10+ [Best] April Fools Day Quotes and Sayings

10+ [Best] April Fools Day Quotes and Sayings for Friends

Quotes About April Fools Day

Someone Misses You,
Needs You,
Worries About You,
Lonely Without You,
Guess Who?
The Monkey In The Zoo.

Hey You Know,
Which Is The Best Day To Propose A Girl,
April 1,
You Know Why?????????
If She Accept Its Your Luck,
Otherwise Just Tell April Fool.

45+ Hilarious Jokes of the Day

Why Do You Think I SmS You So Much?,
Is It Because:
I Care For You ?????
Or I Miss You ??????
Or I Love You ??????
Or I Need You ???????
It’s Because I Need An Idle Person For Time Pass.
April Fool SmS Wishes

Inn Haseeno Se Rasme Wafa,
Aur Dil Lagana Sarasar Bhool Hai,
Jis Din Ye Ikraar Karen Mohabbat Ka,
Samajh Lena Us Din April Fool Hai.

April Fools Day Quotes Sayings

31st March Aur 1st April,
Fool Is Fool Doesn’t Matter,
Wishing Very Happy, Prosperous And Joyful,
Fool Day To The King Of Fools.

Aisa Hai Dostana Hamara,
Main Khisti Tu Kinara,
Main Matar Tu Paneer,
Main Barish Tu Badal,
Main Rajma Tu Chawal,
Main Gold Tu Silver,
Maine Male Tu Felmale,
Main Handsome Tu Dirty,
Main Hot Tu Cool,
Main April Tu Fool

April Fools Day Quotes


I Want You To Know That You Are Very Important To Me,
It’s Impossible For Me To Live Without You Even 4 A Second,
You Are My Life And I Can Feel You Everywhere,
Don’t Mind I Was Talking About Oxygen.

Phool Se, Phool Ne,
Phoolon Ki Foolwari Mein
Phool Ke Sath Wish Kiya,
You Are The Most Beautifool,
Colorfool And Wonderfool,
Amongst All The Fools.

55+ Latest Funny Dirty Jokes in Hindi

Iss Kadar Hum Aapko Chahte Hai,
Ke Duniya Wale Dekh Ke Jal Jaate Hai,
Yu To Hum Sabhi Ko Ullu Banate Hai,
Lekin Aap Thoda Jaldi Ban Jaate Hai.

When I Break A Glass,
Mom – Haan Sab Kuch Tod De. Kitchen Bhi Tod De,
Ghar Bhi Tod De, Sab Kuch Tod De.
When Mom Breaks A Glass,
Mom – Ye Glass Yaha Kisne Rakha Tha?

Quotes on April Fools Day

Wife Texts To Her Hubby :- Please Come Home Early,
I Have Cooked A Wonderful Meal,
We Shall Spend The Time Alone And Have A Wonderful Time,
Husband Reaches Home And Finds The Usual Stale Food,
Hubbby: What’s This Non-Sense?
Wife: Koi “April Fool” Bhi Cheez Hoti Hai.

Why Is 1st April Celebrated As Fools’ Day?
Because After Paying All The Taxes Up Till 31st March,
We Start Working For The Government Again From 1st April.