101+ Never Give Up Quotes for Whatsapp

101+ Never Give Up Quotes for Whatsapp - Success Quotes

Never Give Up on Your Dream

Never Confuse A Single Defeat With A Final Defeat.

~~~~~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Part Of Your Mission In Life Then Must Be To Share Your Gifts With As Many People As Possible. That Means Being Willing To Play Big.

~~~~~ T. Harv Eker

The Whole Secret Of A Successful Life Is To Find Out What Is One’s Destiny To Do, And Then Do It.

~~~~~ Henry Ford

You Need To Make A Commitment, And Once You Make It, Then Life Will Give You Some Answers.

~~~~~ Les Brown

Opportunity Dances With Those Who Are Ready On The Dance Floor.

~~~~~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.

I Am Always Doing Things I Can’t Do, That’s How I Get To Do Them.

~~~~~ Pablo Picasso

When You Follow The Dream In You Heart, You’re Energised, Inspired, And Motivated.

~~~~~ Dr. John F. Demartini

No One Has Ever Made Himself Great By Showing How Small Someone Else Is.

~~~~~ Irvin Himmel

Education Is What You Get From Reading The Fine Print. Experience Is What You Get From Not Reading It.

~~~~~ Unknown

A Little More Persistence, A Little More Effort, And What Seemed Hopeless Failure May Turn To Glorious Success.

~~~~~ Elbert Hubbard

100+ Quotes of Encouragement for Students

When Confronted With Iron-Will Determination, I Can See Time, Fate, And Circumstance Calling A Hasty Conference And Deciding, We Might As Well Let Him Have His Dream. He’s Said He’s Going To Get There Or Die Trying.

~~~~~ Jim Rohn

Your Work Is To Discover Your Work And Then With All Your Heart To Give Yourself To It.

~~~~~ Buddha

You Will Have Many Opportunities In Life To Keep Your Mouth Shut: You Should Take Advantage Of Every One Of Them.

~~~~~ Thomas Edison

It Is W/ Narrow-Souled People As W/ Narrow-Necked Bottles; The Less They Have In Them The More Noise They Make In Pouring It Out.

~~~~~ Pope

You Gain Strength, Courage, And Confidence By Every Experience In Which You Really Stop To Look Fear In The Face.

~~~~~ Eleanor Roosevelt

The Fun Of Being Alive Is Realizing That You Have A Talent And You Can Use It Every Day, So It Grows Stronger.

~~~~~ Lou Centlivre

I Would Prefer A Thousand Times To Receive Reproofs Than To Give Them To Others.

~~~~~ St. Theresa Of Lisieux

Do Not Always Prove Yourself To Be The One In The Right. The Right Will Appear. You Need Only Give It A Chance.

~~~~~ Charles Fowler

Never Give Up on Love Quotes

The Greatest Mistake You Can Make In Life Is To Be Continually Fearing You Will Make One.

~~~~~ Elbert Hubbard

If You’re Not Making Mistakes, Then You’re Not Doing Anything. I’m Positive That A Doer Makes Mistakes.

~~~~~ John Wooden

What Other People Label Or Might Try To Call Failure, I Have Learned Is Just God’s Way Of Pointing You In A New Direction.

~~~~~ Hippocrates

We Judge Ourselves By What We Feel Capable Of Doing, While Others Judge Us By What We Have Already Done.

~~~~~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Many A One Has Succeeded Only Because He Has Failed After Repeated Efforts. If He Had Never Met Defeat, He Would Never Have Known Any Great Victory.

~~~~~ Orison Sweet Marden

The Attitude You Have As A Parent Is What Your Kids Will Learn From More Than What You Tell Them. They Don’t Remember What You Try To Teach Them. They Remember What You Are.

~~~~~ Jim Henson

When One Door Of Happiness Closes, Another Opens; But Often We Look So Long At The Closed Door That We Do Not See The One Which Has Been Opened For Us.

~~~~~ Helen Keller

Success Consists Of Getting Up Just One More Time Than You Fall.

~~~~~ Oliver Goldsmith

It Is Not Because Things Are Difficult That We Do Not Dare; It Is Because We Do Not Dare That They Are Difficult.

~~~~~ Seneca

110+ Inspirational Quotes About Friendship

Tomorrow Is A New Day; Begin It Well And Serenely And With Too High A Spirit To Be Encumbered With Your Old Nonsense.

~~~~~ Emerson

When I Chased After Money, I Never Had Enough. When I Got My Life On Purpose And Focused On Giving Of Myself And Everything That Arrived Into My Life, Then I Was Prosperous.

~~~~~ Wayne Dyer

Find Enough Clever Things To Say, And You’re A Prime Minister; Write Them Down And You’re A Shakespeare.

~~~~~ George Bernard Shaw

Integrity Is The Essence Of Everything Successful.

~~~~~ Buckminster Fuller

If A Man Is Called To Be A Street Sweeper, He Should Sweep Streets Even As A Michaelangelo Painted, Or Beethoven Composed Music Or Shakespeare Wrote Poetry. He Should Sweep Streets So Well That All The Hosts Of Heaven And Earth Will Pause To Say, ‘Here Lived A Great Street Sweeper Who Did His Job Well.

~~~~~ Martin Luther King Jr.

You Don’t Get Paid For The Hour. You Get Paid For The Value You Bring To The Hour.

~~~~~ Jim Rohn

We Don’t Stop Playing Because We Grow Old; We Grow Old Because We Stop Playing.

~~~~~ George Bernard Shaw

It Is Not A Lucky Word, This Name Impossible; No Good Comes Of Those Who Have It So Often In Their Mouths.

~~~~~ Thomas Carlyle

Keep On Sowing Your Seed, For You Never Know Which Will Grow Perhaps It All Will.

~~~~~ Albert Einstein

Mr. Meant-To Has A Friend, His Name Is Didn’t-Do. Have You Met Them? They Live Together In A House Called Never-Win. And I Am Told That It Is Haunted By The Ghost Of Might-Have-Been.

~~~~~ Marva Collins

Giving Up Quotes about Relationship

In Everyone’s Life, At Some Time, Our Inner Fire Goes Out. It Is Then Burst Into Flame By An Encounter With Another Human Being. We Should All Be Thankful For Those People Who Rekindle The Inner Spirit.

~~~~~ Albert Schweitzer

No Accurate Thinker Will Judge Another Person By That Which The Other Person’s Enemies Say About Him.

~~~~~ Napoleon Hill

We Are All Inventors, Each Sailing Out On A Voyage Of Discovery, Guided Each By A Private Chart, Of Which There Is No Duplicate. The World Is All Gates, All Opportunities.

~~~~~ Thornton Wilder

Your Time Is Limited, So Don’t Waste It Living Someone Else’s Life. Don’t Be Trapped By Dogma – Which Is Living With The Results Of Other People’s Thinking. Don’t Let The Noise Of Other’s Opinions Drown Out Your Own Inner Voice. And Most Important, Have The Courage To Follow Your Heart And Intuition. They Somehow Already Know What You Truly Want To Become. Everything Else Is Secondary.

~~~~~ Steve Jobs

Our Goals Can Only Be Reached Through A Vehicle Of A Plan, In Which We Must Fervently Believe, And Upon Which We Must Vigorously Act. There Is No Other Route To Success.

~~~~~ Stephen A. Brennan

The Habit Of Being Happy Enables One To Be Freed, Or Largely Freed, From The Domination Of Outwards Conditions.

~~~~~ Robert Louis Stevenson

When You Make A Habit Of Looking For The Good In Every Situation, You Develop A Positive Mental Attitude And Eventually You Become Unstoppable.

~~~~~ Brian Tracy

Anyone Can Give Up, It’s The Easiest Thing In The World To Do. But To Hold It Together When Everyone Else Would Understand If You Fell Apart, That’s True Strength.

~~~~~ Unknown

If You Believe In What You Are Doing, Then Let Nothing Hold You Up In Your Work. Much Of The Best Work Of The World Has Been Done Against Seeming Impossibilities. The Thing Is To Get The Work Done.

~~~~~ Dale Carnegie

All Big Things In This World Are Done By People Who Are Naive And Have An Idea That Is Obviously Impossible.

~~~~~ Charles Hamilton

55+ Top Inspirational Quotes for Work

How Many A Man Has Thrown Up His Hands At A Time When A Little More Effort, A Little More Patience Would Have Achieved Success?

~~~~~ E Hubbard

You Must Understand The Whole Of Life, Not Just One Little Part Of It. That Is Why You Must Read, That Is Why You Must Look At The Sky, That Is Why You Must Sing And Dance, And Write Poems, And Suffer, And Understand, For All That Is Life.

~~~~~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

The Positive Thinker Sees The Invisible, Feels The Intangible, And Achieves The Impossible.

~~~~~ Unknown

Everyone Is Trying To Accomplish Something Big, Not Realizing That Life Is Made Up Of Little Things.

~~~~~ Frank A. Clark

It Is Better To Remain Silent And Be Thought A Fool Than To Open One’s Mouth And Remove All Doubt.

~~~~~ Abraham Lincoln

Life Is Inherently Risky. There Is Only One Big Risk You Should Avoid At All Costs, And That Is The Risk Of Doing Nothing.

~~~~~ Denis Waitley

Sometimes Our Light Goes Out But Is Blown Into Flame By Another Human Being. Each Of Us Owes Deepest Thanks To Those Who Have Rekindled This Light.

~~~~~ Albert Schweitzer

Are You Bored With Life? Then Throw Yourself Into Some Work You Believe In With All Your Heart, Live For It, Die For It, And You Will Find Happiness That You Had Thought Could Never Be Yours.

~~~~~ Dale Carnegie

Never Give Up Quotes

To Obtain A Man’s Opinion Of You, Make Him Mad.

~~~~~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Some Of The Best Lessons We Ever Learn Are Learned From Past Mistakes. The Error Of The Past Is The Wisdom And Success Of The Future.

~~~~~ Dale Turner

Time Is More Value Than Money. You Can Get More Money, But You Cannot Get More Time.

~~~~~ Jim Rohn

You Come Into The World With Nothing, And The Purpose Of Your Life Is To Make Something Out Of Nothing.

~~~~~ Henry Mencken

We Will Receive Not What We Idly Wish For But What We Justly Earn. Our Rewards Will Always Be In Exact Proportion To Our Service.

~~~~~ Earl Nightingale

A Year From Now, You Will Wish You Had Started Today.

~~~~~ Karen Lamb

Experience Enables You To Recognize A Mistake When You Make It Again.

~~~~~ Franklin P. Jones

The Penalty Of Success Is To Be Bored By The Attentions Of People Who Formerly Snubbed You.

~~~~~ Malcolm. W. Little

You May Not Control All The Events That Happen To You, But You Can Decide Not To Be Reduced By Them.

~~~~~ Maya Angelou

Give A Man Health And A Course To Steer, And He’ll Never Stop To Trouble About Whether He’s Happy Or Not.

~~~~~ George Bernard Shaw

100+ Whatsapp Motivational Status

What You Lack In Talent Can Be Made Up With Desire, Hustle And Giving 110% All The Time.

~~~~~ Don Zimmer

I Asked God To Give Me Happiness. God Said, “No. I Give You Blessings. Happiness Is Up To You.

~~~~~ Unknown

It Is Not A Lack Of Love, But A Lack Of Friendship That Makes Unhappy Marriages.

~~~~~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle. To Keep Your Balance You Must Keep Moving.

~~~~~Albert Einstein

We Don’t Need More Strength Or More Ability Or Greater Opportunity. What We Need Is To Use What We Have.

~~~~~ Basil S. Walsh

We Are Built To Conquer Environment, Solve Problems, Achieve Goals, And We Find No Real Satisfaction Or Happiness In Life Without Obstacles To Conquer And Goals To Achieve.

~~~~~ Maxwell Maltz

Forget About The Consequences Of Failure. Failure Is Only A Temporary Change In Direction To Set You Straight For Your Next Success.

~~~~~ Denis Waitley

If You Could Get Up The Courage To Begin, You Have The Courage To Succeed.

~~~~~ David Viscott

Never Be Afraid To Take On A Really Tough Problem. When You Solve It, The Benefits Will Be That Much Greater.

~~~~~ Carl A. Gerstacker

A Happy Person Is Not A Person In A Certain Set Of Circumstances But Rather A Person With A Certain Set Of Attitudes.

~~~~~ Hugh Downs

Never Give Up Quotes in English

The Life Of Inner Peace, Being Harmonious And Without Stress, Is The Easiest Type Of Existence.

~~~~~ Norman Vincent Peale

Life Is A Mirror, If You Frown At It ; It Frowns Back; If You Smile, It Returns The Greeting.

~~~~~ W.M.Thackeray

Flatter Me, And I May Not Believe You. Criticize Me, And I May Not Like You. Ignore Me, And I May Not Forgive You. Encourage Me, And I May Not Forget You.

~~~~~ William Arthur

The Greatest Glory In Living Lies Not In Never Falling, But In Rising Every Time We Fall.

~~~~~ Nelson Mandela

Don’t Wait For Something Big To Occur. Start Where You Are, With What You Have, And That Will Always Lead You Into Something Greater.

~~~~~ Mary Manin Morrissey

As We Advance In Life It Becomes More And More Difficult, But In Fighting The Difficulties The Inmost Strength Of The Heart Is Developed.

~~~~~ Vincent Van Gogh

Do Just Once What Others Say You Can’t Do, And You Will Never Pay Attention To Their Limitations Again.

~~~~~ James R. Cook

In The End Only 3 Thing Matter: How Much You Loved, How Gently You Lived, And How Gracefully You Let Go Of Things Not Meant For You.

~~~~~ The Buddha

Being Busy Does Not Always Mean Real Work. The Object Of All Work Is Production Or Accomplishment And To Either Of These Ends There Must Be Forethought, System, Planning, Intelligence, And Honest Purpose, As Well As Perspiration. Seeming To Do Is Not Doing.

~~~~~ Thomas A. Edison

Great Beauty, Great Strength, And Great Riches Are Really And Truly Of No Great Use; A Right Heart Exceeds All.

~~~~~ Benjamin Franklin

55+ Top Inspirational Quotes for Work

Never Give Up On What You Really Want To Do. The Person With Big Dreams Is More Powerful Than The One With All The Facts.

~~~~~ Unknown

We Are What We Repeatedly Do. Excellence, Then, Is Not An Act, But A Habit.

~~~~~ Aristotle

There Is No Duty We So Much Underrate As The Duty Of Being Happy. By Being Happy We Sow Anonymous Benefits Upon The World.

~~~~~ Robert Louis Stevenson

How You Think About A Problem Is More Important Than The Problem Itself – So Always Think Positively

~~~~~ Norman Vincent Peale

The Only Place Where Your Dream Becomes Impossible Is In Your Own Thinking.

~~~~~ Robert H. Schuller

Our Greatest Glory Is Not In Never Falling, But In Rising Every Time We Fall.

~~~~~ Confucius

One Of The Greatest Gifts You Can Give To Anyone Is The Gift Of Attention.

~~~~~ Jim Rohn

The Only Thing That Overcomes Hard Luck Is Hard Work.

~~~~~ Harry Golden

The Human Race Has One Really Effective Weapon, And That Is Laughter.

~~~~~ Mark Twain

You Can Make More Friends In Two Months By Becoming Interested In Other People Than You Can In Two Years By Trying To Get Other People Interested In You.

~~~~~ Dale Carnegie

Never Give Up Quotes and Sayings

Far Better It Is To Dare Mighty Things, To Win Glorious Triumphs, Even Though Chequered By Failure, Than To Take Rank With Those Poor Spirits Who Neither Enjoy Much Nor Suffer Much, Because They Live In The Grey Twilight That Knows Not Victory Or Defeat.

~~~~~ Theodore Roosevelt

Success Seems To Be Largely A Matter Of Hanging On After Others Have Let Go.

~~~~~ William Feather

Forget Mistakes. Forget Failure. Forget Everything Except What You’re Going To Do Now And Do It. Today Is Your Lucky Day.

~~~~~ Will Durant

The Person Who Says It Cannot Be Done Should Not Interrupt The Person Doing It.

~~~~~ Chinese Proverb

Effort Only Fully Releases Its Reward After A Person Refuses To Quit.

~~~~~ Napoleon Hill

Better To Remain Silent And Be Thought A Fool Than To Speak Out And Remove All Doubt.

~~~~~ Abraham Lincoln

The Ladder Of Success Is Best Climbed By Stepping On The Rungs Of Opportunity.

~~~~~ Ayn Rand

Every Human Mind Is A Great Slumbering Power Until Awakened By A Keen Desire And By Definite Resolution To Do.

~~~~~ Edgar F. Roberts

Practice Does Not Make Perfect, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.

~~~~~ Vince Lombardi