55 [New] Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes

55 Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife And Husband

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Life Is A Book,
We All Read It, Love Is Blessing We All Need It,
Always Be Happy, Always Have A Smile,
Remember In This World We Are Just For A While,


Our Understanding Is Much Beyond Hand In Hand Assurance,
Our Love Is Certainly Deeper Beyond The Hugs And Kisses,
Our Passion For Each Other Is Stronger Beyond Words.

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On Your Special Day,
Here’s Wishing That Your Love,
Brings For You A Lots Of Happy Moments,
For All The Day To Come.
Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes


Two Eyes But They See One Vision,
Two Ears But Thet Listen One Sound,
Likewise U 2 Are Different But,
Now Onwards U Will Live One Life,
Wedding Wishes For Both Of U.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes Messages

My Heart Holds A Message,
Specially To Be Read By Your Heart,
Three Simple Words Which Means So Much,
I Love You
Happy Anniversary My Dear Wife.


A Successful Marriage Requires Falling In Love Many Times,
Always With The Same Person, Always With The Same Person,
You Both Do This Very Well.

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A Wedding Is A Start Of Togetherness Of Walks In The Rain,
Basking In The Sunshine, Shared Miles,
Caring For One Another And Sensing The Love That A Marriage Carries,
Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes


A Horse Is Built By Hands,
But A Home Is Built By Hearts,
You Can Live Without Something,
If You Have Someone To Live For.

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Couples

Listen Two People Were Asking Me Your Details Today!
I Gave Them Your Address And No,
They Will Be Visiting U Soon,
Their Names Are Joy And Happiness.


Bliss To Fill Your Souls,
Peace To Fill Your Spirits,
Joy To Fill The Hime,
You’ll Share,
These Are The Wishes For You With Care,
Love To Fill Your Hearts,
As Your Happy Married Life.

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What I Feel For U, Is Really True,
You Got To Know, I Need You So,
When U Are Gone, I Can’t Go On,
Can’t You See, That You Are The Only One For Me?
Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes


May This Anniversary Day Be Filled With Love,
Understanding And Contentment As We Journey,
Through Life Worth So Many Years.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Friends

You’re The Sun In My Day,
The Wind In The Sky,
The Waves In My Ocean And The Beat In My Heart,
That’s Why I Really Love U My Sweetheart.


On Your Special Day Here’s Wishing That Your Love,
Brings For You Lots Of Happy Moments For All The Day To Come.


Long After Our Anniversary,
And His Greeting Has Been Thrown Away,
Think Of The Thought Behind It,
Each And Every Day.

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Best Wishes To You Both On Ur Anniversary,
May The Love That You Share,
Last Your Lifetime Through,
As You Make A Wonderful Pair.
Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes


How True My Feelings Were I Found Out To Be,
The Best Things In My Life Was When You Married Me,
Thank You My Loving Wife,
For The Years We Share,
I Know One Thing For Sure We Make A Wonderful Pair.

 Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes Text

Hoping That The Love You Shared Years Ago,
Is Still As Strong Today As It Was Then Bringing You Much Joy,
Love And Happiness To Celebrate Again.


If I Met You On Tomorrow,
I Would Still Give You My Heart,
If You Should Say, Do You Still Love Me?
I’d Say, Till Death Do Us Part

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Love Is A Symbol Of Eternity,
If Wipes Out All Sense Of Time Destroying,
All Memory Of A Beginning,
And All Fear Of An End.
Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes


Marriage Is That Relation Between Man And Women,
In Which The Independence Is Equal,
The Dependence Mutual And The Obligation Reciprocal,
Best Wishes For Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary My Love

I Love U Are Words Just Three,
Which Mean So Much On Our Anniversary,
So This Is What I Want To Say,
Live In My Heart N There 4 Ever Stay.


The Most Important Thing You Fixed Was On Your Day,
Of Leisure When You Fixed Your Eyes On Me That Day,
I’ll Always Treasure I Love You

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Your Love Makes My Days Happy And Bright,
Into My World You Brought Pure Delight,
Joy Beyond Reason You’ve Given Me,
Our Love Is True This I Can


As You Complete Another 365 Days,
Of Your Happy Together-Here’s,
Wishing For Many More To Come.

Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes

For My Love There Is Only One Contender,
Now And Forever,
You Will Hold That Very Special Place In My Heart,
Thank’s To You For Being My Better Half.


There Is Night So We Can Appreciate Day,
Sorrow So We Can Appreciate Joy,
Evil So We Can Appreciate Good,
And There Is You, So I Can Appreciate Love,
I Love You Forever My Sweet Honey

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A Match Stick Glow1s 4 Few Seconds,
A Candle Grow 4 Few Hours,
But My Love Glows Forever For U,
Thanks For Everything My Sweet Hubby
Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes


Your Current Balance Is 1000 Kisses,
A Million Hugs And Enough Smiles,
The Expiry Date Is Never,
Thank U 4 Staying Connected 2 Me,
The Sweetest Option.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes

When I Find Myself Smiling,
When I Find Myself Laughing,
When I Find My Heart Beating Quickly,
Or My Eyes Becoming Brighter,
It’s Because I Am Thinking Of You Sweet Heart.


Have Had Our Ups Nd Downs,
Ths V Both Know,
Through It Oll Our Luv Still Managed
2 Grow Difft. Thoughts V Had Abt Many Thngs,
Bt Our Luv 4 Each Other,Had 9 Attached Strings.

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I Luv You’re Words Just 3,
Which Mean So Much On Our ANNIVERSARY.
So This Is Wht I Wanna Say,
Live In My Heart Nd There Forever Stay.
Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes


On Ths Special Day, Best Wishes Go 2 U,
Dat Ths Wonderful Luv You Share,
Lasts Ur Lifetime Through.
Happy Anniversary 2 U Ma Luv

Happy Anniversary Wishes For Wife

Nothing In Ths World Cud Ever B As
Wonderful As Da Luv U Have Given Me
Ur Luv Makes My Days So Very Bright,
Just Knowing U Are My Darling Husband.


Da Most Important Thng U Fixed Was
On Ur Day Of Leisure
Whn U Fixed Ur Eyes On Me
Dat Day I Will Always Treasure
I Luv U

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No 1 Can Know Wat Da Outcom Of Spending Yrs 2gether Will B
Being Hppy 2gether Is A Gift,
Nd Enduring Luv Is Da Key.
So Here Is 2 A Favoured Couple,
Everythng Has Worked Right 4 U.
May Ur Future Bring More Of Da Same,
Nd Ur Luv Remain Strong Nd True.


Luv Is Warm
Luv Is Confort Dats
Y U Are Da Luv Of My Life.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Bliss 2 Fill Your Souls
Peace 2 Fill Your Spirits,
Joys 2 Fill Da Hom
U Will Share These’re
Da Wishes 4 You With Care
Luv 2 Fill Your Hearts,
As Ur Happy Married Life 2gether Starts


A House Is Built Bi Hands.
Bt A Home Is Built Bi Hearts
You Can Live Without Somthng.
If You’ve Some1 2 Live 4
Happy Marriage Anniversary.

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4 A Specal Couple On Ur Wedding Day
Luv Grows Deeper, Stronger, Nd Mor
Beautiful Whn It Is Planted By God.
Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes


Hoping Dat Da Luv U Shared Years Ago
Is Still As Strong 2day As It Was Den
Bringing U Mucch Joy,
Luv Nd Happiness 2 Celebrate Again.

Anniversary Wishes for Parents

Ur Luving Nd Thoughtful,
Just 2 Mention Two,
I Adore Ur Sweet Smile It Makes Me Want U.


Dat Special Day Is Here Again
Da Day V Tuk Our Vows
U Are Just As Special 2 Me 2day
As U Still Get Me Aroused.
Happy Anniversary Luver.


Happy Anniversary N
May Ur Marrige B Blessd With Luv,
Joy Nd Companionshp
4 Oll Da Years Of Ur Lives.

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Hope Dat Your Strng, Sweet Nd
Soothin Bond Of 2gethernes Nd
Its Freshnss Nd Fragrnce
Continue Till Eternity.
Happy Marriage Anniversary.


Long After Our Anniversary Nd
Dis Greeting Has Been Thrown Away
Think Of Da Thought Behind It,
Each Nd Everyday,
Hppy Anniversary Lover.

Wedding Anniversary SmS Messages

A Wish 4 Ur Marriage
May Each New Day Find Ur Hearts A Little Closer,
Ur Lives A Little Fuller Nd Ur Luv A Little Deeper.


Anniversary Is A Tym
4 Sharing Ur Affection,
It Is Obvious Da 2 Of Us
Hav Quite A Deep Connection.

65+ Love Text Messages for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Marriage Is Dat Relat’n B/W Man Nd
Women In Which Da Independence Is Equal,
Da Dependence Mutual Nd Da Obligation Reciprocal”.
Best Wishes 4 Happy Wedding Anniversary


I Am Sending Ths Bouquet Of Luv 2 Say Dat
I Luv U So Much I Hope I Say It Often Enough
I Wannaa U 2 Know It Is True,
On Dis Special Occassion I Wanna Remind U
Dat U R My Everythng
Nd My Luv Is True,
Happy Anniversary Luver.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister

I Will Always Remember Da Day I Married U,
Without U My Luv, My Beauty,
I Do Not Know Wht I’d Do
Ur Luving Nd Thoughtful,
Just 2 Mention Two,
I Adore Ur Sweet Smile It Makes Me Want U.


I Wish You Da Best Anniversary A Man Could Wish His Wife.
My Luv Throughout Da Years We Have Had Our Ups Nd Downs
Bt V Stood By Each Other 9 Matter Wht Happened
We Maintained Ths Luv So On Our Anniversary Of Two Years
I Just Want To Say This “Thank You Nd I Will Always Luv U
4 What You Have Done 4 Me “U Were And
Still Are My Light Nd Shine In My World
Remember Ths Whn Thngs Get Rough Nd Tough “I Luv U”

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If I Met U On 2morrow
I Wud Still Give U My Heart
If U Shud Say, “Do U Still Luv Me?
“I Wud Say, “Till Death Do Us Part”
Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes


How True My Feelings Were
I Found Out 2 B Da Best Thing In My Life Was
Whn U Married Me
Thnk U My Luving Wife,
4 Da Years V Share I Know 1 Thng 4 Sure
V Make A Wonderful Pair

Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Parents

Ur Luv Makes My Days Hppy Nd Brite,
In 2 My World U Bought Pure Delite
Joy Beyond Reason U Have Given Me,
Our Luv Is True Dis I Can C.