Kim Jong II Biography


Kim Jong II Addressed As “Dear Leader” Is Adept At Playing High-Stakes Nuclear Poker. He Maintains World’s Fourth-Largest Active Standing Army And Pursues Policy Of “Military First” In Allocating National Resources.

Kim Jong II Biography

Kim Jong II Biography

Life Sketch

Kim Was Born On 16 February 1942, In A Long Cabin On Korea’s Mount Paekdu. But Some Opine That He Was Born In 1941 In The Soviet Union, Where Kim II-Sung Was Living In Exile. Kim Jongil Is The Son Of, As Well As Successor To , Longtime North Korean Leader Kim II-Sung. He Is Known As “Dear Leader,” While His Father Was Called “Great Leader”.

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A Peep Into His Personal Life

A Political Specialist Dr. Jerold Post Has Quoted On CNN That Kim Stands 5’2″ Tall, Drinks Hennessey Cognac, And Owns A Collection Of 20,000 Movies Inclusive Of The Complete James Bond Series.

Since North Korea’s Government Is Secretive. Hence Little Do The People Know About Kim Jong-II. In His Boyhood, He Had A Reputation As A Spoiled Playboy Who Vainly Wore Platform Shoes To Appear Taller.

Retaining Gaining Power

After His Father’s Death In 1994, Kim Jong-II Managed To Retain Power Although He Did Assume His Father’s Titles In 1997, When He Was Named Secretary Of The Communist Party. By That Time, North Korea Had Become One Of The Most Isolated Countries In The World, With An Economy In A Shambles And Frequent Famines.

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Attempts To Acquire Nuclear Weapons

Kim Has Not Kept His Attempts To Acquire Nuclear Weapons For North Korea Secret, And In 2002 U.S. President George W. Bush Declared North Korea To Be Part Of An “Axis Of Evil” Along With Iran And Iraq.

His Position

Kim Jong-II Is The Supreme Leader Of The Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea (Also Known As North Korea. He Is The Chairman Of The National Defense Commission, Supreme Commander Of The Korean People’s Army, And General Secretary Of The Workers’ Party Of Korea The Ruling Party Since 1948.