left Citigroup In November 1998. It Was Rumored That He And Well Got Into An Argument In 1997 Over The Perceived Lack Of Promotion Given By Dimon To Weill’s Daughter, Jessica M Bibliowicz.
In March 2000, Dimon Became CEO Of Bank One, Then The Nation’s Fifth Largest Bank. He Became President Of J.P. Morgan Chase In Mid-2004 When It Acquired Bank One.

In March 2008, He Was A Bored Member Of The New York Federal Reserve Bank And CEO Of J.P. Morgan.
During The 2008-2009 Presidential Transition Process, They Speculated That Dimon Would Serve In The Obama Administration As United States Secretary Of The Treasury. Obama Eventually Named President Of The Federal Reserve Bank Of New York Timothy Geithner Top The Position. Under Dimon’s Leadership With The Acquisitions On His Watch. JP MorganChase Became The Leading U.S. Bank In Domestic Assets Under Management, Market Capitalization Value, And Publicly Traded Stock Value.

Dimon’s Role At The New York Fed “Includes Approving The Bank’s Budget, Overseeing Operations, And Appointing The Bank’s Officers.

Federal TARP Funds

As JPMorgan Chase’s Chairman, President & CEO, Dimon Oversaw The Transfer Of $25 Billion From The US Treasury Department To JP Morgan Chase On October 28, 2008 Via The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

JPMorgan Chase Advertised In February 2009 That They Would Be Using Their Capital Base Monetary Strength To Acquire New Businesses, Primarily Due To The Funds Provided By TARP.

Relations With The Obama Administration

Dimon Is A Democrat And Worked In President Obama’s Town Of Chicago, And Other Obama Took Office And JPMorgan Chase Repaid Its Bailout Money More Quickly Than Most, He Became Influential In The White House. Dimon Was One Of The Three CEO’s Found By The Associated Press- To Have Had Liberal Access To United States Secretary Of The Treasury Timothy Geithnerin The Seven Months After The Financial Crisis In Fall 2008.