[Latest] 20+ Valentine Day SmS for Girlfriend and Boyfriend


[Latest] 20+ Valentine Day Sms for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Valentine Day SmS Collection

May You Find That Special Someone,
On This Valentine’ Day,
For I Send My Heart And Love To You,
From Very Far Away,
Let Light Shine Upon You,
On Your Beautiful Face,
And Let A Smile Show,
That No One Can Erase,
You Are My Special Valentine,
And To The World It Will Be Known,
Regardless Of Your Outcome,
Today You Will Not Be Alone,
Smile Little Or Smile Big,
Just As Long As You Are Mine,
So Don’t Show Me A Frown,
Because I Am Your Valentine,
Happy Valentine Day SmS

55+ Funny Valentines Day Quotes for Your Beloved

To My Valentine
T-O My Valentine, With All My Love,
O-F Whom I Cannot Say Enough In Praise,

M-Ay My Love For You Sufficient Prove,
Y-Earning To Redeem Your Caustic Days,

V-Ortices Within May Drag You Down,
A-Nchor, Then, In My Serenity,
L-Ove Saves Some Who Otherwise Might Drown,
E-Mbarked Alone Upon Their Galilee.
N-Or Should You Deem Your Own Love Not Enough
T-O Be The Chapel To Which I Retreat
I-N Search Of A Pavilion For My Pain
N-O Love Is Love Unless It Be A Seat
E-Nchanted, Where A Stone Might Weep Again

Valentine SmS for Girlfriend

Sweeter Than The Candies,
Lovellier Than The Red Roses,
More Huggable Than Soft Toys,
That’s What You’re,
Here’s Wishing You A Valentine Day SmS,
That Is As Special As You Are.

Lamhe Judai Ke Bekarar Karte Hai,
Haalat Meri Mujhe Laachar Karte Hai
Aankhe Meri Padh Lo Kabhi,
Ham Khud Kaise Kahe Ki,
Hum Aapse Pyaar Karte Hai.

50+ Valentine Wishes for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Mere Kuch Jazbaat Hai Kahi Khoye Hue Se,
Kaise Kahu Tumse Wo Jaise Hai Sharmaye Hue Se,
Par Din Aaj Hai Mohabbat Ka, Ab Na Chup Rahu,
Ye Tera Hi Pyar Hai, Jaise Har Baag Chaman Khile Hue Se.

I’m Enthralled By Your Beauty,
Mesmerized By Your Charismas,
And Spellbound By Your Love,
No Wonder I Am Always Thinking About You,
I Wish To Celebrate Every Valentine With You.

Happy Valentine Day SmS

Valentine SmS for Boyfriend

If You Were My Valentine,
I’d Treasure Every Day,
The Arms That Open To Me,
And The Tender Words You Say,
I Can’t Imagine Dreaming,
Of Another Soul So Sweet,
For, If Your Were My Valentine,
My Life Would Be Complete.

But Now The Day Of Love Has Come,
And I Must Cross Its Line,
And So I Ask You Through This Poem,
To Be My Valentine.

60+ Best Valentines Day Quotes for Friends

Let The World Stop Turning,
Let The Sun Stop Burning,
Let Them Tell Me Love’s Not Worth Going Through.
If It All Falls Apart,
I Will Know Deep In My Heart,
The Only Dream That Mattered Had Come True,
In This Life I Was Loved By You.
Happy Valentine Day SmS

If You Were My Valentine
I’d Find The Softest Rose
To Gently Brush Against Those Sweetest Lips,
The Angels Chose My Heart Is Like A Flower
Craving For Your Morning Kiss
Mere Words Cannot Pay Homage
To A Passion Such As This
Happy Valentine Day SmS

Happy Valentine Day SmS

Love Means To See Someone With Closed Eyes,
To Miss Someone In Crowd,
To Find Someone In Every Thought,
To Live For Someone, Love Someone,
But Sure Tht Sumone Is Only One.

Be My Valentine,
In The East Or West,
You Know I Love You Best,
So Give Up The All Rest,
And Be My Valentine,
No Matter What The Season,
It’s You I Should Be Pleasing,
I Love You Is The Reason,
Be My Valentine.

 20+ Punjabi Love Shayari for Him and Her

24 Hours Make A Lovely Day,
7 Days Make A Lovely Week,
52 Weeks Make A Lovely Year And Knowing A,
Person Like Me Will Make Ur Life Lovely.

♥ Valentine Day SmS

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late To Tell,
Someone How Much You Love, How Much You Care,
Because When They’re Gone,
No Matter How Loud You Shout And Cry,
They Won’t Hear You Anymore.

Your Beauty Is The Capital Of Business,
My Eyes Are Stock In Trade,
Let Us Enter Into Transaction,
You Secretly Give Me A Trade Discount,
I Openly Give You A Cash Discount,
And Thus My Partner, Our Trading And
Profit-Loss Account Will Show Super Profit.

Valentine Day SmS for Wife

Apne Dil Ki Baat Unse Keh Nahi Sakte,
Bin Kahe Bhi Jee Bhi To Nahi Sakte,
Aye Khuda Aisi Taqdeer Bana Ki Wo Khud Aakar Kahe,
Hum Aapke Bina Reh Nahi Sakte.

Khuda Ka Noor Aap Par Iss Kadar Barse,
Har Koi Aapki Chahat Ko Tarse,
Aapki Zindgi Mein Aayen Itni Khushiyan,
Ki Wo Khuda Bhi Aapki Zindgi Mein Aane Ko Tarse.

60+ Best Valentines Day Quotes for Friends

Valentine Ke Din Yu Chod Kar Jana,
Acha Nahi Yoon Pyaar Nibhana,
Mann Karta Hai Ruth Jau Tumse,
Par Dekh Nahi Sakte Tumhein Tanha.

Ek Shama Andhere Mein Jalaye Rakhna,
Subha Hone Ko Hai Maahol Banaye Rakhna,
Kaun Jaane Wo Kis Gali Se Guzre,
Har Gali Ko Phoolo Se Sajaye Rakhna.

Valentine Day SmS for Husband

Khuda Ne Jab Tujhe Banaya Hoga,
Ek Suroor Sa Uske Dil Mein Aaya Hoga,
Socha Hoga Kya Dunga Tohfe Mein Tujhe,
Tab Jaake Usne Mujhe Banaya Hoga.

♥ Valentine Day SmS

Dil Ki Dhadkanon Mein Naam Hai Aapka,
Meri Saanson Ke Saaj Mein Agaaj Hai Aapka,
Aap Mujhe Chaho Na Chaho,
Par Aapki Har Chah Se Chahat Hai Mujhko.