130+ Quotes on Success for Students

130+ Quotes on Success for Students - Inspirational Quotes

Success Quotes for Students

At Least Three Times Every Day Take A Moment And Ask Yourself What Is Really Important. Have The Wisdom And The Courage To Build Your Life Around Your Answer.

~~~~~ Lee Jampolsky

It Is Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been.

~~~~~ George Eliot

A Wise Man Will Make More Opportunities Than He Finds.

~~~~~ Francis Bacon

Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do.

~~~~~ Robert Schuller

We May Encounter Many Defects, But We Must Not Be Defeated.

~~~~~ Maya Angelou

It Does Not Matter How Slowly You Go So Long As You Do Not Stop.

~~~~~ Confucius

Change Your Thoughts, And You Change Your World.

~~~~~ Norman Vincent Peale

A Winner Never Stops Trying.

~~~~~ Tom Landry

55+ Top Inspirational Quotes for Work

As Soon As You Truly Commit To Making Something Happen, The ‘How’ Will Reveal Itself.

~~~~~ Tony Robbins

Every Day Brings A Chance For You To Draw In A Breath, Kick Off Your Shoes, And Dance.

~~~~~ Oprah Winfrey

Life Is Like A Coin. You Can Spend It Any Way You Wish, But You Only Spend It Once.

~~~~~ Lillian Dickson

God Gives Us Dreams A Size Too Big So That We Can Grow In Them.

~~~~~ Unknown

Worry Never Robs Tomorrow Of Its Sorrow, It Only Saps Today Of Its Joy.

~~~~~ Leo F. Buscaglia

You Know, When It Works, Love Is Pretty Amazing. It’s Not Overrated. There’s A Reason For All Those Songs.

~~~~~ Sarah Dessen

Difficulties Increase The Nearer We Approach The Goal.

~~~~~ Goethe

What Would Life Be If We Had No Courage To Attempt Anything?

~~~~~ Vincent Van Gogh

Success Quotes in English

Our Patience Will Achieve More Than Our Force.

~~~~~ Edmund Burke

Things May Come To Those Who Wait, But Only The Things Left By Those Who Hustle.

~~~~~ Abraham Lincoln

The Secret Of Your Future Is Hidden In Your Daily Routine.

~~~~~ Mike Murdock

To Succeed Means That You May Have To Step Out Of Line And March To The Sound Of Your Own Drummer.

~~~~~ Keith Degreen

If A Man Has Talent And Cannot Use It, He Has Failed. If He Has Talent And Uses Only Half Of It, He Has Half Failed. If He Has A Talent And Learns Somehow To Use The Whole Of It, He Has Gloriously Succeeded, And Won A Satisfaction And A Triumph Few Men Ever Know.

~~~~~ Thomas Wolfe

Desire Is The Key To Motivation, But It’s Determination And Commitment To An Unrelenting Pursuit Of Your Goal, A Commitment To Excellence, That Will Enable You To Attain The Success You Seek.

~~~~~ Mario Andretti

Mom Was My Greatest Teacher, A Teacher Of Compassion, Love And Fearlessness. If Love Is Sweet As A Flower, Then My Mother Is That Sweet Flower Of Love~ Stevie Wonder.
Happy Mother’s Day

~~~~~ Unknown

How People Treat You Is Their Karma ; How You React Is Yours.

~~~~~ Wayne Dyer

The Art Of Being Wise Is Knowing What To Overlook.

~~~~~ William James

100+ Inspirational Quotes by Famous People

Be Like A Postage Stamp.Stick To One Thing Until You Get There.

~~~~~ Josh Billings

Never Let Go Of Hope. One Day You Will See That It All Has Finally Come Together. What You Have Always Wished For Has Finally Come To Be. You Will Look Back And Laugh At What Has Passed And You Will Ask Yourself. ‘How Did I Get Through All Of That?

~~~~~ Unknown

The Happiness Of Your Life Depends Upon The Quality Of Your Thoughts.

~~~~~ Marcus Aurelius

Whatever Course You Decide Upon, There Is Always Someone To Tell You That You Are Wrong. There Are Always Difficulties Arising Which Tempt You To Believe That Your Critics Are Right. To Map Out A Course Of Action And Follow It To An End Requires Courage.

~~~~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s Not Stress That Kill Us. It’s Our Reaction To It.

~~~~~ Hans Selye

Too Many Of Us Are Not Living Our Dreams Because We Are Living Our Fears.

~~~~~ Les Brown

What You Think Of Yourself Is Much More Important Than What Others Think Of You.

~~~~~ Seneca

You Can Preach A Better Sermon With Your Life Than With Your Lips.

~~~~~ Oliver Goldsmith

You Don’t Have To Be Great To Start, But You Have To Start To Be Great.

~~~~~ Zig Ziglar

Keep Your Fears To Yourself, But Share Your Courage With Others.

~~~~~~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Success Quotes for Women

Whenever You Make A Mistake Or Get Knocked Down By Life, Don’t Look Back At It Too Long. Mistakes Are Life’s Way Of Teaching You. Your Capacity For Occasional Blunders Is Inseparable From Your Capacity To Reach Your Goals. No One Wins Them All, And Your Failures, When They Happen, Are Just Part Of Your Growth. Shake Off Your Blunders. How Will You Know Your Limits Without An Occasional Failure? Never Quit. Your Turn Will Come.

~~~~~ Og Mandino

If You Don’t Risk Anything, Then You Risk Even More.

~~~~~ Erica Jong

Be A Good Listener. Your Ears Will Never Get You In Trouble.

~~~~~ Frank Tyger

Take Care Of Your Body. It’s The Only Place You Have To Live.

~~~~~ Jim Rohn

Creative Novelty Springs Largely From The Rearrangement Of The Existing Knowledge, A Rearrangement That Is Itself An Addition To Knowledge.

~~~~~ J. Kneller

Everybody’s Business Is Nobody’s Business, And Nobody’s Business Is My Business.

~~~~~ Clara Barton

I Just Want To Leave The World A Little Better Than I Found It, And That’s My Goal In Life.

~~~~~ Armand Hammer

Motivation Is What Gets You Started. Habit Is What Keeps You Going.

~~~~~ Jim Rohn

100+ Inspirational Quotes by Famous People

It Is Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been.

~~~~~ George Eliot

Don’t Be Discouraged. It’s Often The Last Key In The Bunch That Opens The Lock.

~~~~~ Unknown

I Can’t Change The Direction Of The Wind, But I Can Adjust My Sails To Always Reach My Destination.

~~~~~ Jimmy Dean

Don’t Make Excuses – Make Good.

~~~~~ Elbert Hubbard

Your Greatest Resource Is Your Time.

~~~~~ Brian Tracy

Those Who Improve With Age Embrace The Power Of Personal Growth And Personal Achievement And Begin To Replace Youth With Wisdom, Innocence With Understanding, And Lack Of Purpose With Self-Actualization.

~~~~~ Bo Bennett

Life Is A Petty Thing Unless It Is Moved By The Indomitable Urge To Extend Its Boundaries.

~~~~~ Jose Gasset

Once You Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones, You’ll Start Having Positive Results.

~~~~~ Willie Nelson

Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle. To Keep Your Balance, You Must Keep Moving.

~~~~~ Albert Einstein

More People Would Learn From Their Mistakes If They Weren’t So Busy Denying Them.

~~~~~ Harold J. Smith

Quotes on Success for Students

We Are Made To Persist. That’s How We Find Out Who We Are.

~~~~~ Tobias Wolf

Aim At Heaven, And You Will Get Earth Thrown In; Aim At Earth, And You Will Get Neither.

~~~~~ C. S. Lewis

Difficulties Are Meant To Rouse, Not Discourage. The Human Spirit Is To Grow Strong By Conflict.

~~~~~ William Ellery Channing

Never Give Away Your Work. People Don’t Value What They Don’t Have To Pay For.

~~~~~ Nancy Hale

People Never Improve Unless They Look To Some Standard Or Example Higher Or Better Than Themselves.

~~~~~ Tryon Edwards

Procrastination Is The Thief Of Time: Year After Year It Steals, Till All Are Fled, And To The Mercies Of A Moment Leaves The Vast Concerns Of An Eternal Scene.

~~~~~ Edward Young

By Prevailing Over All Obstacles And Distractions, One May Unfailingly Arrive At His Chosen Goal Or Destination.

~~~~~ Christopher Columbus

Be Vigilant; Guard Your Mind Against Negative Thoughts.

~~~~~ Budda

120+ Motivational Quotes About Teamwork

Blessed Is He Who Has Learned To Admire But Not Envy, To Follow But Not Imitate, To Praise But Not Flatter, And To Lead But Not Manipulate.

~~~~~ William Arthur Ward

Personality Can Open Doors, But Only Character Can Keep Them Open.

~~~~~ Elmer G. Letterman

Never Be Bullied Into Silence. Never Allow Yourself To Be Made A Victim. Accept No One’s Definition Of Your Life; Define Yourself

~~~~~ Harvey Fierstein

Our Strength Grows Out Of Our Weaknesses.

~~~~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Patience Has Its Limits . Take It Too Far And It’s Cowardice.

~~~~~ George Jackson

A Positive Attitude May Not Solve Every Problem But It Makes Solving Any Problem A More Pleasant Experience.

~~~~~ Grant Fairley

Life At Its Best Is A Series Of Challenges. A Big Enough Challenge Will Bring Out Strengths And Abilities You Never Knew You Had. Take On Challenges And You Will Bring Yourself To Life.

~~~~~ Ralph Marston Jr.

You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything.

~~~~~ David Allen

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Never Let The Odds Keep You From Doing What You Know In Your Heart You Were Meant To Do.

~~~~~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

You May Have To Fight A Battle More Than Once To Win It.

~~~~~Margaret Thatcher

A Good Head And A Good Heart Are Always A Formidable Combination.

~~~~~Nelson Mandela

Trust Your Instinct To The End, Though You Can Render No Reason.

~~~~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Self-Praise Is For Losers. Be A Winner. Stand For Something. Always Have Class, And Be Humble.

~~~~~ John Madden

The Greatest Pleasure In Life, Is Doing What People Say You Cannot Do.

~~~~~ Walter Bagehot

To Acquire Knowledge, One Must Study; But To Acquire Wisdom, One Must Observe.

~~~~~ Marilyn Vos Savant

Anyone Who Falls In Love Is Searching For The Missing Pieces Of Themselves.

~~~~~ Haruki Murakami

No Love, No Friendship Can Cross The Path Of Our Destiny Without Leaving Some Mark On It Forever.

~~~~~ Francois Mauriac

Success Quotes and Sayings

The Person Determined To Achieve Maximum Success Learns The Principle That Progress Is Made One Step At A Time. A House Is Built One Brick At A Time. Football Games Are Won A Play At A Time. A Department Store Grows Bigger One Customer At A Time. Every Big Accomplishment Is A Series Of Little Accomplishments.

~~~~~ David Joseph Schwartz

No Man Ever Achieved Worth-While Success Who Did Not, At One Time Or Other, Find Himself With At Least One Foot Hanging Well Over The Brink Of Failure.

~~~~~ Napoleon Hill

No One Ever Attains Very Eminent Success By Simply Doing What Is Required Of Him; It Is The Amount And Excellence Of What Is Over And Above The Required That Determines The Greatness Of Ultimate Distinction.

~~~~~ Charles Kendall Adams

If You Argue For Your Limitations, Sure Enough, They’re Yours.

~~~~~ Richard Bach

The Really Happy Person Is One Who Can Enjoy The Scenery When On A Detour.

~~~~~ Unknown

Courage Is Never To Let Your Actions Be Influenced By Your Fears.

~~~~~ Arthur Koestler

Never Talk Defeat, Use Words Like Hope, Belief, Faith And Victory.

~~~~~ Norman Vincent Peale

Ability Is What You’re Capable Of Doing. Motivation Determines What You Do. Attitude Determines How Well You Do It.

~~~~~ Lou Holtz

Once You Make A Decision, The Universe Conspires To Make It Happen.

~~~~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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I Am Not One Of Those Who Do Not Believe In Love At First Sight, But I Believe In Taking A Second Look.

~~~~~ Unknown

Before Preparing To Improve The World, First Look Around Your Own Home Three Times.

~~~~~ Proverb

Anyone Agree With This One? “Friendship Improves Happiness, And Abates Misery, By Doubling Our Joy, And Dividing Our Grief.

~~~~~ Addison

Confidence On The Outside Begins By Living With Integrity On The Inside.

~~~~~ Brian Tracy

To Live You Must Experiment; To Experiment You Must Have Confidence; To Have Confidence You Must Be Loved; To Be Loved You Must Love.

~~~~~ Unknown

If You Play It Safe In Life, You’ve Decided That You Don’t Want To Grow Anymore.

~~~~~ Shirley Hufstedler

It’s Not What Your Are, It’s What You Don’t Become That Hurts.

~~~~~ Oscar Levant

Read The Best Books First, Or You May Not Have A Chance To Read Them At All.

~~~~~ Thoreau

The First And The Best Victory Is To Conquer Self.

~~~~~ Plato

Motivating Quotes on Success

Where You Stumble And Fall There You Will Find Gold.

~~~~~ Joseph Campbell

God Sells Us All Things At The Price Of Labor.

~~~~~ Leonardo Da Vinci

We Must Never Be Afraid To Go Too Far, For Success Lies Just Beyond.

~~~~~ Marcel Proust

No Matter Where You’re From, Your Dreams Are Valid.

~~~~~ Lupita Nyong’o

Success Isn’t Magic Or Hocus-Pocus. Its Simply Learning How To Focus.

~~~~~ Jack Canfield

If We Wait For The Moment When Everything, Absolutely Everything Is Ready, We Shall Never Begin.

~~~~~ Ivan Turgenev

Dare And The World Always Yields; Or If It Beats You Sometimes, Dare It Again, And It Will Succumb.

~~~~~ William Thackeray

The Best & Most Beautiful Things In Life Cannot Be Seen, Not Touched, But Are Felt In The Heart.

~~~~~ Helen Keller

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Everyone Comes Into Your Life For A Reason; Some Good, Some Bad. They Shape, Form And Break Us. But In The End, Make Us Who We Are.

~~~~~ Unknown

Better The Cottage Where One Is Merry Than The Palace Where One Weeps.

~~~~~ Chinese Proverb

How A Person Masters His Fate Is More Important Than What His Fate Is.

Karl Wilhelm Von Humboldt Boats In The Harbor Are Safe But That Is Not What They Are Meant For.

~~~~~ Zig Ziglar

A Person Usually Has Two Reasons For Doing Something: A Good Reason And The Real Reason.

~~~~~ Thomas Carlyle

The Lure Of The Distant And The Difficult Is Deceptive. The Great Opportunity Is Where You Are.

~~~~~ John Burroughs

All Good Is Hard. All Evil Is Easy. Dying, Losing, Cheating, And Mediocrity Is Easy. Stay Away From Easy.

~~~~~ Scott Alexander

Optimism Is A Happiness Magnet. If You Stay Positive, Good Things And Good People Will Be Drawn To You.

~~~~~ Mary Lou Retton

Famous Quotes About Success

Believe With All Of Your Heart That You Will Do What You Were Made To Do.

~~~~~ Orison Swett Marden

No Matter What Age You Are, Or What Your Circumstances Might Be, You Are Special, And You Still Have Something Unique To Offer. Your Life, Because Of Who You Are, Has Meaning.

~~~~~ Barbara De Angelis

A Pessimist Sees The Difficulty In Every Opportunity. An Optimist Sees The Opportunity In Every Difficulty.

~~~~~ Winston Churchill

Help Others Achieve Their Dreams And You Will Achieve Yours.

~~~~~Les Brown

Well, Any Effort To Maximize Your Potential And Ability Is A Good Thing.

~~~~~ Daniel Goleman

Life Is Full Of Challenges. Being Happy Shouldn’t Be One Of Them.

~~~~~ Ronnie Nijmeh

The Only Thing That Stands Between A Man And What He Wants From Life Is Often Merely The Will To Try It And The Faith To Believe That It Is Possible.

~~~~~ Richard M. Devos

Never Let Yesterday Use Up Too Much Of Today.

~~~~~ Will Rogers

Create A Definite Plan For Carrying Out Your Desire, And Begin At Once, Whether You’re Ready Or Not To Put It Into Action.

~~~~~ Napoleon Hill

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The Game Of Life Is A Lot Like Football. You Have To Tackle Your Problems, Block Your Fears, And Score Your Points When You Get The Opportunity.

~~~~~ Lewis Grizzard

It Is Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been

~~~~~ George Eliot

We Are Made To Persist.That’s How We Find Out Who We Are.

~~~~~ Tobias Wolff

Never Give Up On A Dream Just Because Of The Time It Will Take To Accomplish It. The Time Will Pass Anyway.

~~~~~ Unknown