110+ Self Confidence Quotes That Boost You

110+ Self Confidence Quotes That Boost Your Confidence Level

Confidence Boosting Quotes

We Would Accomplish Many More Things If We Did Not Think Of Them As Impossible.

~~~~~ Vince Lombardi

We Must Always Change, Renew, Rejuvenate Ourselves Otherwise We Harden.

~~~~~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Follow Your Dreams, Work Hard, Practice And Persevere. Make Sure You Eat A Variety Of Foods, Get Plenty Of Exercise And Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle.

~~~~~ Sasha Cohen

Set Your Goals High And Don’t Stop Till You Get There.

~~~~~ Bo Jackson

Forget Mistakes. Forget Failure. Forget Everything Except What You’re Going To Do Now And Do It. Today Is Your Lucky Day.

~~~~~ Will Durant

We Seem To Gain Wisdom More Readily Through Our Failures Than Through Our Successes. We Always Think Of Failure As The Antithesis Of Success, But It Isn’t. Success Often Lies Just The Other Side Of Failure.

~~~~~ Leo F. Buscaglia

Every Adversity, Every Failure, Every Heartache Carries With It The Seed Of An Equal Or Greater Benefit.

~~~~~ Unknown

In Order To Succeed You Must Fail, So That You Know What Not To Do The Next Time.

~~~~~ Anthony D’Angelo

101+ Never Give Up Quotes for Whatsapp

Unless You’re Willing To Have A Go, Fail Miserably, And Have Another Go, Success Won’t Happen.

~~~~~ Phillip Adams

Do Not Anticipate Trouble, Or Worry About What May Never Happen. Keep In The Sunlight.

~~~~~ Horace

The Most Essential Factor Is Persistence, The Determination Never To Allow Your Energy Or Enthusiasm To Be Dampened By The Discouragement That Must Inevitably Come.

~~~~~ James Whitcomb Riley

Having A Goal Is A State Of Happiness.

~~~~~ F.J. Barrek

Most People Would Rather Be Certain They’re Miserable, Than Risk Being Happy.

~~~~~ Robert Anthony

Never Give Up On Your Dream. Because You Never Know What The Lord Can Bless You With

~~~~~ Kelly Rowland

The Law Of Attraction Is This: You Don’t Attract What You Want. You Attract What You Are.

~~~~~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Never Give Up On Something That You Can’t Go A Day Without Thinking About.

~~~~~ Unknown

Quotes About Self Confidence and Beauty

The Two Most Important Days In Your Life Are The Day You Are Born And The Day You Find Out Why.

~~~~~ Mark Twain

No Man Ever Achieved Worth-While Success Who Did Not, At One Time Or Other, Find Himself With At Least One Foot Hanging Well Over The Brink Of Failure.

~~~~~ Napoleon Hill

Successful People Are Not Gifted, They Just Work Hard, Then Succeed On Purpose.

~~~~~ G.K. Nielson

The Difference Between A Smart Man & A Wise Man: A Smart Man Knows What To Say, A Wise Man Knows Whether Or Not To Say It.

~~~~~ Garafola

Nobody Really Cares If You’re Miserable, So You Might As Well Be Happy.

~~~~~ Cynthia Nelms

Be Miserable. Or Motivate Yourself. Whatever Has To Be Done, It’s Always Your Choice.

~~~~~ Wayne Dyer

Nobody Can Go Back And Start A New Beginning But Anyone Can Start Today And Make A New Ending.

~~~~~ Maria Robinson

101+ Never Give Up Quotes for Whatsapp

Advice Is What We Ask For When We Already Know The Answer But Wish We Didn’t.

~~~~~ Erica Jong

Inaction, Contrary To Its Reputation For Being A Refuge, Is Neither Safe Nor Comfortable.

~~~~~ Madeleine Kunin

There Are Thousands Of Reasons Why You Cannot Do What You Want To. All You Need Is One Reason Why You Can.

~~~~~ Willis Whitney

Few Men During Their Lifetime Comes Anywhere Near Exhausting The Resources Dwelling Within Them. There Are Deep Wells Of Strength That Are Never Used.

~~~~~ Richard E. Byrd

Obstacles Cannot Crush Me, Every Obstacle Yields To Stern Resolve.

~~~~~ Leonardo Da Vinci

You Must Have Long Term Goals To Keep You From Being Frustrated By Short Term Failures.

~~~~~ Charles C. Noble

Some People Want It To Happen, Some Wish It Would Happen, Others Make It Happen.

~~~~~ Michael Jordan

Anyone Who Stops Learning Is Old, Whether At Twenty Or Eighty. Anyone Who Keeps Learning Stays Young. The Greatest Thing In Life Is To Keep Your Mind Young.

~~~~~ Henry Ford

Feeling Confident Quotes in English

You Will Be Happier If You Will Give People A Bit Of Your Heart Rather Than A Piece Of Your Mind.

~~~~~ Unknown

Do Not Be Influenced By Peer Pressure, Wealth Nor Reputation; Do, Because Your Heart Tells You To Do So.

~~~~~ Scottie Somers

Success Seems To Be Connected With Action. Successful People Keep Moving. They Make Mistakes, But They Don’t Quit.

~~~~~ Conrad Hilton

I Can’t Is A Quitter,
I Don’t Know Is Lazy,
I Wish I Could Is A Wisher,
I Might Is Waking Up,
I Will Try Is On His Feet,
I Can Is On His Way,
I Will Is At Work,
I Did Is Now The Boss.

~~~~~ Earl Cassel

Opportunities Are Often Things You Haven’t Noticed The First Time Around.

~~~~~ Catherine Deneuve

For Everything You Have Missed, You Have Gained Something Else; And For Everything You Gain, You Lose Something Else.

~~~~~ Emerson

A Stumbling Block To The Pessimist Is A Stepping Stone To The Optimist.

~~~~~ Eleanor Roosevelt

130+ Quotes on Success for Students

A Sobering Thought: What If, Right At This Very Moment, I Am Living Up To My Full Potential?

~~~~~ Jane Wagner

The Greatest Waste In The World Is The Difference Between What We Are And What We Could Become.

~~~~~ Ben Herbster

Equal Opportunity Means Everyone Will Have A Fair Chance At Being Incompetent.

~~~~~ Dr. Laurence J. Peter

Don’t Say You Don’t Have Enough Time. You Have Exactly The Same Number Of Hours Per Day That Were Given To Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, And Albert Einstein.

~~~~~ Art Buchwald

Instead Of Thinking About Where You Are, Think About Where You Want To Be. It Takes Twenty Years Of Hard Work To Become An Overnight Success.

~~~~~ Diana Rankin

Ability May Get You To The Top, But It Takes Character To Keep You There.

~~~~~ John Wooden

If You Make Yourself Into A Doormat, People Will Wipe Their Feet On You.

~~~~~ Unknown

If We Think Happy Thoughts, We Will Be Happy. If We Think Miserable Thoughts, We Will Be Miserable.

~~~~~ Dale Carnegie

You Have To Put In Many, Many, Many Tiny Efforts That Nobody Sees Or Appreciates Before You Achieve Anything Worthwhile.

~~~~~ Brian Tracy

Failure Is Just Another Way To Learn How To Do Something Right.

~~~~~ Marian Wright Edelman

Self Confidence Quotes

There Are So Many Things We Are Capable Of, That We Could Be Or Do. The Potentialities Are So Great That We Never, Any Of Us, Are More Than One-Fourth Fulfilled.

~~~~~ Katherine Anne Porter

The Things That You Do Should Be Things That You Love, And Things That You Love Should Be Things That You Do.

~~~~~ Ray Bradbury

Common Sense And A Sense Of Humor Are The Same Thing, Moving At Different Speeds. A Sense Of Humor Is Just Common Sense, Dancing.

~~~~~ William James

First Say To Yourself What You Would Be;And Then Do What You Have To Do.

~~~~~ Epictetus

To Reach A Port, We Must Sail – Sail, Not Tie An Anchor-Sail, Not Drift.

~~~~~ Franklin Roosevelt

Every Great Dream Begins With A Dreamer. Always Remember, You Have Within You The Strength, The Patience, And The Passion To Reach For The Stars To Change The World.

~~~~~ Harriet Tubman

I Have Found That To Love And Be Loved Is The Most Empowering And Exhilarating Of All Human Emotions.

~~~~~ Jane Goodall

Surround Yourself With Only People Who Are Going To Lift You Higher.

~~~~~ Oprah Winfrey

Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm.

~~~~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Find Something You’re Passionate About And Keep Tremendously Interested In It.

~~~~~ Julia Child

Quotes About Self Confidence and Happiness

Would You Like Me To Give You A Formula For Success? It’s Quite Simple, Really. Double Your Rate Of Failure. You’re Thinking Of Failure As The Enemy Of Success. But It Isn’t At All, You Can Be Discouraged By Failure, Or You Can Learn From It. So Go Ahead And Make Mistakes. Make All You Can. Because, Remember That’s Where You’ll Find Success. On The Far Side.

~~~~~ Thomas J. Watson

Always Give Without Remembering And Always Receive Without Forgetting.

~~~~~ Brain Tracy

Time Is Free, But It’s Priceless. You Can’town It, But You Can Use It. You Can’t Keep It, But You Can Spend It. Once You’ve Lost It You Can Never Get It Back.

~~~~~ Harvey Mackay

The Snow Goose Need Not Bathe To Make Itself White. Neither Need You Do Anything But Be Yourself.

~~~~~ Lao-Tse

Charisma Is A Sparkle In People That Money Can’t Buy. It’s An Invisible Energy With Visible Effects.

~~~~~ Marianne Williamson

Obstacles Are Those Frightful Things You See When You Take Your Eyes Off Your Goals.

~~~~~ Henry Ford

When You Find Peace Within Yourself, You Become The Kind Of Person Who Can Live At Peace With Others.

~~~~~ Unknown

In The Middle Of Every Difficulty Comes Opportunity.

~~~~~ Albert Einstein

When Solving Problems, Dig At The Roots Instead Of Just Hacking At The Leaves.

~~~~~ Anthony J. D’Angelo

Anger Makes You Smaller, While Forgiveness Forces You To Grow Beyond What You Were.

~~~~~ Cherie Carter Scott

The Majority Of Men Meet With Failure Because Of Their Lack Of Persistence In Creating New Plans To Take The Place Of Those Which Fail.

~~~~~ Unknown

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The Most Important Single Ingredient In The Formula Of Success Is Knowing How To Get Along With People.

~~~~~ Theodore Roosevelt

Many Of Life’s Failures Are People Who Did Not Realize How Close They Were To Success When They Gave Up.

~~~~~ Thomas Edison

I Still Find Each Day Too Short For All The Thoughts I Want To Think, All The Walks I Want To Take, All The Books I Want To Read, And All The Friends I Want To See.

~~~~~ John Burroughs

What Other People Label Or Might Try To Call Failure, I Have Learned Is Just God’s Way Of Pointing You In A New Direction.

~~~~~ Hippocrates

The Universal Truth Is Beyond Question–The Only People Who Excel Are Those Who Have Decided To Do So.

~~~~~ Seth Godin

The Trouble With Not Having A Goal Is That You Can Spend Your Life Running Up And Down The Field And Never Score.

~~~~~ Bill Copeland

It Is Not Of Importance Where We Stand, But In What Direction We Are Moving.

~~~~~ Unknown

Do What You Love; You’ll Be Better At It. It Sounds Pretty Simple, But You’d Be Surprised How Many People Don’t Get This One Right Away.

~~~~~ LL Cool J

A Man Carries His Success Or His Failure With Him, It Does Not Depend On Outside Conditions.

~~~~~ Ralph Waldo Trine

Believe Yourself Quotes in English

You Have Within You Right Now, Everything You Need To Deal With Whatever The World Can Throw At You.

~~~~~ Brian Tracy

Enjoy The Little Things In Life, For One Day You May Look Back And Realize They Were The Big Things.

~~~~~ Antonio Smith

It Is Wise To Direct Your Anger Towards Problems, Not People; To Focus Your Energies On Answers, Not Excuses.

~~~~~ William A. Ward

Time = Life, Therefore, Waste Your Time And Waste Of Your Life, Or Master Your Time & Master Your Life.

~~~~~ Alan Lakein

Remember That Not Getting What You Want Is Sometimes A Wonderful Stroke Of Luck.

~~~~~ Dalai Lama

Positive Thinking Will Let You Do Everything Better Than Negative Thinking Will.

~~~~~ Zig Ziglar

A Successful Man Is One Who Can Lay A Firm Foundation With The Bricks Others Have Thrown At Him.

~~~~~ David Brinkley

Although Men Are Accused Of Not Knowing Their Own Weakness, Yet Perhaps Few Know Their Own Strength. It Is In Men As In Soils, Where Sometimes There Is A Vein Of Gold Which The Owner Knows Not Of.

~~~~~ Jonathan Swift

No Accurate Thinker Will Judge Another Person By That Which The Other Person’s Enemies Say About Him.

~~~~~ Napoleon Hill

No One Ever Yet Was The Poorer In The Long Run For Having Once In A Lifetime, Let Out All The Length Of All The Reins.

~~~~~ Cholmondeley

100+ Inspirational Quotes by Famous People

Few People During Their Lifetime Come Anywhere Near Exhausting The Resources Dwelling Within Them. There Are Deep Wells Of Strength That Are Never Used.

~~~~~ Richard E. Byrd

We All Have The Extraordinary Coded Within Us, Waiting To Be Released.

~~~~~ Jean Houston

Have The Courage To Face A Difficulty Lest It Kick You Harder Than You Bargain For.

~~~~~ Leszczynski Stanislaus

You Need To Make A Commitment, And Once You Make It, Then Life Will Give You Some Answers.

~~~~~ Les Brown

Life Is All About Timing. The Unreachable Becomes Reachable, The Unavailable Become Available, The Unattainable. Attainable. Have The Patience, Wait It Out. It’s All About Timing.

~~~~~ Stacey Charter

To The World You Might Be One Person, But To One Person You Might Be The World.

~~~~~ Unknown

It Is Common To Overlook What Is Near By Keeping The Eye Fixed On Something Remote.

~~~~~ Samuel Johnson

There Is No Better Opportunity To Receive More Than To Be Thankful For What You Already Have. Thanksgiving Opens Up The Windows Of Opportunity For Ideas To Flow Your Way.

~~~~~ Jim Rohn

Quotes About Self Confidence

We Make A Living By What We Get, We Make A Life By What We Give.

~~~~~ Sir Winston Churchill

It Is A Woman, And Only A Woman, A Woman All By Herself, If She Likes, And Without Any Man To Help Her Who Can Turn A House Into A Home.

~~~~~ Frances P. Cobbe

You Cannot Solve A Problem With The Same Mind That Created It.

~~~~~ Albert Einstein

Character Is Like A Tree And Reputation Like A Shadow. The Shadow Is What We Think Of It ; The Tree Is The Real Thing.

~~~~~ Abraham Lincoln

If You Believe You Can, You Probably Can. If You Believe You Won’t You Most Assuredly Won’t.

~~~~~ Denis Waitley

It Better To Keep Your Mouth Closed And Let People Think You Are A Fool Than To Open It And Remove All Doubt.

~~~~~ Mark Twain

Stand Up To Your Obstacles And Do Something About Them. You Will Find That They Haven’t Half The Strength You Think They Have.

~~~~~ Unknown

Learn How To Be Happy With What You Have While You Purse All That You Want.

~~~~~ Jim Rohn

120+ Motivational Quotes About Teamwork

Obstacles Are Those Frightful Things You See When You Take Your Eyes Off The Goal.

~~~~~ Hannah More

Christmas Gift Suggestions: To Your Enemy, Forgiveness. To An Opponent, Tolerance. To A Friend, Your Heart. To A Customer, Service. To All, Charity. To Every Child, A Good Example. To Yourself, Respect.

~~~~~ Oren Arnold

Before We Set Our Hearts Too Much Upon Anything, Let Us Examine How Happy They Are Who Already Possess It.

~~~~~ La Rochefoucauld

Strength Does Not Come From Winning. Your Struggles Develop Your Strengths. When You Go Through Hardships And Decide Not To Surrender, That Is Strength.

~~~~~ Mahatma Gandhi

Most People Give Up Just When They’re About To Achieve Success. They Quit On The One Yard Line. They Give Up At The Last Minute Of The Game One Foot From The Winning Touchdown.

~~~~~ H. Ross Perot

When I Was A Young Man I Observed That Nine Out Of Ten Things I Did Were Failures. I Didn’t Want To Be A Failure, So I Did Ten Times More Work

~~~~~ George Bernard Shaw

We Are All In The Gutter, But Some Of Us Are Looking At The Stars.

~~~~~ Oscar Wilde