110+ Inspirational Quotes About Friendship

110+ Inspirational Quotes About Friendship for Whatsapp

Inspirational Quotes on Friendship

Opportunities Multiply As They Are Seized.

~~~~~ Sun Tzu

Most People Give Up Just When They’re About To Achieve Success. They Quit On The One Yard Line. They Give Up At The Last Minute Of The Game, One Foot From A Winning Touchdown.

~~~~~ Ross Perot

Be Bold And Mighty Forces Will Come To Your Aid.

~~~~~ Basil King

One Half Of Life Is Luck, The Other Half Is Discipline And That’s The Important Half. For Without Discipline You Wouldn’t Know What To Do With Luck.

~~~~~ Carl Zuckmeyter

Success Is Not The Result Of Spontaneous Combustion. You Must Set Yourself On Fire.

~~~~~ Reggie Leach

Keep Away From People Who Try To Belittle Your Ambition. Small People Always Do That, But The Really Great Make You Feel That You, Too, Can Become Great.

~~~~~ Mark Twain

Men Are Born To Succeed, Not To Fail.

~~~~~ Henry David Thoreau

Success Seems To Be Largely A Matter Of Hanging On After Others Have Let Go.

~~~~~ William Feather

If You Want To Be Successful, It’s Just This Simple: Know What You Are Doing, Love What You Are Doing, And Believe In What You Are Doing.

~~~~~ Will Rogers

The First Step Towards Success In Any Occupation Is To Become Interested In It.

~~~~~ Sir William Osler

130+ Quotes on Success for Students

The Man Who Moved A Mountain Was The One Who Began Carrying Away Small Stones.

~~~~~ Chinese Proverb

Your Imagination Is Your Preview Of Life’s Coming Attractions.

~~~~~ Albert Einstein

No One Ever Attains Very Eminent Success By Simply Doing What Is Required Of Him; It Is The Amount And Excellence Of What Is Over And Above The Required That Determines The Greatness Of Ultimate Distinction.

~~~~~ Charles Kendall Adams

I’ve Always Tried To Go One Step Past Wherever People Expected Me To End Up.

~~~~~ Beverly Sills

If There Is No Struggle, There Is No Progress.

~~~~~ Frederick Douglass

Success Is Every Minute You Live. It’s The Process Of Living. It’s Stopping For The Moments Of Beauty, Of Pleasure; The Moments Of Peace. Success Is Not A Destination That You Ever Reach. Success Is The Quality Of The Journey.

~~~~~ Jennifer James

Don’t Let The Fear Of Striking Out Hold You Back.

~~~~~ Babe Ruth

Make A Success Of Living By Seeing The Goal And Aiming For It Unswervingly.

~~~~~ Cecil B. De Mille

Success Is The Progressive Realization Of Worthwhile, Predetermined, Personal Goals.

~~~~~ Paul J. Meyer

Each Problem That I Solved Became A Rule Which Served Afterwards To Solve Other Problems.

~~~~~ Rene Descartes

Inspirational Quotes on Success

Success Is Measured In Terms Of Reaching Your Goals, Dreams, And Expectations. Your Success Is Determined By Hard Work, Persistence, And Determination. If You Are Going To Be A Success In Life, It Is Up To You. It Is Your Responsibility.

~~~~~ Will Horton

I Often Regret That I Have Spoken; Never That I Have Been Silent.

~~~~~ Publilius Syrus

You Must Do The Very Thing You Think You Cannot Do.

~~~~~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Not Knowing When The Dawn Will Come, I Open Every Door.

~~~~~ Emily Dickinson

Henry Ford Could Get Anything Out Of Men Because He Just Talked And Would Tell Them Stories. He’d Never Say, ‘I Want This Done!’ He’d Say, ‘I Wonder If We Can Do It.’

~~~~~ George Brown

All Men Who Have Achieved Great Things Have Been Great Dreamers.

~~~~~ Orison Swett Marden

I Am Neither An Optimist Nor Pessimist, But A Possibilist.

~~~~~ Max Lerner

Never Walk Away From Failure. On The Contrary, Study It Carefully And Imaginatively For Its Hidden Assets.

~~~~~ Michael Korda

Success Is Doing Ordinary Things Extraordinarily Well.

~~~~~ Jim Rohn

If You Have The Will To Win, You Have Achieved Half Your Success; If You Don’t, You Have Achieved Half Your Failure.

~~~~~ David Ambrose

55+ Top Inspirational Quotes for Work

When In Doubt, Ask. When Not In Doubt, Ask.

~~~~~ Unknown

Dwell Not On The Past. Use It To Illustrate A Point, Then Leave It Behind. Nothing Really Matters Except What You Do Now In This Instant Of Time. From This Moment Onwards You Can Be An Entirely Different Person, Filled With Love And Understanding, Ready With An Outstretched Hand, Uplifted And Positive In Every Thought And Deed.

~~~~~ Eileen Caddy

Remove Failure As An Option.

~~~~~ Joan Lunden

We Get Paid For Bringing Value To The Market Place.

~~~~~ Jim Rohn

There Are Two Primary Choices In Life: To Accept Conditions As They Exist, Or Accept The Responsibility For Changing Them.

~~~~~ Denis Waitley

I Know The Price Of Success: Dedication, Hard Work And An Unremitting Devotion To The Things You Want To See Happen.

~~~~~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Be Bold, And Mighty Forces Will Come To Your Aid.

~~~~~ Unknown

A Professional Is A Person Who Can Do His Best At A Time When He Doesn’t Particularly Feel Like It.

~~~~~ Alistair Cooke

I Think In Terms Of The Day’s Resolutions, Not The Year’s.

~~~~~ Henry Moore

You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal Or To Dream A New Dream.

~~~~~ Les Brown

Inspirational Quotes About Children

I Start With The Premise That The Function Of Leadership Is To Produce More Leaders, Not More Followers.

~~~~~ Ralph Nader

Unless You Are Willing To Drench Yourself In Your Work Beyond The Capacity Of The Average Man, You Are Just Not Cut Out For Positions At The Top.

~~~~~ J.C. Penny

You Will Never Find Time For Anything. You Must Make It.

~~~~~ Charles Buxton

For Anything Worth Having One Must Pay The Price; And The Price Is Always Work, Patience, Love, Self-Sacrifice. No Paper Currency, No Promises To Pay, But The Gold Of Real Service.

~~~~~ John Burroughs

If You Don’t Set Goals, You Can’t Regret Not Reaching Them.

~~~~~ Yogi Berra

Dependent People Need Others To Get What They Want. Independent People Can Get What They Want Through Their Own Efforts. Interdependent People Combine Their Own Efforts With The Efforts Of Others To Achieve Their Greatest Success.

~~~~~ Stephen Covey

Motivation Is What Gets You Started. Habit Is What Keeps You Going!

~~~~~ Jim Ryun

Only Those Who Risk Going Too Far Can Possibly Find Out How Far One Can Go.

~~~~~ T.S. Eliot

Put Your Heart, Mind, Intellect, And Soul Even To Your Smallest Acts. This Is The Secret Of Success.

~~~~~ Swami Sivananda

It Is In The Small Decisions You And I Make Every Day That Create Our Destiny.

~~~~~ Anthony Robbins

100+ Inspirational Quotes by Famous People

Follow Your Dream As Long As You Live, Do Not Lessen The Time Of Following Desire, For Wasting Time Is An Abomination Of The Spirit.

~~~~~ Plato

The Highest Reward For One’s Toil Is Not What One Gets For It, But What One Becomes By It.

~~~~~ John Ruskin

The Seat Of Freedom Is Reserved For The Man Who Lives By His Own Work, And In That Work, Does What He Wants To Do.

~~~~~ George Robin Collingwood

What Separates Those Who Achieve From Those Who Do Not Is In Direct Proportion To One’s Ability To Ask For Help.

~~~~~ Donald Keough

It Is Wise To Keep In Mind That Neither Success Nor Failure Is Ever Final.

~~~~~ Roger Babson

I Like A State Of Continual Becoming, With A Goal In Front And Not Behind.

~~~~~ George Bernard Shaw

Flaming Enthusiasm, Backed By Horse-Sense And Persistence, Is The Quality That Most Frequently Makes For Success.

~~~~~ Dale Carnegie

Inspirational Quotes About Friendship

It’s The Repetition Of Affirmations That Leads To Belief. And Once That Belief Becomes A Deep Conviction, Things Begin To Happen.

~~~~~ Claude M. Bristol

He Has Achieved Success Who Has Lived Well, Laughed Often And Loved Much.

~~~~~ Bessie Anderson Stanley

The Key To Happiness Is Having Dreams; The Key To Success Is Making Them Come True.

~~~~~ James Allen

Every Achiever I Have Ever Met Says, ‘My Life Turned Around When I Began To Believe In Me.

~~~~~ Robert Schuller

One Step – Choosing A Goal And Sticking To It – Changes Everything.

~~~~~ Scott Reed

I Don’t Know What Your Destiny Will Be, But One Thing I Do Know: The Only Ones Among You Who Will Be Really Happy Are Those Who Have Sought And Found How To Serve.

~~~~~ Albert Schweitzer

Except And Expect Positive Things And That Is What You Will Receive.

~~~~~ Lori Hard

In Order To Succeed You Must Fail So That You Know What Not To Do The Next Time.

~~~~~ Anthony J. D’Angelo

It’s Amazing What Ordinary People Can Do If They Set Out Without Preconceived Notions.

~~~~~ Charles F. Kettering

115+ Motivational Quotes for Students About Life

If You Don’t Quit, And Don’t Cheat, And Don’t Run Home When Trouble Arrives, You Can Only Win.

~~~~~ Shelley Long

Life Is Not Easy For Any Of Us, But What Of That? We Must Have Perseverance And Above All Confidence In Ourselves.

~~~~~ Marie Curie

I Do Not Think There Is Any Other Quality So Essential To Success Of Any Kind As The Quality Of Perseverance. It Overcomes Almost Everything, Even Nature.

~~~~~ John D. Rockefeller

Never Let Your Work Drive You. Master It And Keep It In Complete Control.

~~~~~ Booker T. Washington

When You Make People Angry, They Act In Accordance With Their Baser Instincts, Often Violently And Irrationally. When You Inspire People, They Act In Accordance With Their Higher Instincts, Sensibly And Rationally. Also, Anger Is Transient, Whereas Inspiration Sometimes Has A Life-Long Effect.

~~~~~ Peace Pilgrim

The Man Who Moves A Mountain Begins By Carrying Away Small Stones.

~~~~~ Confucius

When You Go In Search Of Honey You Must Expect To Be Stung By Bees.

~~~~~ Kenneth Kaunda

Too Many Of Us Are Not Living Our Dreams Because We Are Living Our Fears.

~~~~~ Les Brown

Success Is Never Ending, Failure Is Never Final.

~~~~~ Dr. Robert Schuller

Some Of Us Have Great Runways Already Built For Us. If You Have One, Take Off. But If You Don’t Have One, Realize It Is Your Responsibility To Grab A Shovel And Build One For Yourself And For Those Who Will Follow After You.

~~~~~ Amelia Earhart

Inspirational Quotes for Whatsapp

There Is No One Giant Step That Does It. It’s A Lot Of Little Steps.

~~~~~ Peter A. Cohen

The Man Who Follows The Crowd Will Usually Get No Further Than The Crowd. The Man Who Walks Alone Is Likely To Find Himself In Places No One Has Ever Been.

~~~~~ Alan Ashley-Pitt

Keep Away From Small People Who Try To Belittle Your Ambitions. Small People Always Do That, But The Really Great Make You Feel That You Too Can Become Great.

~~~~~ Mark Twain

What We Hope To Do With Ease, We Must Learn First To Do With Diligence.

~~~~~ Samuel Johnson

He Who Sedulously Attends, Pointedly Asks, Calmly Speaks, Coolly Answers And Ceases When He Has No More To Say Is In Possession Of Some Of The Best Requisites Of Man.

~~~~~ Johann Casper Lavater

If You Would Attain To What You Are Not Yet, You Must Always Be Displeased By What You Are. For Where You Are Pleased With Yourself There You Have Remained. Keep Adding, Keep Walking, Keep Advancing.

~~~~~ Saint Augustine Of Hippo

If Your Ship Doesn’t Come In, Swim Out To It!

~~~~~ Jonathan Winters

Life, Like All Other Games, Becomes Fun When One Realizes That It’s Just A Game.

~~~~~ Nerijus Stasiulis

Man Can Only Receive What He Sees Himself Receiving.

~~~~~ Florence Scovel Shinn

Would You Like Me To Give You A Formula For… Success? It’s Quite Simple, Really. Double Your Rate Of Failure. You’re Thinking Of Failure As The Enemy Of Success. But It Isn’t At All… You Can Be Discouraged By Failure — Or You Can Learn From It. So Go Ahead And Make Mistakes. Make All You Can. Because, Remember That’s Where You’ll Find Success. On The Far Side.

~~~~~ Thomas J. Watson

120+ Motivational Quotes About Teamwork

When A Resolute Young Fellow Steps Up To The Great Bully, The World, And Takes Him Boldly By The Beard, He Is Often Surprised To Find It Comes Off In His Hand, And That It Was Only Tied On To Scare Away The Timid Adventurers.

~~~~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whatever Advice You Give, Be Short.

~~~~~ Horace

We Are Always Getting Ready To Live, But Never Living.

~~~~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

You Only Live Once, But If You Do It Right, Once Is Enough.

~~~~~ Mae West

The Winners In Life Think Constantly In Terms Of I Can, I Will, And I Am. Losers, On The Other Hand, Concentrate Their Waking Thoughts On What They Should Have Or Would Have Done, Or What They Can’t Do.

~~~~~ Dennis Waitley

I Don’t Measure A Man’s Success By How High He Climbs But How High He Bounces When He Hits Bottom.

~~~~~ George Patton

You Measure The Size Of The Accomplishment By The Obstacles You Had To Overcome To Reach Your Goals.

~~~~~ Booker T. Washington

I Am Enough Of An Artist To Draw Freely Upon My Imagination. Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge. Knowledge Is Limited. Imagination Encircles The World.

~~~~~ Albert Einstein

Success Is Achieved By Those Who Try And Keep Trying With A Positive Mental Attitude.

~~~~~ W. Clement Stone

To Be Successful, You Must Decide Exactly What You Want To Accomplish, Then Resolve To Pay The Price To Get It.

~~~~~ Bunker Hunt

Great Success Quotes and Definations

It Takes 20 Years To Build A Reputation And Five Minutes To Ruin It. If You Think About That, You’ll Do Things Differently.

~~~~~ Warren Buffett

What Lies Behind Us And What Lies Before Us Are Tiny Matters Compared To What Lies Within Us.

~~~~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Shoot For The Moon. Even If You Miss, You Will Land Among The Stars.

~~~~~ Les Brown

Anything In Life Worth Having Is Worth Working For.

~~~~~ Andrew Carnegie

Empty Pockets Never Held Anyone Back. Only Empty Heads And Empty Hearts Can Do That.

~~~~~ Norman Vincent Peale

Success In Life Has Nothing To Do With What You Gain In Life Or Accomplish For Yourself. It’s What You Do For Others.

~~~~~ Danny Thomas

We Do Our Best That We Know How At The Moment, And If It Doesn’t Turn Out, We Modify It.

~~~~~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt

When You Get Right Down To The Root Of The Meaning Of The Word ‘Succeed’, You Find It Simply Means To Follow Through.

~~~~~ F.W. Nichol

Whatever You Vividly Imagine, Ardently Desire, Sincerely Believe, And Enthusiastically Act Upon Must Inevitably Come To Pass.

~~~~~ Paul J. Meyer

The Difference Between A Successful Person And Others Is Not A Lack Of Strength, Not A Lack Of Knowledge, But Rather A Lack Of Will.

~~~~~ Vince Lombardi

100+ Whatsapp Motivational Status

What The Mind Of Man Can Conceive And Believe, It Can Achieve.

~~~~~ Napoleon Hill

Great Thoughts Speak Only To The Thoughtful Mind, But Great Actions Speak To All Mankind.

~~~~~ Emily P. Bissell

Work Like You Don’t Need The Money. Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt. Dance Like Nobody Is Watching.

~~~~~ Mark Twain

It Takes A Strong Fish To Swim Against The Current. Even A Dead One Can Float With It.

~~~~~ John Crowe

Life Is A Series Of Problem-Solving Opportunities. The Problems You Face Will Either Defeat You Or Develop You Depending On How You Respond To Them.

~~~~~ Rick Warren

Yes, I Am A Dreamer. For A Dreamer Is One Who Can Find His Way By Moonlight, And See The Dawn Before The Rest Of The World.

~~~~~ Oscar Wilde

Success Is Often The Result Of Taking A Misstep In The Right Direction.

~~~~~ Al Bernstein

You Only Have To Do A Very Few Things Right In Your Life So Long As You Don’t Do Too Many Things Wrong.

~~~~~ Warren Buffett

The Difference Between Success And Mediocrity Is All In The Way You Think.

~~~~~Dean Francis