Rabindranath Tagore Poems in English

[Top] Collection of Rabindranath Tagore Poems in English

Rabindranath Tagore Poems in English

Where The Mind Is Without Fear And The Head Is Held High,
Where Knowledge Is Free,

Where The World Has Not Been Broken Up Into Fragments,
By Narrow Domestic Walls,

Where Words Come Out From The Depth Of Truth,
Where Tireless Striving Stretches Its Arms Towards Perfection,
Where The Clear Stream Of Reason Has Not Lost Its Way,
Into The Dreary Desert Sand Of Dead Habit,

Where The Mind Is Led Forward By Thee,
Into Ever-Widening Thought And Action,
Into That Heaven Of Freedom, My Father, Let My Country Awake.

Rabindranath Tagore

Top Hindi Poems on Life and Zindagi

O Thou The Last Fulfillment Of Life,
Death, My Death, Come And Whisper To Me,
Day After Day I Have Kept Watch For Thee,
For Thee Have I Borne The Joys And Pangs Of Life.

All That I Am, That I Have,
That I Hope And All My Love,
Have Ever Flowed Towards Thee In Depth Of Secrecy.
One Final Glance From Thine Eyes,

And My Life Will Be Ever Thine Own.
The Flowers Have Been Woven,
And The Garland Is Ready For The Bridegroom.
After The Wedding The Bride Shall Leave Her

Rabindranath Tagore Poems

Rabindranath Tagore Love Poems

Day After Day, O Lord Of My Life,
Shall I Stand Before Thee Face To Face.
With Folded Hands, O Lord Of All Worlds,
Shall I Stand Before Thee Face To Face.

Under Thy Great Sky In Solitude And Silence,
With Humble Heart Shall I Stand Before Thee Face To Face.

In This Laborious World Of Thine, Tumultuous With Toil
And With Struggle, Among Hurrying Crowds
Shall I Stand Before Thee Face To Face.

And When My Work Shall Be Done In This World,
O King Of Kings, Alone And Speechless,
Shall I Stand Before Thee Face To Face.

Rabindranath Tagore Poems

12+ Patriotic Poems in Hindi for Children

Mother, The Folk Who Live Up In The Clouds Call Out To Me,
“We Play From The Time We Wake Till The Day Ends,
We Play With The Golden Dawn, We Play With The Silver Moon.”
I Ask, “But How Am I To Get Up To You ?”

They Answer, “Come To The Edge Of The Earth, Lift Up Your
Hands To The Sky, And You Will Be Taken Up Into The Clouds.”
“My Mother Is Waiting For Me At Home, “I Say, “How Can I Leave
Her And Come?”

Then They Smile And Float Away.
But I Know A Nicer Game Than That, Mother.
I Shall Be The Cloud And You The Moon.
I Shall Cover You With Both My Hands, And Our House-Top Will
Be The Blue Sky.

The Folk Who Live In The Waves Call Out To Me-
“We Sing From Morning Till Night; On And On We Travel And Know
Not Where We Pass.”

I Ask, “But How Am I To Join You?”
They Tell Me, “Come To The Edge Of The Shore And Stand With
Your Eyes Tight Shut, And You Will Be Carried Out Upon The Waves.”
I Say, “My Mother Always Wants Me At Home In The Everything-

How Can I Leave Her And Go?”
They Smile, Dance And Pass By.
But I Know A Better Game Than That.
I Will Be The Waves And You Will Be A Strange Shore.

I Shall Roll On And On And On, And Break Upon Your Lap With Laughter.
And No One In The World Will Know Where We Both Are.

Rabindranath Tagore Poems

Rabindranath Tagore Romantic Poems

Thou Hast Made Me Endless, Such Is Thy Pleasure.
This Frail Vessel Thou Emptiest Again And Again,
And Fillest It Ever With Fresh Life.

This Little Flute Of A Reed Thou Hast Carried,
Over Hills And Dales,
And Hast Breathed Through It Melodies Eternally New.
At The Immortal Touch Of Thy Hands
My Little Heart Loses Its Limits In Joy And,
Gives Birth To Utterance Ineffable.

Thy Infinite Gifts Come To Me Only On,
These Very Small Hands Of Mine.
Ages Pass, And Still Thou Pourest, And,
Still There Is Room To Fill.

Rabindranath Tagore Poems

15+ Ghazal Poem About Love in Hindi

Life Of My Life, I Shall Ever Try To Keep My Body Pure,
Knowing That Thy Living Touch Is Upon All My Limbs.

I Shall Ever Try To Keep All Untruths Out From My Though,
Knowing That Thou Art That Truth Which Has Kindled The Light
Of Reason In My Mind. I Shall Ever Try To Drive All Evils,
Away From My Heart And Keep My Love In Flower,

Knowing That Thou Halt Thy Seat In The Inmost Shrine Of My Heart.
And It Shall Be My Endeavour To Reveal Thee In My Actions,
Knowing It Is Thy Power Gives Me Strength To Act.

Rabindranath Tagore Poems