10+ [Latest] Good Leadership Quote of the Day

10+ [Latest] Good Leadership Quote of the Day for Students

Leadership Quotes Collection

No General Can Fight His Battles Alone,
He Must Depend Upon His Lieutenants,
And His Success Depends Upon His Ability,
To Select The Right Man For The Right Place.

Philip Armour

I Suppose Leadership At One Time Meant Muscles,
But Today It Means Getting Along With People.

Mahatma Gandhi

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The Ultimate Measure Of A Man Is
Not Where He Stands In Moments Of
Comfort, But Where He Stands At
Times Of Challenge And Controversy.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

To Be A Great Leader And So Always
Master Of The Situation, One Must
Of Necessity Have Been A Great
Thinker In Action. An Eagle Was
Never Yet Hatched From A Goose’s Egg.

James Thomas

Leadership Quote of the Day

Do Not Follow Where The Path May Lead,
Go Instead Where There Is No Path,
And Leave A Trail.

Harold R. Mcalindon

Effective Leadership Is Putting First Things First.
Effective Management Is Discipline, Carrying It Out.

Stephen Covey

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Rely On Your Own Strength Of Body And Soul.
Take For Your Star Self- Reliance, Faith,
Honesty And Industry. Don’t Take Too Much
Advice – Keep At The Helm And Steer
Your Own Ship, And Remember That
The Great Art Of Commanding Is To
Take A Fair Share Of The Work. Fire
Above The Mark You Intend To Hit.
Energy, Invincible Determination
With The Right Motive, Are The
Levers That Move The World.
Noah Porter

Always Bear In Mind That Your Own Resolution,
To Succeed Is More Important Than Any Other.

Abraham Lincoln

Great Quotes on Leadership

In The Camera Of Your Mind,
Load The Roll Of Your Good Thoughts,
Press The Button Of Your Hard Work,
And Get The Photo Of Your Success.

Leaders Aren’t Born, They Are Made.
And They Are Made Just Like Anything Else,
Through Hard Work. And That’s The Price We’ll,
Have To Pay To Achieve That Goal, Or Any Goal.

Vince Lombardi

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Start With What They Know.
Build With What They Have.
The Best Of Leaders When The Job Is Done,
When The Task Is Accomplished,
The People Will Say We Have Done It Ourselves.

Lao Tzu

Successful People Don’t Plan Results,
They Plan Beginnings.
Right Results Always Follow Right Beginnings.