100+ Scientific Facts About The Human Body

Scientific Facts About The Human Body

Scientific Facts About The Human Body

Important Facts About Eyes

# Blinking Helps To Wash Tears Over Our Eyeballs. That Keeps Them Clean And Moist. Also, If Something Is About To Hit Our Eye, We Will Blink Automatically.

# Our Body Has Some Natural Protection For Our Eyes. Our Eyelashes Help To Keep Dirt Out Of Our Eyes. Our Eyebrows Are Made To Keep Sweat From Running Into Our Eyes.

# Our Eyes Are Very Important To Us, And We Must Protect Them. We Don’t Want Dirt, Sand, Splinters, Or Even Fingers To Get In Our Eyes. We Don’t Want Our Eyes To Get Scratched Or Poked. That Could Damage Our Sight.

# The Study Of The Iris Of The Eye Is Called Iridology.

# The Shark Cornea Has Been Used In Eye Surgery, Since Its Cornea Is Similar To A Human Cornea.

# The Number One Cause Of Blindness In Adults In The United States Is Diabetes.

# The Eyeball Of A Human Weighs Approximately 28 Grams.

# The Highest Recorded Speed Of A Sneeze Is 165km Per Hour.

# It Is Impossible To Sneeze With Your Eyes Open. (Scientific Facts About The Human Body)

# We Should Never Put In Or Near Our Eyes, Unless We Have A Reason To Use Eye Drops. We Would Only Do That If Our Doctor Or Parent Told Us To Use Them.

# The Space Between Your Eyebrows Is Called The Glabella.

# Inside Our Eye, At The Back, Is A Part Called The “Retina.” On The Retina Are Cells Called “Rods” And “Cornes.” These Rods And Cones Help Us To See Colors And Light.

# Just Behind The Pupil Is A Lens. It Is Round And Flat. It Is Thicker Toward The Middle.

# Over The Front Of Our Eye Is A Clear Covering Called The “Conjunctiva.”

# The White Part Of Our Eye Is Called The “Sclera.” At The Front, The Sclera Becomes Clear And Is Called “Cornea.”

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# Around The Pupil Is A Colored Muscle Called The “Iris.” Our Eyes May Be BLUE, BROWN, GREEN, GRAY OR BLACK, Because That Is The Color Of The Iris.

# Our Eyes Have Many Parts. The Black Part On The Front Of Our Eye Is Called The “Pupil.” It Is Really A Little Hole That Opens Into The Back Part Of Our Eyes. (Scientific Facts About The Human Body)

# Your Eyes Blinks Over 10,000,000 Times A Year.

# The Eye Of A Human Can Distinguish 500 Shades Of The Gray.

# The Cornea Is The Only Living Tissue In The Human Body That Does Not Contain Any Blood Vessels.

# The Conjunctiva Is A Membrane That Covers The Human Eye.

# Sailors Once Thought That Wearing A Gold Earring Would Improve Their Eyesight.

# Research Has Indicated That A Tie That Is On Too Tight Cam Increase The Risk Of Glaucoma In Men.

# People Generally Read 25% Slower From A Computer Screen Compared To Paper.

# Men Are Able To Read Fine Print Better Than Women Can.

# In The United States, Approximately 25,000 Eye Injuries Occur That Result In The Person Becoming Totally Blind.

# All Babies Are Color Blind When They Are Born.

# A Human Eyeball Weighs An Ounce. (Scientific Facts About The Human Body)

# If The Lens In Our Eye Doesn’t Work Quite Right, We Can Get Glasses To Help Us See. Glasses Have Lenses In Them That Work That Work Our Eye’s Own Lens To Help Us See Better.

# Babies’s Eye Don Not Produce Tears Until The Baby Is Approximately Six To Eight Weeks Old.

# The Reason Why Your Nose Gets Runny When You Are Crying Is Because The Tears From The Eyes Drain Into The Nose.

# The Most Common Injury Caused By Cosmetics Is To The Eye By A Mascara Wand.

# Some People Start To Sneeze If They Are Exposed To Sunlight Or Have A Light Shined Into Their Eye.

Facts About Our Hair

# The Average Human Scalp Has 100,000 Hairs.

# Hair And Fingernails Are Made From The Same Substance, Keratin.

# Hair Is Made From The Same Substance As Fingernails.

# Eyebrow Hair Lasts Between 3-5 Months Before It Sheds.

# The First Hair Dryer Was A Vacuum Cleaner That Was Used For Drying Hair.

# A Russian Man Who Wore A Beard During The Time Of Peter The Great Had To Pay A Special Tax.

# Everyday Approximately 35 Meters Of Hair Fiber Is Produced On The Scalp Of An Adult.

# Brylcreem, Which Was Created In 1929, Was The First Man’s Hair Product. (Scientific Facts About The Human Body)

# Ancient Egyptians Used To Think Having Facial Hair Was An Indication Of Personal Neglect.

# A Survey Done By Clairol 10 Years Ago Came Up With 46% Of Men Stating That It Was Okay To Color Their Hair. Now 66% Of Men Admit To Coloring Their Hair.

85+ Interesting Facts You Should Know About Human Body

# A Lifespan Of An Eyelash Is Approximately 150 Days. (Scientific Facts About The Human Body)

# On A Average, A Man Spends About Five Months Of His Life Shaving.

# On A Average, A Hair Strand’s Life Span Is Five And A Half Years.

# The Big Toe Is The Foot Reflexology Pressure Point For The Head.

# The Loss Of Eyelashes Is Referred To As Madarosis.

# The Longest Human Bread On Record Is 17.5 Feet, Held By Hans N. Langseth Who Was Born In Norway In 1846.

# The Fastest Growing Tissue In The Human Body Is Hair.

# On Average Redheads Have 90, 000 Hairs. People With Black Hair Have About 110,000 Hairs.

# Next To Bone Marrow, Hair Is The Fastest Growing Tissue In The Human Body.

# Humans Have About The Same Number Of Hair Follicles As A Chimpanzee Has.

# Hair Will Fall Out Faster On A Person That Is On A Crash Diet.

# In A Lifetime, An Average Man Will Shave 20,000 Times.

# The Average Human Dead Weighs About Eight Pounds. (Scientific Facts About The Human Body)

# The Reason Why Some People Get A Cowlick Is Because The Growth Of The Hair Is In A Spiral Pattern, Which Causes The Hair To Either Stand Straight Up, Or Goes To A Certain Angle.

# The Reason Why Hair Turns Gray As We Age Is Because The Pigment Cells In The Hair Follicle Start To Die, Which Causes The Hair To Either Stand Or Straight Up, Or Goes To A Certain Angle.

Facts About The Mouth And Tongue

# While Sleeping, One Main In Eight Snores, And One In Ten Grinds His Teeth.

# In A Mouth, A Fingernail Grows And Eighth Of An Inch.

# People Whose Mouth Has A Narrow Roof Are More Likely To Snore. This Is Because They Have Less Oxygen Going Through Their Nose. (Scientific Facts About The Human Body)

# It Takes Food Seven Seconds To Go From The Mouth To The Stomach Via The Esophagus.

Tongue Fact

# Your Tongue Has 3000 Taste Buds.

# 85% Of The Population Can Curl Their Tongue Into A Tube.

# Close To Fifty Percent Of The Bacteria In The Mouth Lives On The Surface Of Our Tongue.

# There Are Approximately 9000 Taste Buds On The Tongue.

Interesting Animal Facts

# A Porcupine Loves Salt So Much That It Would Into A Camp And Gnaw On Anything That Has Been Touched By Salt Or Even By Perspiring Hands. (Scientific Facts About The Human Body)

# Despite Having A Shell Of Armour For The Body, An Armadillo Has Beth That Do Not Have Enamel And Thus Have Very Soft Teeth. It Can Only Eat Soft Food Such As Ants, Termites, Grubs And Bugs.

# The Tip Of An Elephant’s Trunk Is So Sensitive And Flexible That It Can Pick Up A Pin.

# If A Mole Does Not Find Food Within 12 Hours, It Will Die. Its Chief Food Consists Of Insects And Earthworms.

# A Male Nightingale Stops Singing When Its Eggs Have Hatched So As Not To Attract Unnecessary Attention To The Nest. However He Gives Short Calls To Tell The Female That All Is Well Or Danger Is Approaching.

# Bolas Spiders Snare Moths By Producing Chemicals Similar To Pheromones Used By Several Species Of Female Moths To Attract Mates. (Scientific Facts About The Human Body)

# The Webbed Feet Of The Stormy Petrel Enable It To Walk On Water And Are Forced To Remain In The Air All Day And Night.

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# Some Giant Land Turtles Are Able To Bellow.

# Penguins Live Only In The Southern Hemisphere And Never In The Northern Hemisphere.

# To Prevent The Nest From Getting Soaked, The Rare White-Chinned Swift, Which Nests Behind The Waterfalls Of Latin America Plant Pieces Of Moss In The Nest Which Then Grow And Reinforce The Nest.

# No One Knows What Happens To The Seashore During Winter As It Is Only Seen During The Summertime.

# There Is A Species In The River Nile In Egypt That Avoids Its Enemies By Swimming With Its Black Belly Up And Its White Back Down. (Scientific Facts About The Human Body)

# The Arctic Tern, A Migrating Bird Is Able To Travel Back And Forth As Much As 22000 Miles In A Course Of A Year.

# The Amazon Army Ants Raid Nests Of Certain Black Ants And Carry Back To Cocoons And Larvae. To Their Own Homes. When The Cocoons Hatch, They Will Become The Slaves Of These Army Ants And Do All Their Work.

# The Nest That An Osprey Is A Huge And Attractive One Which Is Unhidden From Sight And The Bird Adds New Material Each Year To The Same Old Nest. The Nest Can Weight Up To 450 Kilograms.

# A Single Porcupine Is Known To Kill Tree In One Winter. It Uses It’s Sharp Claws To Climb A Tree, Sits On A Limb To Gnaw Away At The Bark And Liking For Bark, The Porcupine Causes Much Damage To Forests.

# A Scallop Moves By Sucking Water Into Its Shell And Then Squirting It Out Suddenly. It Likes To Wander Around And This Gives It Enough Force To Push It In Front In A Zig Zag Manner.

# A Male Garibaldi Damselfish Attract Females For Mating By Covering A Rock With A Thick Layer Of Alga. A Male Which Clean Off A Rock To Allow Only Algae To Live Have A Higher Chance Of Mating. The Algae Is Also Used To Protect The Eggs Of The Fish.

Fact About Bones And Muscles

# In 2000 Babies Are Born With A Tooth That Is Already Visible.

# Fingernails Grow Nearly 4 Times Faster Than Toenails!

# Your Thigh Bone Is Stronger Than Concrete. (Scientific Facts About The Human Body)

# The Strongest Bone In Your Body Is The Femur (Thighbone), And It’s Hoilow!

# The Smallest Bone In The Human Body Is The Stapes Bone Which Is Located In The Ear.

# There Are 54 Bones In Your Hands Including The Wrists.

# If An Identical Twin Grows Up Without Having A Certain Tooth, The Other Twin Will Most Likely Also Grow Up With That Tooth Missing. (Scientific Facts About The Human Body)

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# Humans Are Born With 300 Bones In Their Body, However When A Person Reaches Adulthood They Only Have 206 Bones. This Occurs Because Many Of Them Join Together To Make A Single Bone.

# Gardening Is Said To Be One Of The Best Exercises For Maintaining Healthy Bones.

# Enamel Is Hardest Substance In The Human Body.

# The Only Bone Fully Grown At Birth Is Located In The Ear.

# The Human Face Is Made Up Of 14 Bones.

# The Chances Of Getting A Cavity Is Higher If Candy Is Eaten Slowly Throughout The Day Compared To Eating It All At Once And Then Brushing Your Teeth.

Scientific Facts About The Human Body

# Although The Outsides Of A Bone Are Hard, They Are Generally Light And Soft Inside. They Are About 75% Water.

# Adult Human Bones Account For 14% Of The Body’s Total Weight.