115+ Motivational Quotes for Students About Life

115+ Top Motivational Quotes for Students About Life

Motivational Quotes for Students Success

Anxiety Is The Interest Paid On Trouble Before It Is Due.

~~~~~ Dean William R. Inge

When I Lie Down, I Say. When Shall 1 Arise And The Night Be Gone? And I Am Full Of Tossings To And Fro Unto The Drawning Of The Day.

~~~~~ Job 7:4

Trouble Is A Part Of Your Life, And If You Don’t Share It, You Don’t Give The Person Who Loves You A Chance To Love You Enough.

~~~~~ Dinah Shore

Neurotic Means He Is Not As Sensible As I Am, And Psychotic Means He’s Even Worse Than My Brother-In-Law.

~~~~~ Karl Mcnninger

Worrying, Helps You Some. It Seems As If You Are Doing Something When You’re Worrying.

~~~~~ Lucy Maud Monthomery

100 Motivational Quotes About Action For Inspiration

Everything Great In The Worls Comes From Neurotics. They Alone Have Founded Our Religions, And Composed Our Masterpieces. Never Will The World Know All It Owes To Them, Nor All They Have Suffered To Enrich Us.

~~~~~ Marcel Proust

For What Human Ill Does Not Dawn Seem To Be An Alleviation.

~~~~~ Thornton Wilder

Fear Ringed By Doubt Is My Eternal Moon.

~~~~~ Malcolm Lowry

Neurosis Is The Way Of Avoiding Non-Being By Avoiding Being.

~~~~~ Paul Tillich

Nothing Puzzles Me More Than Time And Space; Yet Nothing Troubles Me Less.

~~~~~ Charless Lamb

Worries Go Down Better With Soup That Without.

~~~~~ Jewish Proverb

Of All God’s Creatures There Is Only One That Cannot Be Made The Slave Of The Lash. That One Is The Cat. If Man Could Be Crossed With The Cat, It Would Improve Man, But It Would Deteriorate The Cat.

~~~~~ Mark Twain

Quotes for Students From Teachers

You Have Now Learned To See That Cats Are Much Like You And Me And Other People Whom We Find Possessed Of Various Types Of Mind.

~~~~~ T.S. Eliot

To Hear The Lark Begin His Flight, And Singing Startle The Dull Night. From His Watchtower In The Skies, Til The Dappled Down Doth Rise.

~~~~~ John Milton

Cats, No Less Liquid Than Their Shadows, Offer No Angles To The Wind. They Slip, Diminished, Neat, Through Loopholes. Less Than Themselves.

~~~~~ A.S.J. Tessimond

The Quizzical Expression Of The Monkey At The Zoo Comes From His Wondering Whether He Is His Brother’s Keeper, Or His Keeper’s Brother.

~~~~~ Evan Esar

To His Dog, Every Man Is Napoleon; Hence The Constant Popularity Of Dogs.

~~~~~ Aldous Huxley

I’d Rather Have An Inch Of Dog Than Miles Of Pedigree That It Never Does Any Harm To Ask For What You Want.

~~~~~ Joseph Wood Krutch

Animals Are Such Agreeable Friends They Ask No Questions, They Pass No Criticisms.

~~~~~ George Eliot

Cats A Standing Rebuke To Behavioural Sientists….. Least Human Of All Creatures.

~~~~~ Lewis Thomas

All Animals Are Equal, But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others.

~~~~~ George Orwell

I Think One Reason We Admire Cats, Those Of Us Who Do, Is Their Proficiency In One-Upmanship. They Always Seem To Come Out On Top, No Matter What They Are Doing – Or Pretend They Do. Rarely Do You See A Cat Discomfited. They Have No Conscience, And They Never Regret. Maybe We Secretly Envy Them.

~~~~~ Barbara Webster

No Animal Admires Another Animal.

~~~~~ Blaise Pascal

15 Very Short Stories with Moral Value

Wee, Sleekit, Cow’rin, Timrous Beastie O What A Panic’s In The Breastie! Wi’ Bickering Bratle!

~~~~~ Robert Burns

I Loathe People Who Keep Dogs. They Are Cowards Who Haven’t Got The Guts To Bite People Themselves.

~~~~~ August Strindberg

Dogs Come When They Are Called; Cats Take A Message And Get Back To You.

~~~~~ Mary Bly

Hi, Handsome Hunting Man Fire Your Little Gun Bang! Now The Animal Is Dead And Dumb And Done. Nevermore To Peep Again, Creep Again, Leap Again, Eat Or Sleep Or Drink Again. Oh, What Fun.

~~~~~ Walter De La Mare

The Dog Is The God Or Frolic.

~~~~~ Henry Ward Beecher

I Never Saw A Wild Thing Sorry For Itself.

~~~~~ D.H. Lawrence

A Robin Redbreast In A Cage Sets All Heaven In A Rage.

~~~~~ William Blake

The Great Pleasure Of A Dog Is That You May Make A Fool Of Yourself With Him And Not Only Wil He Not Scold You, But He Will Make A Fool Of Himself Too.

~~~~~ Samuel Butler

When You Are Forty, Half Of You Belongs To The Past… And When You Are Seveny, Nearly All Of You.

~~~~~ Jean Anouilh

Zsa Zsa Gabor, When Asked Which Of The Gabor Women Was The Oldest, Said “She’ll Never Admit It, But I Believe It Is Mama.” When Men Grow Virtuous In Their Old Age, They Only Make A Sacrifice To God Of The Devil’s Leaving.

~~~~~ Jonathan Swift

Funny Inspirational Quotes for Students

Before You Contradict An Old Man, My Fair Friend, You Should Endeavor To Understand Him.

~~~~~ George Santayana

Old Age Is A Time Of Humilitations, The Most Disagreeable Of Which, Old Men, In Order To Keep The Younger At A Distance, Who Are Otherwise Too Apt Insult Them Upon The Score Od Their Age.

~~~~~ Jonathan Swift

Growing Old Is No More Than A Bad Habit Which A Busy Man Has No Time To Form.

~~~~~ Andrt Maurois

If You Live Long Enough The Venerability Factor Creeps In; You Get Accused Of Things You Never Did And Praised For Virtues You Never Had.

~~~~~ IF. Stone

We Do Not Die Wholly At Our Deaths: We Have Moldcred Away Gradually Long Before. Faculty After Faculty, Interest After Interest, Attachment After Attachment Disappear: We Are Torn From Ourselves While Living.

~~~~~ William Hazlitt

I Haven’t Asked You To Make Me Young Again. All I Want Is To Go On Getting Older.

~~~~~ Konrad Adenauer

I Am 65 And I Guess That Puts Me In With The Age Geriatrics. But If There Were 15 Months In Every Year, I’d Only Be 48. That’s The Trouble With Us. We Number Everything. Take Women, For Example, I Think They Deserve To Have More Than 12 Years Between The Ages Of 28 And 40.

~~~~~ James Thurber

The Difference Between Being An Elder Statesman And Posing Successfully As An Elder Statesman Is Practically Negligible.

~~~~~ T.S. Eliot

Life Has Got To Be Lived – That’s All There Is To It. At Seventy, I Would Say The Advantage Is That You Take Life More Calmly. You Know That ‘This, Too, Shallpass!’

~~~~~ Eleanor Roosevelt

The Young Man Knows The Rules But The Old Man Knows The Exceptions.

~~~~~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

100+ Success Quotes for Students

When You Reach Your Sixties, You Have To Decide Whether You’re Going To Be A Sot Or An Ascetic. In Other Words If You Want To Go On Working After You’re Sixty, Some Degree Od Asceticism Is Inevitable.

~~~~~ Malcolm Muggeridge

It Is The Fear Of Being As Dependent As A Young Child, While Not Being Loved As A Child Is Loved, But Merely Being Kept Alive Against One’s Will.

~~~~~ Malcolm Cawley

The Denunciation Of The Young Is A Necessary Part Of The Hygiene Of Older People, And Greatly Assists The Circulation Of Their Period.

~~~~~ Logan Pearsall Smith

Many A Man That Couldn’t Direct Ye To Th’ Drug Store To Th’ Corner When He Was Thirty Will Get A Respectful Hearin’ When Age Has Further Impaired His Mind.

~~~~~ Finely Peter Dunne

Let Us Respect Gray Hairs, Especially Our Own.

~~~~~ J.P. Senn

He Had Come To That Time In His Life (It Varies For Every Man) When A Human Being Gives Himself Over To His Demon Or To His Genius, Or According To A Mysterious Law Which Orders Him Either To Destroy Or To Surpass Himself.

~~~~~ Marguerite Yourcenar

Old Age, Especially An Honoured Old Age, Has So Great Authority, That This Of More Value Than All The Pleasures Of Youth.

~~~~~ Cicero

One Trouble With Growing Older Is That It Gets Progressively Tougher To Find Famous Historical Figure Who Didn’t Amount To Much When He Was Your Age.

~~~~~ Bill Vaughan

All The Best Sands Of My Life Are Somehow Getting Into The Wrong End Of The Hourglass. If I Could Only Reverse It! Were It In My Power To Do So, Would I?

~~~~~ Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Growing Old Is Like Being Increasingly Penalized For A Crime You Have not Committed.

~~~~~ Anthony Powell

Many People Lose Their Tempers Merely From Seeing You Keep Yours.

~~~~~ Frank Moore Colby

Motivational Quotes for Students

Heaven Has No Rage Like Love To Hatred Turned, Nor Hell A Fury Like A Woman Scorned.

~~~~~ William Congreve

I Was Angry With My Friend, I Told My Wrath, My Wrath Did End. I Was Angry With My Foe; I Told It Not, My Wrath Did Grow.

~~~~~ William Blake

I Never Work Better Than When I Am Inspired By Anger; For When I Am Angry, I Can Write, Pray, And Preach Well, For Then My Whole Temperament Is Quickened, My Understanding Sharpened, And All Mundane Vexations And Temptations Depart.

~~~~~ Martin Luther

Anger As Soon As Fed Is Dead- “Tis Starving Makes It Fat”.

~~~~~ Emily Dickinson

I Have Leanred Little From The Years That Fly; But I Have Wrung The Colour From The Years.

~~~~~ Francer Pollock

I Must Be Getting Absent-Minded. Whenever I Complain That Things Aren’t What They Used To Be, I Always Forget To Include Myself.

~~~~~ George Burns

Senescence Begins And Middle Age Ends, The Day Your Descendants Outnumber Your Friends.

~~~~~ Ogden Nash

Advice Is Like Snow; The Softer It Falls, The Longer It Dwells Upon, And The Deeper It Sinks Into, The Mind.

~~~~~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

‘Be Yourself’ Is About The Worst Advice You Can Give To Some People.

~~~~~ Tom Masson

50 Short Inspirational Quotes About Life

Have More Than Thou Showest, Speak Less Than Thou Knowest.

~~~~~ Shakespeare. King Lear

Don’t Fight Forces; Use Them.

~~~~~ Buckminster Fuller

A Bull Does Not Enjoy Fame In Two Herds.

~~~~~ Rhodesian Proverb

Show Business Is Like Sex. When It’s Wonderful, It’s Wonderful. But When It Isn’t Very Good, It’s Still All Right.

~~~~~ Max Wall

Long Is The Road From Conception To Completion.

~~~~~ Moliere

With The Collapse Of Vaudeville New Talent Has No Place To Stink.

~~~~~ George Burns

A Film Is Never Really Good Unless The Camera Is An Eye In The Head Of A Poet.

~~~~~ Orson Welles

The Unique Thing About Margaret Rutherford Is That She Can Act With Her Chain Alone. Among Its Many Mood I Especially Cherish The Chin Commanding The Chin In Doubt, And The Chin At Bay.

~~~~~ Kenneth Tynan

Drink Nothing Without Seeing It; Sign Nothing Without Reading It.

~~~~~ Spanish Proverb

Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity. I Say. Let Your Affairs Be As Two Or Three, And Not A Hundred Or A Thousand; Instead Of A Million Count Half A Dozen, And Keep Your Accounts On Your Thumbnail.

~~~~~ Henry David Thoreau

You Must Not Think, Sir, To Catch Old Birds With Chaff.

~~~~~ Cervantes

Motivational Quotes for Students Studying

What You Don’t See With Your Eyes, Don’t Invent With Your Tongue.

~~~~~ Jewish Proverb

Advice Is Seldom Welcome; And Those Who Want It The Most Always Like It The Least.

~~~~~ Lord Chesterfield

Fewer Things Are Harder To Put Up With Than The Annoyance Of A Good Example.

~~~~~ Mark Twain

We Only Make A Dupe Of The Friend Whose Advice We Ask, For We Never Tell Him All; And It Is Usually What We Have Left Unsaid That Decides Our Conduct.

~~~~~ Diane De Poitiers

He Who Can Lick Can Bite.

~~~~~ French Proverb

To Make Pleasure Pleasant, Shorten.

~~~~~ Charles Button

If You Keep Your Mind Sufficiently Open, People Will Throw A Lot Of Rubbish Into It.

~~~~~ William A Orton

Thanks Giving Comes After Christmas.

~~~~~ Peter Kreeft

I Give Myself, Sometimes, Admirable Advice, But I Am Incapable Of Taking It.

~~~~~ Mary Wortley Montagu

There Is Little Serenity Comparable To The Serenity Of The Inexperienced Giving Advice To The Experienced.

~~~~~ Anon

100 Short Friendship Quotes For Best Friends

It Is Well Enough, When One Is Talking To A Friend, To Lodge In An Odd Word By Way Of Counsel Now And Then; But There Is Something Mightly Irksome In Its Staring Upon One In A Letter, Where One Ought To Sec Only Kind Words And Friendly Remembrances.

~~~~~ Mary Lamb

A Good Scare Is Worth More To A Man Than Good Advice.

~~~~~ Edgar Waston Howe

The Advice Of The Elders To Young Men Is Very Apt To Be As Unreal As A List Of The Hundred Best Books.

~~~~~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr

The True Secret Of Giving Advice Is, After You Have Honestly Given It, To Be Perfectly Indifferent Whether It Is Taken Or Not And Never Persist In Trying To Set People Right.

~~~~~ Hannah Whitall Smith

The Only Thing To Do With Good Advice Si To Pass It On. It Is Never Of Any Use To Oneself.

~~~~~ Oscar Wilde

What Is Important Is To Keep Learning, To Enjoy Challenge, And To Tolerate Ambiguity. In The End There Are No Certain Answers.

~~~~~ Marina Horner

Men Of Much Depth Of Mind Can Bear A Great Deal Of Counsel; For It Does Not Easily Deface Their Own Character, Non Render Their Purposes Indistinct.

~~~~~ Arthur Helps

The Man Who Is Swimming Against The Stream Knows The Strength Of It.

~~~~~ Woodrow Wilson

What Does Not Destroy Me, Makes Me Strong.

~~~~~ Friedrich Nietzsche

No Untroubled Day Has Ever Dawned For Me.

~~~~~ Seneca

Motivational Quotes for Students Success

Nothing Befalls A Man Except What Is In His Nature To Endure.

~~~~~ Marcus Aurelius

Is There No Blam In Gilead ? Is There No Physician There?

~~~~~ Jeremiah 8:22

Trouble Is Only Opportunity In Work Clothes.

~~~~~ Henry J. Kaiser

(Adversity Is) The State In Which A Man Most Easily Becomes Acquainted With Himself, Being Especially Free From Admires Then.

~~~~~ Samuel Johnson

You Can’t Have More Bugs Than A Blanketful.

~~~~~ Spanish Proverb

If All Our Misfortunes Were Laid In One Common Heap, Whence Every One Must Take An Equal Portion, Most People Would Be Content To Take Their Own And Depart.

~~~~~ Solon

The Burden Is Equal To The Horse’s Strength.

~~~~~ The Talmud

Advertising Is What You Do When You Can’t Go To See Somebody That’s All It Is.

~~~~~ Fairfax Cone

Advertising Is Legalized Lying.

~~~~~ H.G. Wells

The Art Of Publicity Is A Black Art.

~~~~~ Learned Hand

What Kills A Skunk Is The Publicity It Gives Itself.

~~~~~ Abraham Lincoln

100 Happy Life Status About Life Lessons

The Deeper Problems Connected With Advertising Come Less From The Unscrupulousness Of Our Deceivers Than Our Pleasure In Being Deceived; Less From The Desire To Seduce Than From The Desire To Be Seduced.

~~~~~ Daniel J. Boorstin

If I Were Starting Life Over Again, I Am Inclined To Think That I Would Go Into The Advertising Business In Preference To Almost Any Other. The General Raising Of Standards Of Modern Civilization Among All Groups Of People During The Past Half Century Would Have Been Impossible Without That Spreading Of The Knowledge Of Higher Standards By Means Of Advertising.

~~~~~ Franklin D Roosevelt

Buy Me And You Will Overcome The Anxieties I Have Just Reminded You Of.

~~~~~ Michael Schudson.

Advertising Is The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On.

~~~~~ Jerry Delia Femina

Advertising May Be Described As The Science Of Arresting The Human Intelligence Long Enough To Get Money From It.

~~~~~ Stephen Leacock

The Advertisements In A Newspaper Are More Full Of Knowledge In Respect To What Is Going On In A State Or Community Than The Editorial Columns Are.

~~~~~ Henry Ward Beecher

The Incessant Witless Repetition Of Advertisers Moron Fodder Has Become So Much A Part Of Life That If We Are Not Careful, We Forget To Be Insulted By It.

~~~~~ The London Times

Advertising – A Judicious Mixture Of Flattery And Threats.

~~~~~ Northrop Frye

The Philosophy Behind Much Advertising Is Based On The Old Observation That Every Man Is Really Two Men – The Man He Is And The Man He Wants To Be.

~~~~~ William Feather